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Really? Man on the moon.........??
Does anyone actually believe the US landed men on the moon back in the 60's? I mean, really, its been what, 50 some years and we haven't actually had any sort of space accomplishment to equal that "amazing" feat.

Does the news media know about this stuff, and they're just not commenting because the government asked them not to? That could be. That sort of thing happens all the time you know.

So, what is this deal about the man on the moon? Truth or fiction?

Oh, and who is this "the government" bunch anyhow. People always say "the government" did this or that.... What telephone extension would one ask for to talk to the guy that makes the calls and says "Hello, I'm the government, and I ........."
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Well we know that footage was shot here on good old earth. They admitted that long ago. Mirrors on the moon are there to hit with laser to " prove" they were there but unmanned vehicle could have landed and deployed them so they dont " prove" anything.

And it does seem strange that the U.S was the only country to ever put a man on the moon since. And after supposedly having done it, we have never gotten a human or dog out of low earth orbit since.

Wont say for sure they did or didnt. Will say if they did and just stopped to pursue a space station and shuttle they spent an awful lot of money, and killed a few folks for practically nothing. Except to put some mirrors on the moon and bring back some rocks.
Nothing useful came of it if they did that wouldnt have been done anyway since.
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Really? Are you guys just having a laugh? I never know when people are joking here or are serious.
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It's an established fact that

1. The Holocaust never happened - it was just a crop burn-off
2. The Moon landing was filmed in a TV studio - my uncle built the set
3. There never was a Berlin Wall
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All very interesting and of course this is for the Moon Landing where the evidence is about 1 million times stronger than that for Global Warming (er, I mean, Climate Change, you know because the 'warming' forgot to happen.)

Yes, just follow the money, by faking the moon landing the government (or that sneaky bunch who really runs it) was able to ...? What were they able to do?

Like with Global Warming (er, Climate Change) where billions or trillions of dollars can be taken from a country like the U.S. and redistributed involuntarily to other countries, or take from those who now THINK the money belongs to them and given to the poor, or people running scams like Al Gore and his business friends.

You know how the President and other politicians (hey, maybe them guys are the guvmint?) can direct billions to their cronies with 'environmental' firms like Solyndra (a half a billion there alone.)

Chicago or Maryland style politics written VERY LARGE at the national level. Does anyone remember the LIGHT BULB contracts for the schools in Baltimore?
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Yes, we did. Better question is: Could we do it again. And, I think not.
The 60s was a unique decade with a convergence of National will and technology.
The Saturn V was a monster of a rocket system. Even today's heavy lift rockets cannot match the Saturn V.

I met Buzz Aldrin in the early 1980s. I know people who worked on the LEM's main engine which was unique in that it had to throtteable.

The space program created several generations of engineers. As they retire, the US is left with a dearth of engineers... at least those who have touched actual hardware.

The flight computers of the era were comprised of RTL and DTL technology; and had less computational throughput than early calculators.

@DocWills: These urban legends get started and have legs of their own. There was even a motion picture about faking the moon landings.

If you really want to get into conspiracy theories, the JFK assassination is one of the biggest. It begs the question of whether Oswald, who was a Marine Corps reject, could operate a WWII surplus, 6.5mm Italian Carcanco, bolt-action rifle in under 2 seconds and acquire a target in the scope. Even FBI marksmen could not duplicate the rate of fire.

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And speaking of conspiracy theories, who is the guy that dreams up all the conspiracy theories? Well I think it's that "government" guy again. Why would he do that? That seems obvious. He wouldn't have a job covering stuff up if there wasn't something to cover up, so to keep getting paid he has to come up with stuff to cover up and theories about why it's covered up. Simple.

Like Watergate. It's been proven that never happened. There never was a place named Watergate that got burgled. Didn't happen. That government guy just had the press write all that stuff to make the President look bad. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein: Clearly government guys.
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We all know the moon shots were done on earth. They made up some of the costs by renting the sets out for Diamonds Are Forever. Laugh-a-lot
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Dare I mention that I have a fond spot for Capricorn One? Probably because at the time I liked James Brolin and of course Sam Waterston. It was full of favourite character actors of mine. The story was daft, but it was a fun ride.

The big question is why they faked Elvis' death? We KNOW he didn't die, he just went home.
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(11-10-2014, 02:44 PM)DocWils Wrote: The big question is why they faked Elvis' death? We KNOW he didn't die, he just went home.

Yes. It was that government guy again. Clearly done for money reasons, primarily promoting bananas and peanut butter sandwiches. I think they still have Elvis in hiding. Last I heard he was spotted in Las Vegas.
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