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ResScan CPAP Reporting Software (OLD version: 5.5) [Archived Discussions]
Thanks for ResScan 5.3, I'd really appreciate help please.
I've searched without finding an answer to this.

"Connect a flow generator or data card and try again"

5.3 clean install on win7 x64
Didn't install the 3 drivers
I created a new patient

The data card in my S9 auto set is new thus no data but I do have copies I've saved over time. I named the folders 'Resmed 2015xxxx' (since 2011).

In the folders are 4 files and 1 folder
Files Identification.crc, Identification.tgt, STR.crc, STR.edf

I also tried putting them on an SD card without success.

I'm pulling what's left of my hair out, any ideas please?

On an old computer with v3.x I had it working a couple of years ago, wish I could remember how Sad
As far as I can tell, and I'm no expert, ResScan has to see the card. I don't think you can read from a folder but I would love to be corrected about that.

You may need to exactly duplicate the file structure on the SD card before it is seen as valid. I'll get my SD card and post that structure a little later this morning if no one else does it in the mean time.
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Okay, what I have is pretty similar to what you described above.

In addition to the DATALOG folder I also have a SETTINGS folder.

Also, the folders under DATALOG are name slightly differently that you have. Mine are just the date and do not start with "Resmed". Last night's was "20150322".

These differences could be due to the different machines though. I don't know.

If there is a way to load ResScan from files instead of the card I would love to know it too.
One more thing: My SD card is formatted as FAT. That might make a difference.
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Thanks for looking, appreciated, I still can't work it out.

'Resmed 2015xxxx' are the top folders, I didn't touch the file names in DATALOG.

I have 1 folder that also has 'SETTINGS' in it.
I copied that (as well as it's related DATALOG etc) to an SD card that is formatted FAT32
I still have the same problem
"Connect a flow generator or data card and try again"

I've been playing with this for hours
Must try and get some sleep now
Let me post a couple of screen shots. I think we're seeing different things.
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Okay, here is the root of the SD card:

Then the DATALOG folder:

This is one of the days IN the DATALOG folder:

Then finally, this is the SETTINGS folder:

Hope this helps.

This space for rent.

Yes your middle one is different. My S9 files don't look like that. I'm not at the computer now, first chance I get tomorrow I'll be back. Thanks for trying
One more thing:

I just put a blank, FAT32, 8GB SD card in my PC and copied the files to it. ResScan was already running.

WHILE the files were still copying, ResScan came up and asked to import them. So it can be done.
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You will almost crtainly fail tring to read from non-card OR putting files onto the card. Resscan does all kinds of "checks" to ensure the validity of the data--part being date checks of unknown types, not just file date.. If you change anything on a card other than what the machine writes onto it, it will likely fail.

bout the only way to put something onto the card that Resscan will accept is a full image transfer from a previously saved image.

(03-23-2015, 10:27 AM)LanceC Wrote: One more thing:

I just put a blank, FAT32, 8GB SD card in my PC and copied the files to it. ResScan was already running.

WHILE the files were still copying, ResScan came up and asked to import them. So it can be done.

Thanks very much I eventually worked it out.
Your post and 1st image solved it.
ResScan created my folders, not me.
Putting the contents of 1 folder into the root of the SD card was all I had to do, I now have my old data back Big Grin


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