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So a newbie here, i am just getting into this, i have been using a loaner machine from my dad, we have it set to my prescription, but i am looking to purchase my own equipment with a humidifier and i ran across this AirStart 10 unit. I am paying completely out of pocket, so cost is a concern. I don't have to have all the extras, i just want a machine that gives me humid air and does not take up all of my night stand. However, i do want the ability to change my settings as needed. I am currently using an EVO RemRest 903 with a Comfort Gell Blue Nasal Mask, but changing to the . I have the Tech manuals for it, but want to know if we can get the Tech Manuals for the AirStart.

On a side note, what are the advantages of having the features this model does not.
auto ramp (don't use now feel like i am suffocating)
Smart Start(what is this)
Remote Assist(what is this for)
Myair (what is this)
SleepyHead (what does this software offer)

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the features you did not mention was the auto pressure, and the ability to have pressure relief. also the ability to review efficacy data.
  • Auto pressure will adjust based on your current needs and is a better therapy for some large percentage of users. (a small percentage have issues with it)
  • Pressure relief allows for less pressure during exhale. a mini bi-level effect. again, a small percentage have issues with it, however for many it is a therapy saver and huge comfort feature
  • Heated hose keeps you from experiencing "rainout" when you are using humidity. If you like humidity stear clear of a system that cannot handle a heated hose
  • Ability to review efficacy data is the most important feature of all. You can use the software that the manufacturers produce, but a majority here use the open source Sleepyhead software.
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Tongue Suck Technique for prevention of mouth breathing:
  • Place your tongue behind your front teeth on the roof of your mouth
  • let your tongue fill the space between the upper molars
  • gently suck to form a light vacuum
Practising during the day can help you to keep it at night

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The biggest drawback with the Airstart 10, other than not having comfort features is it gives you no efficacy data. You are flying blind, other than for how you feel. You don't know the number, type or trend for apnea, and would not know whether to increase or decrease pressure if you're having problems. This could lead to a more expensive sleep study to find out. That is a HUGE disadvantage.

Consider that a machine can last 5 to 10 years. Spread the cost over that time, and it's not so bad. Check out the open box and gently used prices on Supplier #2 and see if you can come close to the price of the Airstart. Another option is a full-featured Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto on Amazon for about $440. You don't have to give up important features to save!
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Thank you i will keep looking
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(10-03-2016, 04:46 PM)mowen Wrote: Thank you i will keep looking

From a newbie perspective I found the two top machines are the Airsense 10 and Philips dreamstation.
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I think you are being a little harsh here. It appears to be the innards of an Airsense without the wifi module. The SD card contains the same air sense data and should work perfectly well with Sleepyhead. This may be a great option for anyone who is paying for the machine themselves without insurance support. MyAir is cute but not mandatory to treatment. try the machine before canning it. Its half the price of the equivalent CPAP or Auto versions of the AirSense.
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I'm relying on second-hand information and have not seen or handled the machine. I would be delighted if the machine actually provides full efficacy data. This is the specification for data:

Quote:The AirStart™ 10 Auto includes an SD card which records basic compliance data. The SD card can be removed and given to a physician for therapy tracking. The machine does not feature bluetooth or wireless capability.

Compliance data can be used to demonstrate use patterns and compliance, and not much else. If you have a reference source that there is something more here, and can post it without violating the commercial links rule, go for it.
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I clearly spoke too soon. My DME tells me these two new machines are cut down versions of the of the air sense. If that is true then the CPAP version is as you say a brick. The AUTO on the other hand may just may have useful information recorded.

I guess we will have to wait and see as they enter the field. Interestingly it seems this "new" machine is only available in the US at present and not even mentioned on the Resmed site. So tough to get accurate info about at present.
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Let's just say I don't want to be the one issued one of these machines so the DME can pocket the difference. If a person's finances require a budget machine, that's different, but I really think these are out there so the big DMEs can profit by issuing a basic machine that meets the prescription, and supplies minimal compliance data. Unfortunately, there are a lot of "professionals" out there that do not want patients to have access to therapy data. The specification I quoted above i for the auto version, so don't look for anything useful on the SD card.
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I just received my AirStart 10 and Sleepyhead software, I'm very pleased with the machine and the ability to manage my settings (8 low 14 high). The screen does reports the number of event on screen but not what the were. With the Sleepyhead software I can see time of use and low and high ranges.
As this was and upgrade from a Respironic REMstar Choice M367500E (1998) which gave no data I'm please with the AirStart.
Now that I know much more than I did last week and as I can't return the AirStart I'm going to order either the PR System One REMStar 60 which [URL to commercial site removed. Instead, please refer to Supplier #1] has on sale with the heated hose and Humidifier for $429.00 or the AirSense™ 10 AutoSet for $883.00. I know that the REMstar 60 is now discontinued but compared to the AirSense would it still be the better bang for the buck. Any recommendation on which way I should go?
I plan to put the AirStart 10 in my RV for travel us as I do seem to sleep well with it.

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