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ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)
ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)

I have been using ResScan 5.8 without a problem for some time. The last time I used it for analysis / reporting was about 6 months ago.
I used it again recently and experienced a RW Exception problem and once the error message came up, the only way out is to click the OK button then ResScan will close. 

The error occurs after the data from the SD card have been downloaded and visible on the screen. 

The exact error message was
" ResScan has caused an Exception and has failed to handle the Exception properly. 
An event has been logged in the Windows Event Viewer (RW Exception) that has the details of the exception".  
Click on OK to Quit ResScan.

In the Event Viewer, an error record contains the following:
Owner: ResScan Shell Environment
Exception Message: Invalid floating point operation
Base Address 039B0000
Exception Address 03ADAF27
Exception Offset 0012aF27

I have then installed version 5.8, 5.9 and 6.0, and a version 6 on a CD from Resmed on my other computers (windows 7, windows 10) but the same RW Exception problem occurred. 
Have anyone experienced this RW Exception problem and found a solution ?  
Thank your for your assistance in advance.
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RE: ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)
Hi, Thanks for those who spent time / thoughts on my question.  I have now resolved the problem. 

I thought about it over and over in these few days as to why the problem persisted on version 5.8, 5.9 and 6.0 and on all my three PCs/laptop regardless of Windows OS version used. 
Initially I thought that could be due to some recent upgrade of system files, drivers etc, but I can confirm that was not the case as I installed 5.8 on a Windows XP laptop which I have not touched for some years and the problem still persisted. 

I then suspected that the cause could be the recent data I downloaded from the SD card as this is the only common thing on all installations.  I copied some old data on to a SD and downloaded it to a version 6.0 on Windows 10 and the problem is gone. 

So the issue was related to the data (corrupted ??) and nothing to do with the ResScan software version, nor the Windows OS.
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RE: ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)
Well, joseho, that makes me sad.   Your analytical skills are commendable and inspirational, and it's great that you resolved the problem.  However, I've become a SleepyHead bigot and regard ResScan as just one large step above MyAir, rather than an entire dimension higher.  Nevertheless, I'm very happy for your success and hopeful that ResScan will provide all the help you need in managing your therapy! Okay
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RE: ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)
In defense of joseho, If you need a report, sleepyhead isn't considered a certified program by some.
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RE: ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)
I had that problem recently - not just once but persistently. I found Sleepyhead was accepting and reading the data without complaint, but ResScan kept crashing. (When it crashed, it is best to select the option to resume the past session when next opening ResScan - sometimes it will be able to complete the scan, though not always; if you opt to ditch the last session and start again from scratch you will get the crash again).

As you found, there seems to be a corruption of the data - a particular day might be corrupted, and the next day might be OK (you might have to delete the daily data files for the old (corrupted) data first, before it will read the new data without crashing).

But more importantly, the SD card seems to be damaged. Replacing with a new card seems to solve the problem.

Unfortunately ResMed seems to have a really crappy management of the writing to SD, and I think it is wearing out the SD card by writing to exactly the same places on the card day after day (I download every day and then delete the data on the card). Every time the machine is switched on it does unnecessary disk writes, which presumably add to the wear. I don't think ResMed uses standard techniques for accessing the SD card, probably they are using raw writes. (I wonder whether Jedi Mark has noticed any corrupted data that he automatically corrects, as SleepyHead can read the same data without stating any error?)

Once an SD card has become so worn that it keeps generating errors like the above, it might be possible to continue using the card by putting some other data in the area that is worn (to block that area from use) and then new files will automatically be written to a new physical area on the card (I haven't tried it yet). After backing up the data on the card, delete everything on the card. Then copy any other file larger than the normal size of the saved data (if you are downloading every day, probably a single 5MB file is enough). Then plug it into the machine and see if it works.

It might also be possible to use a software program to check the SD card and mark any faulty sectors as faulty, and it might then work - try looking at the SD foundation website (I think http://www.sd.org or something) I think they had a program.
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RE: ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)
Just curious. Why would you bother to delete the sd card data every day? I download the data monthly, but never delete it. Not sure what happens when the card fills up as I'm not that old yet. :-)
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RE: ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)
I have had the full SD card problem, so for what it's worth, here goes.  When the SD card fills up, it somehow becomes corrupted, and won't download.  The first few times this happened it was mind-numbingly frustrating.  What I finally figured out is this:  the biggest SD card (standard, not HD or UHD; only std works in ResMed machines) is 2GB.  I have 2 of these that I alternate year to year.  I'm a truck driver and have to print a 365 day compliance report each time, and a 2gig card will hold a year's worth of data or more.  Take the spare card, format it in your computer, and install it it your CPAP (save the old card just in case.)  The CPAP will ask you if you want to write over the (formatted) "data."  Say "yes."  The machine will write all of its data onto the card, and then it downloads OK into ResScan.  Once you know the new card is working, reinstall it in the machine, format the old one, and save it for next year.  By the way, make sure you lock the SD card before you download so you can't accidentally write to it, and unlock it before you reinstall it it the machine.
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RE: ResScan software: RW -- Exception (ver 5.8, 5.9 & 6.0)
For future reference, the problems and limitations on the SD card only apply to the S* and S9 series machines. All AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 machines accept SDHC cards up to 32 GB. They do not deleete old data weekly or monthly. I am currently using a 8GB card, and it contains all data from October 2016 to the present.

cm57 - your S9 Elite is almost certainly more than 5 years old (my AS10 was made late in 2014) and may be eligible for replacement. Try for an AirSense 10 Autoset or Autoset for Her - they are much improved in many ways.
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