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ResMed "for Her" full mask differences?
I'd like to try a full face mask, but my DME is less than worthless on this issue...no choices.  So I want to order a few different ones to try (with return insurance) but in looking at them...I don't really see much differences between the different ResMed "for Her" options.  

Quattro Air for Her
Quattro FX for Her --- this is the one that "looks" most appealing to me, but I'm not really sure why. 
AirFit F10 for Her
AirFit F20 for Her
AirTouch F20 for Her

Even in reading through the descriptions...it seems they're all the latest, the lightest, and best!  

I've tried the Amara View and while I originally liked it...it seems the small is a bit too small and the medium gives me a lot of leaks, as well as seems to "ride up" around my nose, even when I really tighten it.  Gives me a headache, too, with the head strap.  

Started out by my DME with F&P Brevida, which was fair...but the cushion would often "invert" on itself during the night, making me wake up feeling I wasn't getting any air.   

I'm currently using the Dreamwear nasal cushion and really like it overall.  However, the small cushion seems to not be quite wide enough of an air opening, so I think I tend to try to mouth breath with it and wake up with it due to feeling I'm not getting enough air through my nose.  I don't try to mouthbreathe with the medium cushion, but it moves around a lot during the night because it comes over the end of my nose.  I'm already using the small frame with it.  I really don't like the nasal pillows as they don't really seem to fit and both small & medium fall out of place during the night.

I'm going to stick with my DME for the next 8 months to get my machine paid for (have to do a 'rental' for my insurance until I've proven compliance & will have paid off the machine in that time.)  I had to fight to get the ResMed AirSense 10 for Her, as well.  I found the DME's RT's comment very telling: "I didn't even know there was a difference in this machine.  I thought it was just the color!" 

I really, really appreciate this board and all the help.  I browse through a lot of the topics and learn a lot from just reading others' experiences and the responses they receive.   

I realize masks are very personal, so would like to hear what makes or breaks the above listed masks for you? 

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Unfortunately, there are no short-cuts to mask selection due to the geometry of an individual's face. Most of us used the trial-and-error method until we found something that worked for us.

As for the "for her" designation, it is mostly a marketing tool for products that have a distinction without a difference. However, the ResMed device itself does include an algorithm that is said to be more suitable for women. Some "for her" products are purported to be cut a tad smaller and feature colors to make you feel "special." If someone wants me to feel special, let them help provide an AHI < 0.5 over eight hours with a comfort-fit, no leaks, and an AHI < 0.5 over 8-hours.

As for DMEs ... think of the post office, the department of motor vehicles, or any government employee standing at a counter -- sometimes they are knowledgeable and helpful, other times not so much as they want to push you out the door to keep their flow statistics high.

Best of luck finding a mask that works for you.
"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius
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I did figure out the difference between the AirFit and AirTouch is silicone vs. memory foam.  And the Quattro Air still has the forehead strap, which I'd like to avoid, if possible.  In a normal world..I would never buy anything in pink or purple...but will do most anything for a good night's sleep!  

I'm grateful there are online suppliers who will let me try and exchange, so that's the route I will go.
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(11-08-2017, 06:01 PM)jaw2004 Wrote: I did figure out the difference between the AirFit and AirTouch is silicone vs. memory foam.  And the Quattro Air still has the forehead strap, which I'd like to avoid, if possible.  In a normal world..I would never buy anything in pink or purple...but will do most anything for a good night's sleep!  

I'm grateful there are online suppliers who will let me try and exchange, so that's the route I will go.

I hope you find a mask that suits you and do consider coming back to this thread or the forum and letting us know what works for you.  I've been considering a different mask just because some nights I have very low leaks and other nights it looks like I did nothing but breathe through my mouth.  Good Luck to you.   Smile
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There is a significant difference between the “for Her” mask models and the unisex versions.

I have tried on many full-face masks at the DME and by return insurance. The unisex models were all too big around the head. They were also too long in the face, even in the small size. Several put headgear straps in uncomfortable places.

In general, the “for Her” models all fit. But one (F10 for Her) is less leak-prone on my face.

My DME is also useless: they told me the F10 was the only “for Her” model.

Finding a great mask is a chore.

The pink/purple on headgear can often be concealed under a splashy Pad-a-Cheek.  Big Grin
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 As far as I know, the difference with the "for her" mask is just the color and size headband(which is smaller). On the F20 the replacement cushions are not sexed. They are offered in small, medium and large.

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That is really interesting, HalfAsleep, to hear your actual experience.

When I spoke to ResMed on the phone, I was told that color was the only difference in the headgear for the models I was asking about - all except one. It's encouraging to know that the For Her versions actually *do* fit differently.
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The "for Her" versions are not just about color. There are size differences.
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I received the Quattro FX for her yesterday and tried it last night.  I ordered the small, and it fit perfectly.  The exhale port is a little strong, but I think once I get used to that, I'm really going to love it.  Hubby sleeps with his head under the covers, anyway!  

I had very few leaks according to SleepyHead, and my AHI was less than 4, which is a great improvement for me.  Now to just figure out how tight is tight enough... but not too tight to be uncomfortable.  No face marks this morning or swollen eyes!  

[Image: FZ8nmpQl.png?1]

By comparison, the only other mask I've tried is the Amara View.  The small mask was too small, and the medium leaked constantly.  The headgear was huge... I could barely get the mask to stay on and it sat really low on my neck.  And I don't have a particiularly small head!  

The other thing I like about the Quattro FX is it is a bit wider at the mouth area, and I have a wide smile.  Not that I smile when I sleep (that I know of) but I felt with the Amara View that was where I always leaked the most.  The Quattro FX stays put.   I will update an official review after I've used it for several nights.  

Fingers crossed my good results continue!
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