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Reliability of data from Resmed Autoset
Reliability of data from Resmed Autoset
NOTE six months ago i had surgery for a severly deviated septum.  Ever since, i breathe freely with, according to my wife, no snoring.

I recently had a second sleep study done.  Been five or so years since first one.  My data (using Oscar to view data from Resmed Autoset and recording oxymeter) shows that my AHI has been less than 1.0 for months with no snoring.  I asked my primary care physician if i might be eligible to get off cpap. She said let's do another sleep test and see.

I frequently monitor my data and it shows that my apnea is very minor.  My first issue with recent sleep test, i never went to sleep during the first half of the test.  The tech told me that i got "close enough".  So, after not hearing from anyone, i get a call from a DME telling me that i have severe sleep apnea and they have a machine for me?

I have a call in to the sleep doctor who wrote the RX.  I will ask him to explain the results.  I will be nice and courteous, but something is not right.  Either the sleep test is way off base or the data coming off my Resmed Autoset is drastically wrong.  The DME seemed agitated when i told them i already have a good machine and did not ask for a new one.

Anyone got any experience like this?
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RE: Reliability of data from Resmed Autoset
Get a full copy of your new study and post it here. It wouldn't hurt to see your original study.

FYI, getting a new sleep test is the only way to ensure that your apnea has gone away, that is/was a good approach.

In addition to the studies post a copy of your daily OSCAR reports and the overview. Let's see what the data actually says.
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RE: Reliability of data from Resmed Autoset
It is very possible that both are accurate. The cpap machine only gives you data when you are using it. The AHI it reports is the treated AHI. On the other hand, the sleep study is generally done without a machine to determine your untreated AHI. After determining the untreated AHI a titration may be run with a cpap machine to determine the best treatment options.

Most people get very little sleep during a sleep study. Your doctor must think you met the minimum requirements to make a determination. So you could still have severe apnea. 

If you have been using your machine since you first started cpap treatment it would be a good idea to replace it. Replacement schedules recommend replacing them every five years.
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RE: Reliability of data from Resmed Autoset
here are couple of OSCAR reports that include oxymeter results.  One is slightly over 1.0  Later i will get my sleep study results posted.  I don't have the first study...never got a copy of it.  Also never met either sleep doctor, old one or new one.  Seems they write the RX sitting in an office with no input from the patient. I never went to sleep at all during the part of the test with no machine attached.
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RE: Reliability of data from Resmed Autoset

 Your septum repair might have improved your apnea situation and your treated sleep apnea is very minor which is true. My treated apnea is also minor. I have to have a sleep test in a couple of weeks and I was curious what my AHI would be during a test. I lowered my pressure to 5 and my AHI for that night was 21. Your daily results record your treated apnea. Either lower your pressure like I did or have another sleep test to find your untreated apnea AHI.

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RE: Reliability of data from Resmed Autoset
CAR54, good idea.  I will try that.  I am skeptical about my most recent sleep test because i know that i never went to sleep during the untreated portion of the test.  The bed i was in had a plastic mattress cover and i laid there sweating profusely.  With all the wires hooked to me i could not even turn over to get a cooler side.

I don't see how they can establish a base line when you don't go to sleep.  I was awake from 9pm, way to early to go to bed, until 1:30 am.  When the tech came in to wake me, i told him i was awake and had not gone to sleep.  He said don't worry about it, "you got close enough".

After 1:30 pm i did finally go to sleep, with cpap on.  BUT it was with their gear.  I am used to auto set which backs off exhale pressure, which i have to have.  So, maybe their data shows something meaningful for the second part.  It gets very technical.  That's why i am going to visit with the doctor who did the RX.  Some sleep doctors don't like to visit with patients who look at their own data.
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RE: Reliability of data from Resmed Autoset
Quote: ...because i know that i never went to sleep...

We hear this quite a lot and I've been guilty of it myself. The fact is we don't actually know if we got to sleep - it often feels like we had no sleep at all but in fact we did doze off at times.

I recall saying to my beloved after an overnight flight that I got no sleep at all but she said I was asleep and snoring - another passenger confirmed it! Smile
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