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ResMed S9 vs. Philips Respironics REMstar
ResMed S9 vs. Philips Respironics REMstar
Hello all,

Here is my story. I have both machines, brand new. I assume the military did a mistake and ordered me both machines. I have been using the ResMed S9, which I kind of like a little more, as is user friendly. I do not know much about the Respironics, reason why I am reaching out to all of you out there. Any input would be much appreciated.


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RE: ResMed S9 vs. Philips Respironics REMstar
They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Which models of each do you have? You do not want a ResMed with Escape in the name nor a Respironics with the word Plus in the name.

The S9 has more available on the display but only keeps detailed data for the last 7 days so you must download it before then if you want all of it. Otherwise, you'll just have AHI and hours used.

The PRS1 has good data on the display as well and keeps data for much longer so you don't have to worry you missed any nights.

Some folks don't like the exhale relief of the PRS1 (x-Flex vs EPR).

You can change the date and time on the S9, you cannot on the PRS1.

Request both clinician manuals and look at both.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: ResMed S9 vs. Philips Respironics REMstar
Actually, you can change the date on the Remstar, just in the clinician's setup menu. There are several types of exhalation relief on the various Remstar models, A-Flex is very comfortable, C-Flex I have no experience of. The Respironics boxes are the boxes of choice over here - I asked someone at the LungenLiga why that is so, and the answer was "more robust, less easily broken, better life than the ResMed, more likely to remain on constant pressure over the lifetime of the machine than the ResMed, and long term data storage and better clinical reporting data". Interestingly, the ResMed masks are preferred over the Phillips masks, so most patients receive a Phillips box and a ResMed mask, which is the combo I have. Also, patients complain of a high pitched whine from the ResMed's compressor. On the other hand, there is sometimes an echo from the Respironics' water tank at the start up (it goes away once the tank is warmed up).

For travelling, the Respironics brick is more robust to transport, but not all that different a travelling experience than the ResMed. Both are cleared for hand baggage, and are supposed to be exempt of weight regulations (your experience may vary form airline to airline). In the end, it really is six of one, half a dozen of the other....
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RE: ResMed S9 vs. Philips Respironics REMstar
Doc, would you please send me a PM about how to do the time/date thing? I can add it to the wiki page.

Take a deep breath and count to zen.

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RE: ResMed S9 vs. Philips Respironics REMstar
(06-05-2013, 04:49 AM)DocWils Wrote: Actually, you can change the date on the Remstar, just in the clinician's setup menu.

Double check on that on your own machine, please. Unless it's a recent change, I don't think you can change the date or time without a special cable adapter and software.

It would be a great thing if Philips has fixed this. If so, let us know what machine and firmware version you have.

Other differences:

1) PRS1 has better DC power capabilities. ResMed requires an expensive DC-DC converter, not just DC power.

2) The official ResScan software is enormously superior to the Encore software. Encore doesn't allow you to zoom in on airflow waveforms, you can only see a tiny, all night report of airflow. ResScan lets you zoom, and shows other info like flow limitation, minute vent, leaks, etc. in a better minute by minute graph. However, SleepyHead works for both, and is superior to both in many ways for the home user.

3) The PRS1 display is a crime. It's terribly hard to read, and there's no way to make it light up at night without turning the machine off, so you can't check what pressure it's at without a flashlight or turning on the room light. I find it really hard to read by a flashlight because it's got a limited viewing angle and the light has to come in at the right angle.

4) Reports from many users on internet forums indicate that the ResMed pressure control feels better to many people. The ResMed feels "smooth" while the PRS1 feels like it "puffs." This seems to be both with and without EPR/Flex.

5) The ResMed FOT technique seems to work better than Philips's pressure pulse at detecting central apneas. The PRS1 pressure pulse disturbs some people.

I have both PRS1 Auto and S9 AutoSet. I find myself slightly preferring the AutoSet. It feels better somehow, both in terms of ease of use, "slickness," and the feel of the air.

The PRS1 seems a little tougher. The S9 seems more modern and "agile."

If I were buying a new one, It would be roughly a tossup to me.
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