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ResMed AirMini, Philips recall etc
ResMed AirMini, Philips recall etc
For the last 4 years I have been using a CPAP Machine.
The Philips DreamStation to be specific.
A machine that I have been extremely happy with.
Easy to use, quiet & effective.
That is, until now of course due to the Philips recall aka Foamgate.

However prior to the recall I had been thinking about getting a smaller Travel CPAP anyway.
So the recall made me think that I might as well get one now so that I have something to use and immediately cease using my Philips (as recommended by them) as well as use whilst Philips are fixing my DreamStation (whenever & how long that may take! L) ... and also have something light enough to travel with.

Obviously the highly rated DreamStation GO was not even in the race for my choices because it was also one of the CPAPs recalled by Philips. 
This meant that it was between the ResMed AirMini and the Z2

After some basic research I eventually chose, ordered, received and and have been using the ResMed AirMini for the last 4 nights.

First off I will say that I am really impressed with the unit itself.
It is so small, light and quiet.  It’s an amazing piece of engineering.
Unfortunately that is where my satisfaction begins and ends.

The issues with the Air Mini have been well documented, which I see as most being 2 fold.
1.     A rubbish headset that you must use due to the AirMini having its own unique tube outlet.
2.     A rubbish app that tells you basically useless information.

I was aware of the concerns about the required headset, however I was enthusiastic about not having a large, clunky humidifier and instead having these YouBeaut humidity exchange ‘filters’ (HumidX).  
I was however less than enthusiastic hearing that they MUST be replaced every 30 days (an ongoing expensive consumable $$$)
I also didn’t like the little added HumidX container a few centimetres from my mask & face (awkward!)
 ... but what I really didn’t like is that it became immediately apparent that that same ‘container’ is by far the noisiest part of the whole machine.  
There is a constant leaking sound from this.  Dreadful!

Also, what I really did not appreciate was that after sleeping on my side for a while, and then turning over onto my back, I became of liquid that had accumulated into this container from my breath condensation, which then dripped into my nose and down into my airways!
Obviously this caused me to awake with a start (as well as a few splutters!)
I was effectively drowning! What a terrible design!

So, what to do?
After reading up a fair bit more on this issue it seems that my best option was to buy an tubing adaptor which was recommended to get around this problem so that I can go back to my previous headset
(more added weight, bulk & $$$ to my AirMini!)

Also I needed to buy a basic tube to fit this as my DreamStation tubing has a ‘clicky’ connecter at the unit end (more $$$!)
I am currently waiting for these to arrive

Now regarding the rubbish app
I have been using Sleepy Head and now OSCAR to review my sleeping data
Well those days are over apparently.
There is no SD card slot for this and no alternative way to retrieve this data for OSCAR.
No problem. I can live without OSCAR.
However, the information provided on the AirMini app is just rubbish.
For starters it does not provide you with an AHI score whatsoever!
Why is that?  It is the basic, primary information that I need.  I find that absolutely crazy!

Also in comparison with my DreamStation app (DreamMapper) this provided me the information that I needed at a glance me with my AHI, my Usage (ie how long connected) and Mask Fit (showing 100% fit or less) right there
Also importantly it shows my 90% pressure (very useful), a breakdown of the hypopnoea you had, as well as many other excellent stats and information.

The AirMini information appears to be meant for children - See attached photo
Also, this is an actual photograph of my phone screen because the Air-Mini app will not allow you to do a screenshot for ‘security reasons’!!!

The information that the AirMini app provides me with as per the screen shot, confuses me more than it informs me.
Oh, and apparently this information stays there for only 1 month, in comparison with DreamMapper which stays there forever!  What’s that all about?!
Basically a pathetic resource to access for your medical situation

Oh, also it does not provide any tube heating, so apparently I can look forward to my condensation pooling ... somewhere.

My choice is now to await for my connector and tubing to arrive and hope that fixes some of my problems.
 ... or because I am only 5 days into having the AirMini, do return it and ask for the Z2 instead?
(tho it sounds that this has a issues of its own?)

I can only wait and hope for the day that my DreamStation can taken away, made safe and returned (within my lifetime!), and use my AirMini for travel purposes only
(I think that I can cope with that)

Has anyone else had similar issues and/or suggestions?

- Graham
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RE: ResMed AirMini, Philips recall etc
I might have chosen a regular sized ResMed even if traveling were in the list of required PAP duties.

For myself, a travel unit won't cut it. So maybe there's a bit of bias. Even so, my therapy demands therapy success over small travel size. Choosing a ResMed AutoSet or VAuto aren't likely a lot bigger with the way they integrate the humidifier tub. Or you can save an extra 2.5 inches of width by use of the blocker plate.

Just a thought that's all.

Since my therapy needs far surpass a travel unit, it's moot. Mine will take a big box. I need ventilator NIV. So what I envision as travel would be maybe leaving a battery at home, but probably not the external accessory humidifier. Mine will probably end up looking like a suitcase when I get it.

Standard OSCAR Chart Order
Mask Primer
Dealing With A DME
Soft Cervical Collar Wiki
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RE: ResMed AirMini, Philips recall etc
Nitschke, my own decisions were exactly the same as you made:  DreamStation for 3 years and now a brand new Resmed Air Mini.  I also was thinking now is a time to finally have a travel machine -- I travel a lot and had adapted to hauling the DreamStation around, but that machine is recalled as a health hazard, without any qualifier by Philips, and so is now in a drawer.

I'll will say the ResMed and AirMini experiences are different for sure and have to be "learned" a bit.  I decided I liked the differences (on balance) -- I decided to try it no-humidifier to start with and ended up liking it that way!

The app is certainly sleek but sparse.  I am not a complicated apnea patient, so it suits me.  I do think the "events per hour" readout you get each morning on the screen is their calculation of an AHI, but could well be wrong on that.

Also remembering that it took a couple of weeks to get comfortable and confident with the DreamStation; now it is a matter of learning another (sort of like Apple vs. Microsoft) and without much help from the local DME or doctor's office, since they are overwhelmed.  Good to have this board.
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RE: ResMed AirMini, Philips recall etc
Thanks for that info glenlyon602
It's always good to know that I'm not the only one!

When you say "I decided to try it no-humidifier to start with"

What did that entail?
Did you simply remove the HumidX filter?
 ... or did you use/try other modifications?

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RE: ResMed AirMini, Philips recall etc
I have a Z1 and don't like it, too noisy, little exhale relief, and the humidification device just doesn't work in areas of low humidity like hotels. Liked the Air Mini as a CPAP, but again, no real humidifier. The DS GO is a really good machine with a real humidifer and Ill be happy when they replace the foam for me.
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RE: ResMed AirMini, Philips recall etc

The Mini hose and masks can be set up without the humidex holder. Leaving the humidex disc out of the holder seems to increase the vent leakage...

The 30 day life of the humidex discs is a hygiene precaution, I've been told, the disc media doesn't have a consumed lifetime.

The Lanky Lefty youtuber suggests using inexpensive respiration heat and moisture recovery capsules, instead of the humidex discs. (The heat and moisture recovery appliances have standard 22mm slip connections.)

I use the mini with only the hose and mask, no humidex holder. No humidification is more difficult, but it's an acceptable tradeoff for me.
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