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ResMed auto mode
<moving this question from my thread entitled "Disappointed" so it's more apt to be seen>

Okay, as of this afternoon, my machine is set to auto mode. What do I need to know about this? I have no idea what it is going to do for me.

Thanks in advance for any help with this.
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First, do you know your VPAP Auto settings? The important ones will be labeled something like:

Min EPAP =
Max EPAP =
Max IPAP =

You probably only have one of Max EPAP or Max IPAP.

As for what Auto mode will do for you: When obstructive events (OAs or Hs) occur or when flow limitations or snoring is detected, the machine will increase both the IPAP and EPAP pressures at the same time. Once the machine is happy with how you are breathing, it will slowly start decreasing the IPAP and EPAP pressures at the same time. If more events occur, the machine will once again increase the pressure.

The advantage of Auto mode is that the overall pressure needed to control your OSA is typically less: Instead of spending 100% of the night at the pressure needed to control your OSA when the OSA is at its worst, the pressure will only be that high when it needs to be that high.

To make this idea clearer, let's suppose that you need IPAP = 14, EPAP = 10 to control your OSA during supine REM sleep. And let's suppose that you only need IPAP = 9, EPAP = 5 to control your OSA during non-REM sleep when you are sleeping on your side.

In straight VPAP mode, the pressures would need to be set to 14/10 so that the needed pressure is there when you are sleeping on your back and enter REM. So you'd be sleeping at 14/10 all night long.

In VPAP Auto mode with setttings of min EPAP = 5, max EPAP = 10, and PS = 4, when you're sleeping on your side and not in REM, the pressures will stay pretty close to 9/4. But when you flip on your back or when you enter REM sleep, the pressures can increase. And if you wind up sleeping on your back during a REM cycle, the machine can increase the pressure all the way up to 14/10 and continue to keep the OSA under control.

For some people, the variable pressure increases comfort because they're not dealing with the maximum pressure needed to control the worst all night long. However, for other people, the constantly varying pressures wind up causing problems with sleep continuity.
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While I had a fair understanding of how "Auto" worked, your explaination was the clearest breakdown I have read. Gives enough information to help but in terms a nontechnical person can easily grasp.
Thanks for the post
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Does any of this help, robysue? I had an AHI of 5.5 last night, the lowest yet/first night on the auto mode. I slept fine last night -- the increased pressure did not seem to bother me. Still feeling tired today, however.

S9 VPAP AutoResMed S9 36006
PAP Mode: Bi-Level
Min EPAP: 5.0cmH2O
Max IPAP: 15.0cmH2O
PS: 4.0cmH2O

Channel Min Med 95% Max
EPAPExpiratory Pressure (cmH2O)
W-Avg: 7.57 4.14 7.32 10.44 11.00
IPAPInspiratory Pressure (cmH2O)
W-Avg: 11.57 8.14 11.32 14.44 15.00
Minute Vent.Amount of air displaced per minute (L/min)
W-Avg: 5.55 1.12 5.50 7.12 13.25
Resp. RateRate of breaths per minute (Breaths/min)
W-Avg: 12.49 2.00 12.60 16.00 29.20
Resp. EventA ResMed data source showing Respiratory Events (Events/hr) 0.00 0.00 0.00 7.00
Flow Limit.Graph showing severity of flow limitations (Severety (0-1))
W-Avg: 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.30
Leak RateRate of detected mask leakage (L/min)
W-Avg: 4.18 0.00 2.40 19.20 36.00
SnoreGraph displaying snore volume (??)
W-Avg: 0.02 0.00 0.02 0.04 0.40
I:E RatioRatio between Inspiratory and Expiratory time (ratio)
W-Avg: 40.22 4.00 40.00 58.00 134.00
Insp. TimeTime taken to breathe in (Seconds)
W-Avg: 1.36 0.70 1.36 1.58 1.86
Exp. TimeTime taken to breathe out (Seconds)
W-Avg: 3.54 0.86 3.38 5.08 10.00
Tidal VolumeAmount of air displaced per breath (L/min)
W-Avg: 445.26 200.00 420.00 660.00 1120.00

Time over leak redline 0.529%

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AHI of 7.2 today; second night with auto mode. Can anyone look at my stats up above and tell me if it looks okay? or maybe what doesn't look okay?
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S9 VPAP AutoResMed S9 36006
PAP Mode: Bi-Level
Min EPAP: 5.0cmH2O
Max IPAP: 15.0cmH2O

This indicates that you in in Bi-Level mode not Auto. I have the Resperonics ASV so not sure of the settings on yours. It seems like it should say Auto mode and Epap min and EPAP max
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Min EPAP and Max IPAP are auto mode settings. I believe that Clem is in bipap auto mode.

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Yes, bilevel and auto mode.
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