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Poll: Please tell us how satisfied you were throughout the whole process of dealing with your Sleep Doctor, Sleep Lab and CPAP Supplier (DME):
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very dissatisfied
4 23.53%
moderately dissatisfied
6 35.29%
slightly dissatisfied
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2 11.76%
slightly satisfied
2 11.76%
moderately satisfied
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very satisfied
3 17.65%
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Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
TheDuke Wrote:I am a long-time XPAP Patient (about 23 Years now) and have had several sleep studies and several doctors but my comments will be regarding my latest experiences.

My DME is a local affiliate of R0Tech called Holland Medical and my service has been quite good. I do think that they are a bit too eager to have me get new masks, headgear etc. but I just ignore the pitch if I don't actually need the particular item. The local branch is not very knowledgeable regarding chin straps, and in my estimate. their stock choices are poor. nevertheless, I have always been treated helpfully and respectfully.

My current sleep medicine doctor is Bradley Bittle, MD , a pulmonologist who ordered my sleep study through the St Francis Medical center in Cape Girardeau , MO. Both my doctor and the sleep lab have been superior to my previous treatments, and that includes treatment at world famous medical school centers.
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
wesnkat Wrote:This is my second rating on a DME.After using a B&M DME this past year that were dragging their feet on supplies I switched to an online supplier. Americare
Very Good service,well pleased
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
mckevin32 Wrote:Wow, no love for Lincare, lol.

Our DME is Lincare in Hays, Kansas and we couldn't be happier (wife and I got our CPAP's the same day, September 2010). She drove 60 miles round trip to deliver our machines and stayed over an hour showing us how to set up, use, and clean everything. Brought a variety of masks to try and left several for extended use.

We recently ordered replacement water containers for our humidifiers, and I specified the cleanable type. We received the regular OEM containers in the mail so I sighed and put them in the machines. I called Michelle (Lincare) a few days later to mention that we had received the incorrect water tubs and she apologized and said she would personally order us the correct ones. Two weeks later she again drove the 60 miles to deliver us our containers, no charge.

Sleep doc on the other hand,
Some guy in Topeka Kansas. Only met him twice, don't remember his name. Still haven't seen a copy of our study...

Study was done in Salina, Kansas at the hospital owned and operated sleep lab. Techs were pleasant enough, atmosphere okay, bed reasonably comfortable.
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
anneliza Wrote:I went to Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, WA to have the sleep study. It was a clean, private room with private bath, and the tech was very nice and personable. I slept terrible, but they got enough data. My only complaint is that she told me nothing about titration or anything, just came into my room upset because my apnea was so severe, and tried to put a mask on me. It was hooked up and blowing air, so I pushed it away. I wish she had explained what they were going to do before I went to bed, and let me get used to the mask beforehand. Instead they put on my results that I “could not tolerate CPAP”.

I then saw a nurse practitioner in Neurology at the hospital, and she was great. She went over the report with me, explained sleep apnea and correct sleep architecture, and what my results meant. She examined me for anything else that might affect my sleep, and predicted that I would have great results with the CPAP. She then gave me a list of local DEMs to choose from. I chose the one closest to the hospital, since the hospital itself is only two miles from my house.

The DEM was great. He spent lots of time helping me get used to the mask, and explained the entire machine to me, how it works, how to clean it, how to avoid leaks. He gave me the auto machine because they weren’t able to do the titration during the sleep study, and I didn’t want to have another one. Over the first month, he gave me several masks to try until I settled on the ResMed Mirage FX. He always returns my phone calls, and he says the office will send me reminders when I can get replacements for parts according to my insurance. It’s Aloha Air Services in Puyallup, WA.
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
bobg1946 Wrote:At my original Sleep Doc's recommendation, I used Lincare for many years. I eventually started using the Internet to obtain my equipment and supplies because the overall prices were better - even if I did have to start filing the insurance claim papers myself. I still find that Supplier #1 on our suppliers list has the best deals for me.

My current Sleep Doc is great, but somewhat hard to get a hold of. Though he does respond timely to requests from the Internet DME for updated prescriptions.
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
iSnooze Wrote:Wow! After reading many of the stories here about how uncaring the technicians were I'm glad I had a positive experience. I'm on my first cpap so I don't have anything to compare it to but I am a satisfied customer.

DME = Advanced HealthCare in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I didn't have a choice of machines but the machine I was given had the 3 things I wanted in a machine. The technician took 1 hour and 20 minutes showing me how the machine works and trying on different masks. She called several days later for a follow up and stressed that if my masking isn't working I have 30 days to get a different one. She was wonderful. I do believe I got overcharged for everything but I also know that I am paying for her service and expertise, along with the other workers at the DME. My insurance won't reimburse me for anything bought online. Maybe after I have more experience with CPAP I'll just order things online but for now I don't mind the "crutch" of having a professional to call for answers.

Sleep Study = Parkview Noble Hospital in Kendallville, IN. My first study to see if I had sleep apnea was the worse night of sleeping in my life but it wasn't because of the sleep clinic or the technician. She was great. She made me feel at home and tried to make me comfortable. My problem sleeping was that I couldn't go to bed until 2 hours past my normal bed time, couldn't sleep on my stomach, and all those wires hooked up to make turning in bed difficult. However, before I started the official sleep I was given several different masks to try just in case I was one of those who had severe apnea.

For the tritration I had a different technician and he was better than the first and that's saying a lot. He explained my sleep study numbers to me since my doctor didn't. He made sure I was comfortable and he answered all of my questions - and I had plenty thanks to this forum. I slept really well and was able to try different masks throughout the night.

Even those these are the only experiences I have, I would recommend both my DME and the sleep study clinic to others.
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
SandyBottom Wrote:My experiences with sleep study facilities has been over all good. The initial study done at Northern Dutchess Hospital, Rhinebeck, NY was very good once I was able to get in as they were backlogged two months. The clinic at Northern Dutchess Hospital and my FP were invaluable in getting me equipment from my DME in Clifton Park, NY I was AHI => 82.5 and zero REM sleep. The DME was playing around and after a week of no equipment the Dr. at NDH and my FP read them the riot act. I had my machine and supplies in two days. Getting replacement supplies including filters, tubing masks etc. was like pulling teeth. After moving to FL I started buying online because the DME's made it impossible to purchase locally, (Orlando).

I had a new titration done two months ago. I have a new DME, SEGO which so far has been useless. I call weekly and get every excuse in the book. Don't have all the paper work, etc. Well Sego has had every bit of paperwork they need now for four weeks. I am still waiting for a new mask, (Full face because of pressure increase from the new titration) filter and hose. Their most recent excuse is they don't have my size in stock so after one week of waiting, tomorrow I will call and say where are my supplies!

My current machine is my original ResMed VPAP III which has been used every night since August 2004. I wanted to replace it as it is probably on it's last legs, but Medicare says no unless it stops working and it can't be repaired. My question and fear is when it goes how long will it take my DME to get me a replacement? I can't imaging one night let alone a week or a month w/o my VPAP.

All I can say is there has got to be a better way to administer this system. And for those who don't like us "untrained" patients making adjustments to our own machines if I did make the changes myself after my sleep study, I would still be waiting for my DME to change my settings. No excuse for our current system!!!
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
deadman Wrote:North Texas Sleep Center is by far the most horrendously awful place I have found. You wait hours for a scheduled appointment. I had a heart attack while taking the titration test which they ignored. It took 5 days trying to figure out what was wrong wiht my chest before I finally ended up in the ER and then at a cardiologist. The sleep center ignored ALL my efforts to contact them, and have never supplied results to me (the cardiologist forced them to turn a synopsis over to him). The have refused to provide the data but HAVE sent a bill which I will NEVER pay. To say this outfit is unprofessional and abusive is wild understatement and I have complaints ready for Medicare and others and possibly a law suit.

On the other hand, Secondwind CPAP and the people there are stellar, helpful, and were able to get me set up with the right hardware for a price 1/4 the co-pay for my Medicare and without all the BS. I own the thing and don't to argue with anyone. They are able and willing to help with setup and any other issue, is owned by a veteran therapist, and they go out of their way to be helpful and the other DMEs were just looking to grab my wallet and run. Of all the DMEs I contacted they were the ONLY one that would answer questions intelligently and would explain the scams I was running into that many DMEs and the two big equipment suppliers are involved in. The CPAP industry is a very dirty business and there are lots of scam artists protected by politicos operating, so BE CAREFUL and DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
Wow, that did not take long to get a bunch of stories. I see mine in several of these. My GP is great, and recommended me for a sleep study. After finding how much the hospital charged, I asked for alternatives, and found Western Sleep in Cheyenne, WY. Arrived at 9 pm and went through all the different possibilites after a 4 hr sleep, at which time I might need to be titrated. Tried on several masks and was set for bed. Was awakened three hours into the study (I don't remember sleeping), and told my O2 was in the 70's and they were going to put a mask on me. In the morning, they sent me home and told me that I had 80 apneas/hr and with my O2 levels I would need a machine. Their sleep Dr (in Omaha) analyzed my data and sent it on to my GP. Great experience here.

My Dr listened to me and wrote the RX for the machine Western Sleep suggested, an S8 Resmed AutosetII. GP sent me to Apria Health in Cheyenne, who got the machine and sent me home. I went in for my appointments to read the data card. I am 100% compliant, even though I adjusted to the mask/machine/pressure with some difficulty. Every time I asked how I was doing, I was assured that I was doing great! I absolutely felt better!

After about a year, I discovered a forum and started reading. What an idiot I am....I finally asked for the print-outs of my data, and discovered that I was still having an average of 30 AHI's, but my compliance was great! The RT was no help at all. I started experimenting with my settings (thanks to a forum) and now am averaging about 15 AHI's. If I manage to sleep on my side all night, it is more like 8 AHI's.

Eventually Apria hired a new RT, who was very helpful, although not very knowledgeable. I found a sleep Dr in Ft Collins, CO since Omaha is a long way, gave him all my print outs, and he told me what I already knew. Really was not very helpful.

My results are that I am so much better than I was. I do think I have some memory loss from the low O2 levels. My story is an abbreviation of all the frustration and aggravation that I experienced. The "real" help I have gotten is from reading other peoples experience and shared knowledge on these forums. Thanks folks!
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RE: Rate your Sleep Lab, Sleep Doctor, DME Experience HERE
(02-28-2012, 11:25 AM)wyo Wrote: My results are that I am so much better than I was. I do think I have some memory loss from the low O2 levels. My story is an abbreviation of all the frustration and aggravation that I experienced. The "real" help I have gotten is from reading other peoples experience and shared knowledge on these forums. Thanks folks!

Thanks for posting that, wyo, and welcome to the new forum!

I think I have memory issues too that might be caused by years of untreated sleep apnea causing low blood oxygen levels. At least now I'm getting the therapy I need.

Then again, maybe my memory loss is just plain old age.. Dont-know

Again, thanks for joining our little family! Smile

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