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ResMed Escape-Replacing Tubing at the back of machine?
Hi Everyone

I have just been given a brand new tube for my ResMed Escape machine. Its one of the heated ones.

1) Winter is almost over. Should I be putting a new one on now or better yet IS it a tube I can use through the summer as well? If it is, than it won't matter that i am putting a new one on my machine tonight.

2) HOW do you remove the tubing that is already on there? I have tried lightly doing it one of several ways but without instructions, I feel as if I will push too hard and end up breaking it. I want to be sure I am doing it the right way before I push too hard.

Assuming I must twist it back and forth until it slides off? I don't see any buttons or some such thing that will just have it "fall out" so if anyone could help me, and tell me what i need to do to get if off I would really appreciate it.

Thanks In Advance Sleep-well
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The tube is the same on both ends. The ClimateLine is not though. Assuming you have the normal tube on the machine, just grab the meaty rubber part and twist off.
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You are supposed to remove and clean that tubing on a routine basis.
c0reDump is correct -- but be careful as the pipe it's attached to is plastic; and so is the retaining ring.

To put the climateline hose on, there are YouTube videos you can watch.

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Facing the back of the machine, grasp the hose by the thick end, not the spiral hose part. Turn it counter clockwise and it will come loose.

The non-heated hose just slips right on, no need to turn or lock into place. You'll see a plastic "boot" danging from the back of the machine. Put that over the connection where the heated hose went to keep the dust out.

You've never taken the tube off? You've never rinsed or cleaned it? While not overly gross, it can be. Especially the humid, warm hose.
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I have not yet used it for more than one night. I am only starting to use it every night as of tonight. I had a medical problem that prevented me from using it the past 3 weeks.

Thanks for the tips.
I tried pulling many different ways but just wasn't sure IF I was going to break something and didn't have any information anywhere saying hot to take it off either.
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Hmmm, how peculiar.......I guess I should have looked at it a bit closer but I took that one off, put the heated one on, slid it on, took off the rubber cap below it as it suggested and then slipped it into place.

Then I picked up my mask to attach it to the mask but quickly realized there isn't any clip mechanism on the other end so it can clip to my mask..........should there not be on on there or is it a separate piece they should have given me?

/perplexed....goes off to check plastic bag but doesn't remember seeing another piece........
just realized i am missing the piece on the mask---goes off to look for it knowing it must have dropped off on the table or floor as it has been sitting in one spot for 3 weeks....
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Ok, it MUST be the piece that is on the regular tubing.

On the original tube I have, one end fits into my FF mask
The other end is plain and I just slip it on the back of the machine. Until its tight. It doesn't need to slip into anything in particular but just slipped on period.

On this new heated hose, it has something on the end that doesn't fit into my mask but goes on the back of the machine.
There is a black rubber thing below where you put it on. You take off the rubber thing, slip this on, turn it clockwise until it snaps into something that was original covered by the black rubber thing I took off.

The other end is plain.
It doesn't fit into my FF mask.
There isn't anything for it to clip onto

At first I assumed the piece had fallen off somewhere and spent 20 minutes looking hi and low in my bedroom for some clear tube thingy.
Finally realized it had to be the end that was on the original hose so I gently pulled on it but it didnt come off.
Again, I don't want to pull on it and break anything unless I KNOW for sure that is meant to come off as it seems to need some real pressure to pull it off.

Sos is that meant to come off that tubing and put it in the other tubing so I can then attach it to my FF?
It seems the most logical explanation but i don't want to rip it off in case i am wrong.

I don't seem to have any really good booklets on those few things telling me if it is a part of the tube and i have somehow lost a piece to my mask or that mask piece is just presently attached to that older hose

Sorry if this question appears rather lame as i suspect it might. Its a bit frustrating trying to get into a routine, now Twice and Twice I have had to stop for several weeks. NOW, TONIGHT I FINALLY can start and don't envision any more interruptions and i now don't want to have to waste time locating some missing piece, or worse, LOL, break the needed piece trying to take it off something else, if its not meant to come off and then be out another few days + ;-)

Quote:The tube is the same on both ends.

ok THAT confirms it. It is the piece and for some reason its attached to that tube rather than my mask so I will go pull it off and hope I don't break anything Thanks
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Definetely NOT one of my smarter moments!

It was pretty tight but after reading what C0reDump said I realized it had to be it and I had to pull it quite a bit but got it out.

/Off to try once and again and hopes I have no more "stupid" moments
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The big end has connection to the heating part of hose and the mask end has nothing just push on. I don't have it but ck the video.
Good luck, Doc J
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Yes, that piece on your original tubing, is actually part of the mask (not the tube). Just twist that off the original tube and use it with your mask (and new tube).

Edit: glad you figured it out Smile. I leave that mask piece attached to my tube as well.
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