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Rate your doctor
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RE: Rate your doctor
If I wake after 3.5 hours, there is no way I will get back to sleep with the mask on, I did try a nasal mask, little or no better.

Previously I had been getting 4-5 hours sleep, AHI's in the region of 2, I complained FORCEFULLY at the hospital with no reaction from the drone concerned, I was not at all happy with their reaction.

I had considered an oximeter, but reports here were not really positive, I considered it was down to the drones to get me sorted with a decent nights sleep, which has not been the case so far.

From reading many posts on the site it would appear that the only help that many get is self help, with input from other posters.

And yes, I did seek a another opinion, being directed to the head of the department concerned, who was clearly not going to make any criticism of his own staff, his recommendation? go to bed later, and he would make an appointment with a different nurse as I had "clearly not seen eye to eye" with the first one.
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RE: Rate your doctor
Not sure what happened to it but they had some ratings collected for medical facilities here for my large group plan. Not individual docs but the whole facility. The idea was it can help patients pick primary care facilities that work better for them, and put some pressure on the facilities to improve and work better for patients to remain competitive. The state also tracks and reports serious errors and such.

I honestly am not sure about doctor ratings, unless there was some qualifying pre-work done on everyone providing ratings to categorize them. What I mean is one persons great doctor is the next persons horrible one. They can act and do exactly the same thing but get radically different responses. So I say no unless there is some work done to categorize what people want. I ask a lot of questions and want to know why--and have enough knowledge to be dangerous going in much of the time (family full of med pros and my profession provides a fair amount of knowledge of the body and body systems/problems as well). Some people just want someone personable and open while I value intelligence displayed in how and whether they answer all my questions more than being open and friendly. Two different doctors could provide the same diagnosis and fix for an issue but come across dramatically differently to patients. So if I were doing it I'd want to stratify patients into general desire categories first.

My sleep doc is good in my limited experience--worked with me on some frustrating studys to get me qualified. I think i will be dealing with his NP most of the time going forward, and his nurse/technicians have been wonderful, spent a lot of phone time with me. Can't complain I guess.
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