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Ok. I've put water in the tank, but left the heater off.
I've set the air for 5-15, EPR 2, thanks to Sleeprider's suggestion in another thread. But not sure about the auto thing, which is set at 4. Does that mean that 5 won't kick in until I'm asleep and need the extra push?

I have to say it's soooooo quiet, and even though my breathing sounds noisy in the mask, when my partner tried it too, I couldn't hear him any more than slightly above normal. OMG our house will never be the same! We're both very much looking forward to seeing how this goes tonight.
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Good luck Doza. I actually don't recommend you use ramp since you're starting at a low pressure setting. Just leave Ramp off.
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Ah, ok cool, thanks SR. I'll have another play with the settings this arvo.

I went for a nap yesterday to try the machine out. I used the size small pillows on both the Swift FX and the P10 for a mask test, and both gave me the smiley. . I didn't end up sleeping, but it was a nice exercise in getting used to being hitched up in my own bed.
I found it was easy to leak during that sesh with the P10 though, so I swapped out the pillows to the XS, which again gave me a smiley face for leaks, and was a bit more comfy.

So, to today.
I had a decent night's sleep, I guess. i was hardly a box of birds in terms of freshness and enthusiasm, but I wasn't quite dead on my feet this morning, either. It certainly didn't feel like a bad night at all.
Apparently I didn't snore which was strange for him to come to terms with, even with the white noise of fans.
I think I spent most of the night on my back, and on one side, and wasn't nearly as restless as I usually am while trying to get to sleep - not that getting to sleep was ever a problem, but I've always had to find a good possie to settle into without joints protesting, or my throat closing up before flaking out. I'd woken up a few times through the night, but not in any distress or discomfort.

Wouldn'tcha know it? Two things typical of my existence, which happen at the most inopportune moments.

Firstly, I've been fortunate enough to have avoided any dreaded lurgies in the season of the mega-lurgy around here. Last night I developed a sniffle. Hopefully that won't turn into anything worse, this of all weeks.
And because the delivery of this machine was unexpected this soon, I'd not got around to getting things like nipple cream for my nose. I remembered that this morning. Nothing serious thankfully, but a dry extraction of nasal pillows from a slightly sniffly, crusty nose is not something I'd recommend. Until I can get the good stuff, I'm smearing lots of lip balm into my nostrils while trying to avoid blowing my nose. I'm hoping the tenderness will subside enough for the pillows to be comfortable tonight if I can just keep them moist and supple in the meantime.

The other thing, and the thing most frustrating, is that my whizz bang new computer, bought last year, lied to me. There's a slot for an SD card, which is the right size.
Bewdy! I thought. All setski for data in the morning.
No. Not all setski for data this morning at all. The slot is just for show. Bloody useless. Not happy at all about that, but will pick up a card reader later today while shopping for nipple/nose balm.
I'll get back to you about that.
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All this talk of nipple creme has me hot and bothered. I've never used it personally, yet, your dry and crusty extraction description has me anticipating smooth nose nirvana. Well, maybe not, but it's an interesting visual. Fake SD ports! That is new to me. If there is an opening I expect it to lead to serve a purpose. Okay, I've said too much now. Yinz let me know when we're back to CPAPs 'an at'.
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Yes, I was thinking the blow up doll of computers myself.
Which leads me to having come up with a name for my new friend.. Flo Blow <3

Just figured out access to the on-screen info.
Hours: 7:31
AHI/H: 5.7
Pressure: 12.8
AHI: 5.7
Total AHI: 5.1
Central AHI: 1.0

Say what? Central?
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Your nose drippies might be from the humidification? I've had this happen even after an antihistamine.
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Here we go...

[Image: Vnzrikrl.png]
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Nicely done. A 7.5 hour session with low leaks. Pressures are being driven by flow limitation and OA events. The minimum pressure of 5 does not do much for you, and with median pressure up around 12, I think a minimum pressure at 8.0 will be better. Everything else looks pretty good...how was comfort?
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Thanks for having a look at it for me, SR.
Comfort wasn't too bad at all once I'd swapped pillows. It was nearer morning when it began getting a bit uncomfortable.  

Night 2 was ok too, comfort-wise, a bit more so thanks to lubricating my nostrils first with the lanolin ointment. It made a big difference.
I had planned to do more under the 'know-your-gear' adage last night, but was too tired to remove the mask and get back out of bed to turn off the fan we have trained on the bed, having forgotten to do it beforehand.  
Spewing a bit on that because we don't get many opportunities for a cooler night, so I hope my wish for another go at sleep without a fan is granted by the universe/fan fairies/the prime minister/anyone, really.  
What I was going to do was try it all out in silence and still air, in a proper night's sleep context to see just what is mask venting, and what is fan-assisted wind in the room.  

[Image: 9SCdN5Ul.png]
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I'm still a little bit confused by all the things at once (not a mathematical type at all, I'm afraid), so forgive me for asking, but if the min pressure is to be 8 (I've just changed it), is it still too low for a ramp stage?
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