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Questions on a setting for a AirSense 10 Auto
I took delivery of a new AirSense 10 Auto on Friday and used it for the first time Friday night. After two nights of using the A10 I must say I'm very impressed in the difference in treatment and comfort compared to my DreamStation Pro running in AutoTrial. My plan is to use the A10 as my primary machine and use the DreamStation as a backup. I spent part of yesterday installing and setting up ResScan and setting up a FlashAir card for it.

I noticed in the Machine Settings list in SleepyHead for the A10 there is a setting called Patient Access. It is set to No. Does anyone know what this setting is and how to change it. I can't find any info on it in the clinician's manual or with online searches.
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Set Patient Access to YES and Essentials from ON to PLUS. This simply makes more comfort options and a detailed sleep report available in the patient menus rather than having to go into the clinical menus.
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I had the Essentials on Plus. I didn't see a way to set Patient Access to Yes. I was thinking it may have been showing No because I locked the clinician's when I exited after setting the machine up.
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I went back to look at mine, and didn't even see patient access. So I guess I don't know.
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It doesn’t matter. I was just curious. Thanks for the help.
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Same here. Sleepyhead shows "Patient Access" as "No" for every night that I looked at, including nights when I know for a fact that I had changed options in the Clinician's menu or "normal" menu.
-- Rich
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Thanks Rich.

Last night I went into the clinician's menu and didn't close it. It locked when the machine went to standby and the listing hasn't changed in SleepyHead. It's not really important. The machine is still much more comfortable than the DreamStation. I am still trying to get the humidity and tube heat set to my satisfaction. I'm teetering on the edge of rain out so far.
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Hi I just bought AirSense 10 and for some reason I could not view the menu items below MyAir under Sleep Report. I use the dial to scroll down the menu. The menu stops after MyAir. Because if this I am not able to view my AHI reading which is important. Pls help
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(01-10-2018, 09:53 AM)Healthkares Wrote: Hi I just bought AirSense 10 and for some reason I could not view the menu items below MyAir under Sleep Report. I use the dial to scroll down the menu. The menu stops after MyAir. Because if this I am not able to view my AHI reading which is important. Pls help

Be sure to get a copy of the clinician manual so you understand how to access all the menus. http://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-pr...tup-manual  

I think you need to turn on the Essential Plus sleep report.  To do this enter the clinician menu by pressing the control knob and home button at the same time, then press the control knob to enter the settings.  Scroll down to Essentials and change from ON to PLUS.  That will give you an expanded sleep report in the patient menu.  

The free SleepyHead software will provide a much more detailed sleep report than what you get on the machine. Consider using that as your main source of information.
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Sleeprider is right on all counts. I enabled Essential Plus on my machine before using it the first time and have always had a 10 item summary under MyAir in the Sleep Report section. The MyAir app report is marginally better than the report on the machine's screen. Both reports gave me 2 happy faces, which looks good on the surface. Looking at actual leak rates, however is a different story. The machine reports leak rates of up to 16 L/min while the app reports some leak rates over 24 L/min, adjust the mask, which still doesn't look too bad. Looking at my stats in SleepyHead, however, shows a whole other story.

SleepyHead shows I was over 24 L/min (large leak) for around 20 minutes with a max leak of over 27 L/min. In addition, I had leaks bouncing around 20 L/min for a good part of the last three hours of the 8 hours I slept. My AHI for the night was 0.37. While my sleep apnea may have been treated, these are by far the worse leak numbers I've had in months and by far the worse nights sleep I've had in months, which explains why I felt so bad when I got up this morning. This was with a MyAir score of 97%.

I would recommend SleepyHead over MyAir as well.
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