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ResMed S9 AutoSet climate tube error
Wouldn't ya know it? I brag how I bought a second hand S9 AutoSet off craigslist (cue Macklemore's Thrift Shop in the background) and am managing my own therapy without bowing to the CPAP sleep study Nazis and the Federal government...and then this happens.

I got a tiny wear hole in my climate tube near the neck (common after almost two years of use, I know... 1 year=original owner + almost a year pumping dreams into me) and so I patch it with silicone glue and it seemed fine. THEN later I get a 'climate tube failure, replace tube' error message and I figure it must be my overuse of glue. I figured it must be triggering as too hot or something.

I read that if some people have their tube under covers; which I don't, they might overheat and cause this same error.

Anyway, I call ResMed and they say that I am still; just barely, under warranty. They direct me to take it into this certain local shop. I do so. Shop says it must be tubing and offers to sell me one at seriously jacked up price. (I got a new one off ebay for $35, still sealed in bag) The shop didn't do anything I couldn't have done at home... They plugged it in and read the error message. NO DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE! nothing. So by the time my new hose arrives from ebay and I plug it in...my warranty is up. LOL yep!!! still same error message.

Turns out if you jiggle it (focus people! I'm still talking about the climate tube), the error message comes and goes. So I took a piece of tape and attached it to my hose and pulled it at a slightly tight angle and taped it to my cpap unit. Now there is no error message. Used it all night, no error message.

What I want to know is...

Any electronic savvy people out there know a better way to fix a glitch loose connection like this? should I remove the tube and hold the neck at that same angle and apply some glue in the cuff to fix it into place?

Do I need a young priest and an old priest?

Please help folks! I am really bad at finger-painting pentagrams with goat's blood. It would be nice to get a little help from someone in this realm.

Please and thank you.
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The error message used to be common in the past, Now ResMed seem fixed the problem

I had the same error message and supplier replaced the hose and said if happen again, they need to send the H5i to ResMed for some software fix

What should I do if the S9 displays the message "Heated tube fault, replace tube"?

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Could be worn hose connections or there is crud in the contacts. if get a *clean virgin pencil eraser* you carefully polish the gold electical contacts then blow away any debris.
Wipe clean with kleenex / Q-tips afterwards. Gently, The contacts are small.

That should get you a few more miles.

I am currently checking out the Hypernite hose. It uses it's own 12v power supply. Seems to be a bit warmer than the climateline but it isn't regulated.
I haven't gotten any rain with it though and I have had rain with the ClimateLine.


"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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I just spewed water. He mentions sacrificing goats and you bring up a virgin. Too funny.

The Climate line, we are assuming, has wires all up and down the length of it. I would assume then that a hole would cause a short. It would be best to just get a new hose and chuck this one. Or cut it up and tell us what it looks like inside.

If it is an "old" Resmed issue, I would be that a newer hose would not have this issue. Your eBay hose could be older than the goat. They aren't that expensive.
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There is not much magic with the ClimateLine hose. The spiral hose reinforcing houses a continious conductor = ie: heater. (a long piece of copper wire or equivalent.)
Near the mask end there is a thermal sensor. (most likely a thermistor) You can see it if you look in the open end. Looks like a small finger sticking up into the airflow path.
If the hose gets lacerated you will most likely get an open circuit in the heater, thermistor circuit or both.
ie: nothing will work in the hose so the machine writes it up as an error and wont apply power to it.
A bad electrical connection between the hose and the CPAP unit will also cause an open circuit error.
There it can be dirt, corrosion or worn parts causing it. Check the connection on the machine for damage, cracks or worn spots that cause the hose to not mate with it securely. If the connection is badly worn, no number of replacement hoses will fix it.
You will need to replace the H5i unit (humidifier). Not so cheap but should not need to be replaced that often. (check your insurance)
The last trouble spot is where the CPAP connects to the H5i. When you separate the two you can check this with bright light and magnifier too.
I think these are low voltage connections so any crud or disfiguring of these will ALSO look like a bad hose.
But there may be times when the CPAP does not see the humidifier connected then you go, AHAH!, because you found the culprit.
The connection between the CPAP and H5i should be the least trouble though unless you are separating the two devices on a daily basis.
If a short ever occurs from this, the machine will sense an overload and kill it as well.

Normal wear & tear over time can also cause electrical issues. Replacement hoses are not too expensive if you shop around.

Oh yah, don't dump your BBQ wings, beer & chips on this hardware. It's not good for it ether. Smile

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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Thanks everyone. It took all day to finally find a virgin, but she didn't have a pencil. She went to get me a pencil but when she got back, she wasn't a virgin anymore. Stuffs getting too expensive, people, that's all I'm saying.

Since I have had the error even with a shiny brand new climate tube fresh out of the sealed ResMed bag, I believe the fault is in the connecter on the humidifier. The jiggle on and off part, leads me to believe it is not software related.

I am going to try a few more things and if that doesn't work...hey, I got some ideas on how to turn this into the world's most elaborate bong. I can only imagine the number of 'centrals' that ResScan is going to register.
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Uh oh. Sounds like the hose connection on the H5i is wearing out. A new one is about $150
If you use humidification and it runs out of water, you could use the F&P HC150 humidifier.
It's bigger uglier and holds more water. $149
If you need the heated hose with that then you just dispense with the H5i and use a Hybernite heated hose instead. $49

Your total outlay for the upgrade would then be about $200 but your water will last longer.
I am experimenting with an even larger 600ml tank so I can sleep in on weekends without running dry or having to get up and refill the silly thing.

It does strike me as absurd though having to pay that much for a thermostat controlled warming plate with a tank of water on top, yes. $30 would be more like it, but...oops I forgot...it's *medical* equipment!
It could be more expensive, if it had "aviation" in the name somewhere.

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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If you decide to replace the H5i, check out the prices on "gently used" ones from Supplier #2. I got one from them to use as a spare and I don't think I had to provide my Rx (I could be wrong because it has been a while ago). It's worth checking out though.

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Some places will shake you down for a script if its a new humidifier. Why you need a script for one I'll never know...I could get in a lot more trouble with my rice steamer!
Big Grin

Oh well, good luck!

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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If it is JUST out of warranty, and you called ResMed while it was still in warranty, call them back. Explain the problem, that you talked to them while it was in warranty, you did what they said, that didn't work, what now? There is no reason they shouldn't stand behind their recommendation.

I can usually make this work with car warranties, no reason not to try it for this.

Good luck.
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