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ResMed Backlight
Hello everybody. I am coming back for some really important information that I really really need. I have a ResMed S9 from ResMed which is truely wonderful. It has a maximum pressure of 25cmH2o when set in the VPAP, or the BiLevel mode. It also has a wonderful and extremely easy to see backlight. I love ResMed. I remember before I got my wonderful ResMed VPAP, I had straight CPAP, and I had Respironics. It was one without a backlight, without any heated wired circuit, and while It had humidity, It really was not heating up to temperatures I would consider acceptable for me. I now have the ResMed S9, so now whenever I have to adjust settings, which is every SINGLE DAY, to use parameters for daytime BiLevel support, and then back to nighttime BiLevel support, I am not requiring assistance with reading those black numbers. UGH. I have a magnifier for use with low vision patients, and a lot of other adaptive low vision technology, however, being that there is no backlight, I would have to turn on the flashlight to see, and being that the magnifier that I use is on my Iphone 4, AN IPHONE FOUR MAGNIFIER APP, well, with the flashlight turned on and set to full brightness on my Iphone, the light would reflect on that green screen, because my former PAP device is a scary M-Series. It was the black PAP device, and It had NO backlight, with black numbers on the green screen, and THIS SUCKED, because when you would have your magnifier on your Iphone and then the Iphone flashlight, to attempt and brighten up your screen, the reflection from the Iphone's flashlight would make seeing the numbers from the same Iphone that produced the flashlight, nearly impossible. So, NOW, I have the wonderful ResMed S9 VPAP and I LOVE this ResMed series of PAP devices, because they are very comfortable, and I LOVE the feeling of the FOT, when the forced oscillations come in after I have gone apneic. Anyhow, my question is, does anybody know of a hidden way, to control backlight settings for a ResMed S9 VPAP? You see, I want the capability, to turnthe backlight on, and then it to remain on continuously even though I have not pressed any controls, or turned the rotary knob. The reason I would like this is because, being that I know the hospital, and the medical field profoundly well, from numerous operations, well a life time of them, a life time of being in and out of medical facilities, and on and off of equipment, I am use to the lights of the equipment inside of the Hospital. I am use to thebacklights of the monitoring equipment. I am use to the backlights of the ventilators, and the infusion pumps. I have my own patient monitor for monitoring my parameters like my oxygen saturation levels. ECG, Blood Pressure, etc, however, I would really like to have the VPAP backlight on continuously. From what I have seen, It appears that this is NOT even in existance. From what it seems, Its not even possible to have any sort of contact with the backlight controls, because from what it appears to be, THERE ARE NO CONTROLS for the backlight. I know how to adjust my VPAP settings, however, I was wondering if there were any existance of methods for controlling my Backlight. I LOVE Apnea board. Thank you very much, and God bless.
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Sorry, the backlight is only on momentarily. It turns off after a timed period.
There is no setting to change this behavior.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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~ Rest in Peace ~
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(04-02-2015, 09:50 PM)justMongo Wrote: Sorry, the backlight is only on momentarily. It turns off after a timed period.
There is no setting to change this behavior.

Ohhhhhh. OK. That is essentially what I was thinking. You see when I had origionally underwent my one of numerous Polysomnographic Evaluations, I underwent PAP titration on the wonderful Respironics OmniLab Advanced PAP Therapy Titration System, and I had actually put in a request for this to be my home PAP device. I knew that this thing had a wonderful Backlight, however, I had placed that request in and THEN, after, I heard that That thing does not even get used for patients at home. That is a titration system. I LOVED that wonderful thing though, because of that backlight, and so I pressed harder, and It was a lost cause. I was worried that I would end up getting a Respironics System 1 BiLevel machine, and I don't even think it has a backlight, and on the day in FEB of this year that I knew that I would be receiving the BiLevel upgrade, I was really worried throughout that whole day, because I wanted at least a ResMed. I am glad that I received the ResMed. It does not have settings for it's incorporated backlight, however, I'm happy that It can at least give me my nightly AHIs, and not what Respironics gives you. AN AVERAGE AHI over a certain amount of days. I also LOOOOVE the ClimateLine Heated wire circuit that you get, because it really does an indescribably wonderful job. Most people would not care about the backlight and stuff, but being that I'm desiring to have my bedroom essentially with the environment of the ICU, this is something that I have to think about. Although, with all of my suctioning equipment, my monitoring equipment, my Feeding tube equipment including the infusion equipment, and all of the other equipment that fills up my room, It is essentially a Home Intensive Care Unit. My sister told me that my room even smelled like a hospital to her, and It made her want to get out. I cannot smell or taste, so I don't even know what a hospital wouldsmell like, but I know that it did not impress her, however, It made me laugh hearing her state that. I mean, I've had NUMEROUS operative procedures, been in the hospital all of my life essentially, and have developed recent new deterioration in my health from an unknown Neuromuscular disorder. I use my VPAP a LOT, and It has really helped me.
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