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REM SLEEP - Home Detection
Is there a way to determine when you have reached REM sleep by other methods at home without a full PSG?  Has anyone had any success with sleep tracking devices or use of a pulse oximeter?   Before starting therapy I was not dreaming at all, now i am having a ton of very vivid dreams.  Prior to treatment my sleep report indicated that I never reached REM sleep. Realize that knowing if I do is not crucial, but just curious, just enjoying the benefits of my therapy!!
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Welcome to the "Dream Club"!  I'm still amazed at the magnitude of my dreams since starting CPAP therapy several years ago.  I was expecting my dreaming to recede or diminish in time but that hasn't been the case.   Its funny(odd) that we seem to never miss dreaming until it returns.

As far as I know, there is nothing that replaces the PSG or EEG to actually determine REM sleep.   The only method I've found, which is an approximation, is to bookmark that period in time by cycling my CPAP off and on when coming out of sleep after a dream.  This break will then display when this event occurred in the SleepyHead data.  I then compare all parameters just prior to that event to see what was recorded, as well as the time.   I compared several sessions to see a pattern in the data that would lead me to speculate that I was in REM sleep.   Of course after all my analysis there's nothing more I can do with that information, except pat myself on the back for all my (fine) work.

I would be interested if anyone else has come up with some ingenious ideas in this area.

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Well, my fitbit thinks it can, I am not sure about that though. here is a screenshot of my last night:

[Image: kr4YZe9m.png]
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Out of curiosity, have you compared the Fitbit data to what SleepyHead is reporting? If so, how does it correlate? . . . Or does it?
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I have not done any comparisons - is there some particular thing like clustering of events you are interested in? Personally, I would love to see a comparison of Fitbit to PSG - pretty sure I will never see that. Anyway if there is some kind of thing you would be curious about let me know and I can take a look at some data. I do not wear the fitbit every night but do on most.
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I would be interested in knowing if there is a correlation.  Perhaps if we could determine the similarities we could get an idea from Sleepyhead of our quality of sleep (of couse absense of Apneas is a very good indication).  I am curious but not sure knowing is worth an investment to determine only REM periods.  Perhaps there are other members with other devices so that we could have a statisical data base to compare!

Is it possible to send a sleepyhead report as well as the graphing from the fitbit, so that a time comparison can be made? I think being able to compare and see if there is any similarities, might give us some insight to the possiblity.
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Correlation between what? I know I am being dense, but what are you wanting to correlate? Reported sleep state and events?
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It could be me asking a stupid question.  It SURE wouldn't be my first, I've practiced for years.  I'm ignorant as to how or what Fitbit records and how it reports the data.  I was speculating that it may show a time, or something, that would allow you to target that time frame in SleepyHead.
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Yes exactly, data reported by the fitbit and data from sleepyhead on a time comparison, not an event comparison. In that manner we could try to see similarites during the better part of our sleep. If there are people that have pulse oximeter data as well as a fitbit, etc. it may or possibly may not show and correlating data to prove sleep quaility. I think that I have had too much coffee with eight hours of sleep with an AHI of about 0.3. It's kinda like staying at an Holiday Inn Express!!
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(05-25-2017, 09:55 AM)silversnore Wrote: I think that  I have had too much coffee with eight hours of sleep with an AHI of about 0.3.  It's kinda like staying at an Holiday Inn Express!!

We'll let it slide. Go mow the neighbor's lawn. Big Grin
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