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ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet
The variable lighting is supposed to be a feature, not a bug... (programmer's in-joke) The little dot to the upper right of the display is a light sensor. In a dim room, the display lights dimly (too dimly perhaps). In a brighter room it will light to full brilliance, making the display easy (for me) to read.
You can fool the sensor by shining a flashlight at it for a few seconds, although it will go dim again after a while.
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(09-22-2014, 01:10 AM)zonk Wrote: The A10 AutoSet increase pressure to the maximum and stay there for most of the night and that causes all sort of problems, swallowing air, increased leaks, and disturb sleep

Zonk - I think this is happening with my S9. It woke me up blowing so hard my sinuses were dry and hurt. How did you know it was stuck on high?
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Assuming that you have the humidifier, did it have any water in it when you woke up with your sinuses dry and hurting?

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Thanks for the reply - First, I have an S9 and I live in the tropics so I don't use the humidifier. I pretty well convinced there is a problem with the machine after having used it for 2 years plus. My leaks were very high as well.

Is it expensive to have machines repaired?

I am using a back up Respironics machine now and feel OK. Going back to the US in two weeks so I'll see if I can repair the S9. If not I'm thinking of going with a new Respironics System One Auto CPAP and Humidifier SKU DS560HSX for $399

From what I can ascertain they seem to be the most reliable workhorse of a machine - definitely not the jazziest.
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High leaks are probably the reason it was blowing hard and an open mouth would tend to dry everything out as well as create a lot of blowing. The machine is trying to keep the back pressure up to the setting and having to contend with a lot of leaks at the same time. I would fix the leaks first and then see if you still have the same problem.

Best Regards,

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Thanks Payton - I'll replace my mask first. Maybe try a full face mask or chin strap. I was a mouth breather before I started using the machine. One of the many blessings it provided was I began to immediately sleep with my mouth closed. No more dry moth in the morning!

I thought it strange that all of the sudden after using the machine for almost 3 years that I would start mouth breathing again.

Any other common causes of leaks you can think of???
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I trained myself to use the tongue trick to avoid mouth leaking. I would need to use a chinstrap every now and then to remind my body what it needed to do and then I would be fine for a period of time. I had a change in my health and suddenly I could not do without the chin strap. I still can't do without it. I don't know why but that happened to me and maybe something like that has happened to you.

My first suspicion with folks that are using nasal masks or nasal pillows and having major leaks with air whooshing out is mouth leaks. Other than that, I can't help much because I have never used Nasal Pillows

Best Regards,

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Hi Payton. I lived in OC for 30 years. What is the tongue trick? What kind of chin strap do you use? It's hot here in Costa Rica - a chin strap seems like it would be hot. But if that's what it takes... so be it.
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(03-27-2017, 09:18 PM)PaytonA Wrote: I trained myself to use the tongue trick 

How did you train yourself. I try it when I'm awake and it works great. If I try it when I'm ready to sleep my tongue relaxes back to it's normal position as soon as I start to drift off.
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