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Questions for anyone who has tried Transcend Mini Auto CPAP
Hi friends!

I am looking into PAP options for camping/hiking and hear a lot of positives about the Transcend Mini Auto CPAP. I have a few specific questions for those who have used it:

Does this mini machine record data with the same "thorough-ness" that my regular machine would? I currently use a Phillips Respironics Remstar Auto System 1, and I like being able to look at detailed info with the Sleepyhead software. I like having the charts and breakdown of "events" throughout the night. I assume all machines (especially auto machines) would record the same type of data, but I want to make sure.

Second, does the auto-sensing technology work just as well (providing as much relief and catching as many obstructive events) as a regular full-sized PAP? i.e. probably as well as my current machine does? I assume this because of all the positive reviews, but I've never heard a reviewer specifically address this...they mostly stick to talking about its compact size and weight. I care about that, but I also care about whether my AHI will stay as low on this machine as on a larger machine. I also care about whether the auto-sensing technology is as good. I have pretty severe apnea and my doctor put me on auto-sensing technology specifically from day one because my case was so severe.

Part of the reason I'm asking comes down to my final question...my current machine is old and creaky and I am going to replace it anyway. I was thinking of purchasing a Transcend auto and using that as my main machine. We take a lot of weekend trips, so even if I only used it as a "travel" machine, I would still be using it about two out of every fourteen days anyway, so I was thinking I might as well just rely on it as my main machine. Those of you who have used it...are there any problems with this plan? Anything you don't like about it that would make it not a good "everyday" sort of machine? I already know it doesn't stay on tables very well Smile

Thanks very much ahead of time for all the advice.
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I'm hoping someone will chime in here with specifics but from what I read it records this:

The Transcend Auto Travel CPAP machine with EZEX holds up to 13 months of data including:

Minimum Therapy Pressure
Maximum Therapy Pressure
Starting Therapy Pressure
AHI (Apnea Hypopnea Index)
Leak Detection
Total Therapy Hours
Number of Therapy Sessions: 8 Hrs (default); 6 Hrs; 4 Hrs
Total Hours the Blower Has Operated

How detailed that data is, well I haven't found that out yet. It looks like it is barely one step above compliance only data.

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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[ This is mostly to BUMP your question. I don't have an answer, but I've been wondering why someone (else; not you) would find a Transcend to be space saving .... when the hose, mask, power cord, and possible power brick take up so much of the space?!? ] So mostly -- BUMP.
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First, the Transcend Auto offers some data features, but is not compatible with Sleepyhead, nor does it provide a detailed flow waveform that might be useful. it gives you basic efficacy data but does not breakdown the types of events or measure things like flow limitation or RERA. The manufacturer claims it weighs 426 grams for the flow generator. You will need to add a battery(s), hose, mask etc. The flow generator is selling online at $530 and you will need to buy a humidifier ($140) separately if you want to use this for home use.

For contrast, the Philips Respironics 60 Series Auto BiPAP weighs 1052 grams (I don't have an auto CPAP available to weigh). The Auto comes with a humidifier and other accessories for $399 complete, so it's a lot less expensive. The PRS1 60 series Auto has full efficacy data and is compatible with Sleepyhead. It runs on 12 volt power, and can be run up to 3 days on a Poweradd Pilot Pro 32000 mAh lithium battery that includes the adapter needed to run the machine. So that is a $135 battery and adapter package that weighs about 1-1/2 lbs. So you have a heavier flow generator, but lighter battery system that costs about 1/4 as much as a Transend system with battery.

It's a tough question. How much is the net weight (448 grams / 1-lb) worth? I have used the PRS1 machines on the motorcycle, and they are reasonably compact and run easily on 12 volt power. I know how it works, and its effectiveness and noise levels. I don't know that about the Transend, so to me, the 1-lb savings was not worth a comparatively large investment. My machine came off Craigslist for nearly new for a good bit less than the price I quoted above from Supplier #1. You may also find lower prices, and this is just an example.
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I have a Transcend Mini and used it for about a month and then went back to old one only because I wondered about the Mini's sturdiness for everyday use.  However, I just learned how to use the software and I can send you a copy of what they reported for my useage.  Note that the report covers until today but I only used it for about a month starting in ?late January. I liked it fine. Will use it more now that I understand the software. Oh, WTH, I'll just attach the report here.  Maybe someone else needs it too.  Not sure I did the attachment thing correctly or if I double did it.  if it does show, you scroll down to the data where I was using the machine, Feb. 2018

trying again on the attachment of Transcend Mini CPAP data

Attached Files
.pdf   firstapneareport.pdf (Size: 765.69 KB / Downloads: 35)
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For short term travel use it sounds like something that would be useful as it takes less space. Looks like it's 19v so you would need a special battery pack or just plug into a wall.
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