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Questions reading SleepyHead Data
First question
What is the difference between Apnea Obstructive Apnea and Clear Airway
my numbers last night hipopnea 0.98 apnea 0.98 obstructive 0.61 clear airway2.69
Second question
Leaks are mine normal, good, bad?
I put my mask on while watching Leno around 11:30 leaks bounced between 15 and 25. I rolled over to go to sleep around 12:00 leaks jumped to 50 to 60 than dropped to zero and stayed there for over an hour. around 1:30 leaks jumped to 20 to 30 range until 4:00 potty break. leaks went to 30 then dropped to zero for an hour than started to bounce again as high as 40 and back to zero for brief periods.

AHIApnea / Hypopnea Index 5.25
HypopneaHypopnea 0.98
ApneaUnspecified Apnea 0.98
ObstructiveObstructive Apnea 0.61
Clear AirwayClear Airway Apnea 2.69

Channel Min Med 95% Max
PressurePressure (cmH20)
W-Avg: 6.11 5.00 6.00 7.38 8.30
EPAPExpiratory Pressure (cmH20)
W-Avg: 4.06 4.00 4.00 4.38 5.30
Minute Vent.Minute Ventilation (L/min)
W-Avg: 5.99 2.25 5.62 9.38 13.00
Resp. RateRespiratory Rate (breaths/min)
W-Avg: 16.74 7.40 16.80 20.40 23.20
Flow LimitFlow Limit Graph (0-1)
W-Avg: 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.03 0.12
LeaksLeak Rate (L/min)
W-Avg: 10.42 0.00 8.40 24.00 52.80
SnoreSnore (unknown)
W-Avg: 0.03 0.00 0.02 0.08 0.22
Insp TimeInspiratory Time (seconds)
W-Avg: 1.73 0.32 1.60 2.84 4.56
Exp TimeExpiratory Time (seconds)
W-Avg: 1.96 0.08 1.92 2.96 4.02
Tidal VolumeTidal Volume (ml)
W-Avg: 365.82 140.00 320.00 640.00 1000.00

Machine Settings
Pr. ReliefPressure Relief EPR x3

Session Information
SessionID On Date Start End
CPAP Sessions
1379744907ResMed CPAP 4h, 36m, 28s 9/20/2013 23:28 04:04
1379761675ResMed CPAP 3h, 35m, 0s 9/21/2013 04:08 07:43
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I could be all wrong on some of my answers but I will do with what I believe are correct.

As far as an Obstructive Apnea (OA), that happens when your airway gets blocked by let's say the back of your tongue. A Clear Airway (CA) is when you forget to breath. I have a lot of these events after I get a major leak because I am concentrating on where and why I have a leak. So I purposely stop breathing to pinpoint the area and this will show up on SleepyHead as a CA.

As far as the leak amounts, the ResMed S9 can compensate for your lower ones, guessing up to 25. After that I believe a mask adjustment is in order. So when you are sleeping you knock your mask in and out of adjustment as seen from your statement about leakages.

I'm I will be corrected here if I have steered you wrong, but this is how I think it is.
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I still do not understand "apnea" as a separate item from OSA CA.
Also curious about my various numbers GOOD or BAD.
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(09-21-2013, 08:16 PM)bwexler Wrote: I still do not understand "apnea" as a separate item from OSA CA.
Also curious about my various numbers GOOD or BAD.

I think your AHI number are pretty good considering how leaky your mask is. You need to get that under control first, then worry about good or bad numbers. With so much leakage you're not getting the full benefit of PAP therapy.
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I see you are using the Sleep Weaver and your pressure is pretty high, I could not use that mask at all and mine was at 17, I leaked like crazy. I think it's your mask, the Sleep Weavers are meant for low pressure, like 6 to 10 max, but I am not an expert. I know when I was at pressure 6, I wore the original one, looked like an elephant type mask, and it was fine, the leaks were ok. They made an error in my sleep study and put me up to 17, which turned out, I only needed a pressure or 8, but by that time I had returned the mask. Can you try a nasal pillow? They are not very ubtrusive and are working well for me.
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