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Questions about giving am old machine to a family member
I am getting a new CPAP machine tomorrow for myself.

My mother has never had a sleep test but I know she has sleep apnea. I want to give her my old machine, a RedMed S9 in great shape. I have all new filters in it. She doesn't have medical insurance.

Is the machine configured to my personal needs? I haven't used it much in the last few years. How can she get it configured to her needs?

Where can she get masks?

Thank you in advance.
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Technically she needs a prescription, but practically, nothing will prevent you from doing this. If your older machine has data capability, and especially if it is an auto, this could succeed. Without that, you'll be guessing how to set it up. My experience in giving machines to people I know have apnea is not real good. Their problem is not diagnosed or quantified, and usually that is a reflection of their motivation. Succeeding with new equipment and a doctor's support is hard enough. Having a family member nag you to use this machine and uncomfortable mask is just an invitation to conflict.
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Wise words Sleeprider. Anecdotally (not a word, I know) I have a friend who's dad did the same, but he didn't hand hold through the process, and he had I believe a full face mask, which is not terribly likely to translate to another person well, Yes in his case he had a set pressure and that was miserable for the friend, but it also seemed to harder her heart against c-pap ever being good for her, and to my mind, that is a big loss.

Best wishes whatever you decide on,
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Thanks for your advice -- you're right, I have no idea how to set it up. My mother does really want the machine, but like I said without insurance it's very expensive.

If she were to get a sleep study done and the doctor determined she had sleep apnea, do you think the doctor would configure this machine for her? Because, basically, the machine is only very lightly used. I would hate to see it go to waste. And she doesn't have the money to get a brand new machine without insurance.
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HotKludge, what model is the S9? It makes a difference.

Also, does you mom have a cooperative family doctor that will support her needs for prescriptions for mask and supplies? A sleep study would be ideal, but only if it included titration as part of a split night study. You want to accomplish this as inexpensively as possible. If your machine is an Autoset, that is a game changer.
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Cash rate for a in lab PSG sleep study is ~700 US$. Cash rate for a nice brand new PRS1 60 series Auto is $650 with humidifier. Cash rate for a zero hour S9 Autoset will be closer to $700. You can check Supplier #2 for options.

You have multiple options here:

A) You may be better off going with a home sleep study (less than 150 US$ cash OR free sometimes) first and then auto titrate if the machine you are giving her is a "S9 Autoset". If it isn't an autoset, you may want to sell your non-autoset and buy a gently used or zero hour autoset.

B) Go for an in-lab PSG sleep study. Then go from there. It will be more expensive this way. But if she has anything other than plain vanilla obstructive sleep apnea, this may be the way to do it.

C) If you have an S9 Autoset, you can theoretically skip a sleep study, put the machine in a 4-20 open range, let her take a nap with it for 2 hrs or so while you observe her sitting on the bedside (just in case you need to take off the mask for any reason during this nap). and check the data using sleepyhead and go from there. Plenty of experienced people here on apneaboard who can help get the range dialed properly. According to Dr. Sullivan - inventor of CPAP machines, the pressure rising in an APAP machine is sufficient evidence that the person has sleep apnea. A friend of mine did this with a S9 Autoset but he didn't have any other health issues that may complicate it (CHF, COPD, AF etc.). If any such issues are suspected, you should get a sleep study done first (in home type or in lab)

Disclaimer: I am not a physician. Please check with a doctor before you try anything at home. YMMV.
Started APAP 4-20, Closed range to 7.5-14, then straight 8.0 w/ Aflex 3
RDI always below 1. But sleep much much better at straight pressure.
Started on F10, Tried Quattro Air successfully. Finally settled on P10.
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your are not allowed to do that. medical equipment must be prescribed. both buying and selling the machines is illegal without a prescription. it follows that you cannot give it away, either. http://www.articlesbase.com/medicine-art...23870.html

practical info now - a medical device like this must be cleaned to a certain standard to be re-offered. I think there is a standard for what parts are reusable and which ones should be replaced. obviously you identified the filter. but, mask including headgear, hose, maybe other things should be in new condition. And, they should fit. you already got the other advice while I was typing this.

Last response is a question - who is going to teach her the ropes? The doc she has not contacted won't. You sound like you don't really know how to use/set the equipment, and do not know how to set or determine the right settings for her on the machine.

We all started out in somewhat of the same condition - "I got the machine how do I make it work?" So, I am not intending to lecture just make sure you invest the time to make such a transfer effective.

Maybe you could connect with her doctor and get her diagnosed. She can write the prescription to read use device equal to your model. If that happens, you can get all you need here to become aware of how to set the machine to the doctor's specifications. Then you, she, and her doctor are all on the same page, and she will get the follow up care she should.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
You'll note I am listed as an Advisory Member. I am honored to be listed as such. See the fine print - Advisory Members as a group provide advice and suggestions to Apnea Board administrators and staff concerning Apnea Board operation and administrative policies. Membership in the Advisory Member group should not be understood as in any way implying medical expertise or qualification for advising Sleep Apnea patients concerning their treatment.
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(02-11-2015, 03:54 PM)HotKludge Wrote: I am getting a new CPAP machine tomorrow for myself.

My mother has never had a sleep test but I know she has sleep apnea. I want to give her my old machine, a RedMed S9 in great shape. I have all new filters in it. She doesn't have medical insurance.

Is the machine configured to my personal needs? I haven't used it much in the last few years. How can she get it configured to her needs?

Where can she get masks?

Thank you in advance.

You can get the clinical manual for your S9, that would allow you to reset or erase your data on it and if it is an auto machine, it would be easy to let the machine titrate the pressure for her. Depending on your relationship with your Doctor, he or she may configure it for her...but I would think without a sleep study that he wouldn't put himself in that position.
As far as a mask goes, she would need a perscription from a Doctor, and again a doctor probably wouldn't write a script without that sleep study. Do you have an extra mask she could try? Can she afford an overnight home study, which would be cheaper?
One thing on you side is that your mother wants to try CPAP. Your mother is lucky to have your help! Good Luck...hope you can work something out for her.
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Hi HotKludge,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I wish you much success on helping your mother get started with CPAP therapy. If the machine you want to give her is an S9AutoSet, that would be great. Your mother is very fortunate to have you looking out for her.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you as you continue your CPAP therapy and as you help your mother.
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While I disagree a lot with parts of the article QAL linked to above, I do agree your mother needs to at the least have an overnight oximeter study. An at-home sleep study would be better. Just because you *think* she has it, doesn't mean she does. No use her spending the time and energy on that thing if she doesn't need it. Her using it without a prescription wouldn't be dangerous, just hit and miss.

Unless your machine is the Elite or the Autoset, it is useless for your mother to try to use without a sleep study of some sort (even if just the overnight oximeter). The Escape and the Escape Auto are not data capable and she needs that data to determine if treatment is working. It would be like dosing yourself with insulin going purely by how you feel versus testing your blood sugar.

Apnea Board Moderator

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