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ResMed S9 Auto SSD Card
Every time i go to read data and put the ssd card back in, it says its needs to reformat the ssd for use.

Right now, i unplug power, remove ssd, switch to lock position, copy all data. Rescan reads new data that i just copied from new location.

i then move to unlock on ssd, insert into machine, power on machine (by plugging the ac power into it).

Then i get the message.
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When I had the same experience with my Resmed card I would simply remove and replace it with the power still on, as many times as necessary until it was recognized. Sometimes it required five or more rotations of the card before it worked.

Bob Wexler
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The download procedure is likely making a change to your card (maybe you are clicking the erase button during the download). So every time the card goes back in the machine is not recognizing it as a card that was in that machine.

If you are getting the message that has the "yes" "no" option, just click yes, which will resend the machines data to the card (which can take a bit depending on how long you've had the machine).

How often are you downloading the data?

If everything is going good (good nights sleep, not noticing any changes), then you don't need to download data every night or even every week IMO. If you are noticing something going on (change in sleep, tiredness during day, higher AHI/leak on machine), then I would download more frequently to help you figure out the problem.
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You are running Windows 8.1. How do I know? Because Windows 8.1 is having its way with your card. As jaycee says, it's fine to let the Resmed reformat the card and re-install the data. The only thing lost is the detailed graph information which has already been copied to your computer. That stuff is only retained on the card for a week anyhow, so after a week the card is repopulated completely.

To avoid the problem, slide the "lock switch" on the sdcard before you put it in the computer, then "unlock" it when you put it back in the Resmed.
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Yep. Always lock your card when inserting in computer, no matter what version of Windows you use. But 8.1 is a POS --for many reason in addition to how it handles memory cards.
"Sometimes the magic works . . . and sometimes it doesn't" -- Chief Dan George in the movie Little Big Man
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The OP says he is locking the card.

I'm betting it is in the "copy" procedure that somehow is borking something.

Try to not do a "copy" every time. You actually don't need to. If you have the urge to copy the card regularly just to have a backup, then do it every 7 days. But each copy is still losing data unless you give each copy its own folder. ResMed machines are stupid this way. The card hold all data for 7 days. Then day 8, the oldest day has some data dumped to hold the newest day. The data dumped is the details you need to view. This continues until day 30. At that point, ALL data but compliance data (because that's all they care about) is dumped for the oldest day.

Each day, one day loses detail data and one day loses everything. If you have more than 365 days of data, one day is lost completely as only one year is kept on the card. So unless you give each day it's own save folder, it's not doing any good to save the card data itself. As long as the software has it (ResScan or Sleepyhead), then all is well.

But back to your problem. Try to not copy and see if the issue is resolved.

The other option is to remove the card from the machine, wait a few seconds, and put it back in. Repeat about 4 times. If it doesn't accept it by then, just select yes. Every other week or so, I have to do this. Cussin' works, too.
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(06-06-2014, 02:28 PM)PaulaO2 Wrote: The other option is to remove the card from the machine, wait a few seconds, and put it back in. Repeat about 4 times. If it doesn't accept it by then, just select yes. Every other week or so, I have to do this. Cussin' works, too.

Good idea.

If it's not a Windows 8 problem, then this would test the behavior. When done with the machine one morning, take the card out and put it back it without first making a trip to Mr. Computer. If it reads it properly the problem is either with the card itself not playing nice, or with the Resmed card reader being goofy. Might want to see about exercising a warranty if that's the case.

If it reads the card successfully, then the problem is on the computer side. If you truly are locking the sdcard before putting it in the computer, then maybe the lock mechanism on the card is goofy. The only thing I know for sure is when I asked Bill he said Microsoft would never dream of writing on a card that was locked.
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