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ResMed MyAir App
ResMed MyAir App
Do you guys/gals have any experience with the ResMed MyAir App and is it any good. Also, I have a ResMed Airsense 10, which it says may not be fully compatible with (some features absent), is it still worth it.
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RE: ResMed MyAir App
Personally, I like MyAir as a tool to do a quick check of the basics from your CPAP:  AHI and mask seal.  If it shows a problem you really have one, but it can miss significant issues.

OSCAR is really in a different league.  It downloads the same data that your provider sees. And can tell you if something is actually wrong, what that is, and, after adjustments, whether it is fixed.  You can also download and visualize oximetry data into the daily view.  But you need a real computer and an SD card reader slot (rather than just your phone) and some time.

I would never try to trouble-shoot a CPAP from MyAir.  It just does not give enough data.

Do you know what type of features are absent? If it has an SD slot (Upper left front little door) you are probably good to go. The AirSense 10 is an excellent machine.
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RE: ResMed MyAir App
To the best of my knowledge, all AirSense 10 models except the Card-to-Cloud models have a cellular modem which lets you transmit the myAir data to ResMed, to be retrieved my your myAir app on your phone.

The Card-to-Cloud models don't have a modem, so they can't make use of the myAir app.

As pointed out, OSCAR is a better tol for monitoring your CPAP therapy.
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RE: ResMed MyAir App
Make sure the AS 10 is the Autoset model !!  MyAir is pretty basic, SD Card and OSCAR does everything myair does plus
all the information and graphs to adjust Your treatment .. Or seek help here to adjust treatment ..
Best of luck !!    Steve
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RE: ResMed MyAir App
As long as your machine supports MyAir I don't see many downsides in enabling it. Obviously you are sharing your personal and clinical data with Resmed.

I signed up to MyAir and also use OSCAR. The automatic background syncing of data to MyAir means I don't have to do anything once its set up, but it's always there if I want to take a quick peek. As others have said, it's nowhere near as detailed as OSCAR but it's very convenient if you just want to quickly double check how your therapy is going without having to sit at your PC or fiddle with SD cards. Also agree with others that MyAir simply doesn't provide enough detail to troubleshoot most problems, that's all locked away in the clinician's AirView platform.

Once my therapy is dialed in I plan to keep an eye on things using MyAir and also manually download my data to OSCAR once every couple of weeks for a more detailed review.
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RE: ResMed MyAir App
I've got mixed feelings with the myAir app. I think I don't like it more than I do. If it worked well, I might like it better, but I'll take a peek at it and get upset/frustrated because my score will come in fairly low and discourage me.  I will return to the app later in the day and my score will jump 20 points. VERY frustrating.

This morning, prime example: I woke up, did some getting ready for my day stuff, brush teeth, use the restroom - maybe 10-15 minutes pass from when I turn off the CPAP. I then go and grab my SD card and download it into OSCAR. I check myAir and I've got a 79 score and I'm a bit bewildered. I click on the graphic score to see some more detail and it says I only used my CPAP for 4 hours (I had a REALLY rough night last night - tried a new mask - slept really poorly for a couple hours - swapped back to my old mask - then spent the next 2 hours not knowing whether I'd been away or dozed off because if I was getting sleep it wasn't long or deep). I got to work and decided to take a look at myAir one more time, my score was 98 - my usage hours went up to 9 hours and my score jumped 19 points.

The snapshot is nice when it works as it gives you some quick insights (as others have said) and the scoring helps make the raw numbers, that make no sense to me, make a little sense of whether (my leak rate, particularly) the number is good or not.

Here's a screenshot:

I find the mask seal and mask on/off numbers the most helpful. 

Just be prepared that it might take an hour or two for the data to process properly and that your first report might not be accurate.
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RE: ResMed MyAir App
I use MyAir regularly. But only as a score card. If I have a bad night, I go to OSCAR for the diagnostics.
CPAP is a journey like “The Wizard of Oz”. It’s a long slow journey. You will face many problems and pick up many friends along the way. Just because you reach the poppies, it doesn’t mean you are in Kansas. 
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