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RERA Firmware on Airsense 10
I remembered reading that Resmed was pushing out an update for the Airsense via the cellular port.   I finally found the post on another site.  It was published on March 9, 2015.

Quote:Thank you for contacting ResMed. We are conducting a software upgrade which will be performed over-the-air throughout the months of March and April and will not affect your therapy or require an action by you. However, your device must be powered on and have reception (and not in Airplane mode) in order to receive the upgrade.

We appreciate your patience as we work through upgrading all the serial numbers we've sold and apologize for any inconvience this may have caused."

Here is another mention to the AirSense and AirCurve update:  https://sleep.tnet.com/equipment/cpapmac...re_updates
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I did contact the supplier mentioned. They were unaware of this as well. They did say they would look into it. I just forgot to call back. I will try them again tomorrow.

As far as I know, I do have the latest software version on my machine. I have software version SX567-0302. I don't know if any of you that have an Airsense 10 can check to see what version you have. Also, my machine shows that it is connected to the cell network. I have plenty of bars on the signal strength. This is what lead me to the speculation that there was some hardware reason for not detecting RERA's. I can't think of any other reason, assuming they are running updates over the air to all machines.
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The Airsense 10 autoset here is version SX567-0306
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Interesting, I purchased an Airsense 10 Autoset direct from ResMed UK (mysleep.resmed.com/uk) at the end of January this year. It came with firmware SX567-0302. humidifier SX556-0204, Modem SX558-0308. While it does have the option of the 'Soft' treatment mode (which i believe is like the default mode on the 'for Her' model), it doesn't seem to report RERA events (I was getting some RERA events reported from my previous PR System One CPAP). I wonder if the firmware/functionality is particular to the region the machine is sold into? Is there anything I need to set either on the AirSense unit or in SleepyHead to get RERA data?

Do we know if the 'For Her' model (using the 'soft' response setting) uses the RERA data in its APAP algorithm?
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I am still waiting on a reply from the supplier suggested by sleeprider. But the supplier's thought is that there may be an incompatibility with the motherboard of the older unit, which is why the firmware is not upgraded. He was going to contact Resmed and get back to me on this. As of now, I'm not very hopeful that this can be addressed without upgrading to a newer machine.
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(03-04-2017, 07:20 AM)HZone Wrote: I wonder if the firmware/functionality is particular to the region the machine is sold into? Is there anything I need to set either on the AirSense unit or in SleepyHead to get RERA data?
I got a new A10autoFH (SX567-0305 prod. Nov2016) delivered in Germany. Still I cannot record RERA at all (as up to date ResScan & SleepyHead tell) regardless the used mode, despite on a resmed.com/de-de server a fact-sheet says: "RERA werden in allen Modi des Geräts aufgezeichnet, um Aufwachreaktionen aufgrund der Atemanstrengung zu adressieren." = "RERA are recorded in all modes of the device, in order to address arousals caused by respiratory effort." All modes in this case mean: CPAP, Autoset (with response standard or soft), Autoset forHer

As far as I understand, the problem happens to devices newer than mid 2016 delivered in Europe (UK, D) or Australia, but not US?!
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Hmm. I am to assume that if you have your Airsense in Airplane mode and say, in June you take it off Airplane mode you won't obtain the OTA update?

I think I may have received the update. Here is why I think so: I came back from overseas over a month ago. I was being lazy and used my backup machine when I returned. My Airsense was still packed up.

When I went to hook up the Airsense this evening. the clock was all wrong, it was in the future in the time zone I already was in. I changed it their manually. However, back home, the Airsense would not allow me to change the date or time. It gave me an error that I can't change the date or time from the future. I got frustrated. I went and connected my SD card to my Rescan 5.5.x version and it said I did not have a compatible device. I became further frustrated. I then erased all the data on my SD card and connected it again to Rescan. It still gave me the error message.

Any way, I downloaded the latest version of Rescan (5.7.x) and the SD card was recognized. There was no feature within the Rescan that I am aware of where you can transfer the PC's date and time. After messing more with the machine, I don't exactly know how but I did manage to change the time. I did get the error message but this time for whatever reason, I was able to change the time. My firmware version is SX567-0306.
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I got my Autoset machine from Resmed UK in December 2016. It has the soft response time setting, but doesn't seem to record any RERAs...
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the european firmware for the airsense 10 does not have the RERAs - the For Her is the only device that can score them. (as stated on the resmed-website)
also all airsense 10 devices do not score a length for hypopneas or RERAs. (SH offsets the hypopneas by 10 seconds - so all hypopneas seem to last 10 seconds where in reality the device does no say anything regarding the length - it simply only scores the presence of them)
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