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Reports/data not matching !
I used an SD card purchased from Resmed and used it for the first time the other day after having my Cpap machine for a few weeks ( newbie ).

On a daily basis my machine sends a sleep report to my computer through my WIFI network, every report so far indicates a number of apnea episodes per night, which have fallen from 34 per hour according to my sleep study to approx 3 per night now.

Here's the puzzle  .... the data collected from the SD card, using Sleepyhead software indicates there have been NO episodes, NOT ONE, over the 3 week period. I was sure to "lock" the SD card to prevent anything Windows might write onto the card.

Any ideas as to why this huge discrepancy ?
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The CPAP only will only store summary data, not detailed data, if you don't have a SD card installed. How long have been using the SD card?
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Is the posting via "WiFi" the myair program? If so, it is not via WiFi, but it's a web based program that uploads the summary data to Resmed via cellular phone service. For three events per night then your AHI should be in the 3 events /8 hours = .4 AHI if the events are OA, CA or Hypopneas. Is this correct? Then you can follow guidelines in the links at the bottom of Crimson's post above to upload and share the plots from sleepyhead so we can have a look see at them.
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Perhaps there is a bug in SleepyHead which prevents importing data for days without detailed data. But I know ResScan allows this.

I use ResScan, which has a screen which shows bar graphs of nightly statistics such as AHI, Usage, Leak, etc., going back years (unless the data in the machine has been manually erased by someone).

The nightly summary data is stored in the machine separately from the SD card and will be automatically written to a blank SD card upon first insertion into the machine.
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(05-14-2017, 02:20 PM)Crimson Nape Wrote: The CPAP only will only store summary data, not detailed data, if you don't have a SD card installed.  How long have been using the SD card?

Thanks for responding Crimson Nape !

I used the SD card just that one time to see what would be reported, the data recorded was from my start-date.
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Thanks TA Smart !

All I know is that I have a WIFI network shared by my gadgets, cell phone, computer, printer, TV and the reports are sent to my computer when I select the option to report.

Unfortunately the supplier basically did a cursory training and has left me on my own, calling only gets voicemail and it can take a week to hear anything from the RT, so I'm just finding my way as I go.

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When the SD card is in the CPAP machine it should be unlocked so the machine records data to it.

If you remove the SD card to insert in to the card reader on your computer the SD card should be locked to ensure the computer doesn't write data to the card while downloading to Sleepyhead.
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I think I'll spend more of my time & energy on how I feel ... so far after just shy of one month I'm not encouraged, BUT ... there's a while yet to go until I'm able to make a final determination.

I was hopeful that the one month mark would provide some clearing between the clouds, any day now, right?

I'm gonna see if I can attach a link to my Daily sleep report that is sent to my laptop fom my C-pap machine.


Thanks for the feedback !
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FYI: You have to have an account login in order to view your data. Your link goes to a login screen.
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Shucks ! Looks like the link I attached is not the SAVED page but the link to the website.

Anyway ... according to last night's data I had just 2.4 apnea episodes per hour, the SD card data showed NONE at all, whatever ....

I suffer significant brain fog and heavy daytime sleepiness, to follow intricate instructions taxes those things quite a bit, so I'll resign myself to what this body is telling me .... thanks to you all !
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