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ResScan vs. SleepyHead - pros & cons?
RE: ResScan vs. SleepyHead - pros & cons?
I'm currently evaluating both and as someone already mentioned, SleepyHead shows graphs for some things that ResScan doesn't:

Respiratory Rate
Tidal Volume
Inspiratory Time
Expiratory Time

According to the ResScan manual some of these extra graphs may be shown depending on the therapy device used but it doesn't list which devices those are. I am using an S9 AutoSet and am not seeing those graphs in ResScan. Although they're not important, I feel that SleepyHead provides more value at the cost of added complexity. I think a new user would probably be less intimidated by the ResScan display. Having said that, ResScan is a little more involved to set up initially.

One argument I can think of for having those extra graphs is maybe they can help to determine if there are Cheyne-Stokes respiration patterns. The flow graph is probably all you truly need for that, but being able to correlate the respiratory inhale/exhale times and volume of air in your lungs might be helpful. Maybe folks with certain conditions would appreciate the extra data.

One neat thing about ResScan is that you can get a summary with averages for any custom date range just by selecting the date range in the left column (mouse click & drag). SleepyHead offers averages for pre-defined buckets of "Last 7 Days," "Last 30 Days," "Last 6 Months," and "Last Year." Truth be told that's probably what most people will be interested in anyway.

SleepyHead is faster to load and access data. Hands down.

SleepyHead has a nice overview page with trend graphs that let you get a birds eye view of your detailed data over time.

I like that ResScan allows you to change your machine's settings right from the software. If you know how to change them directly on the machine though, the feature doesn't really add any value. Some people might find it helpful.

I think right now I'm leaning toward SleepyHead for my purposes, but I am reserved about committing 100% to either package because I still don't know which one provides the most accurate data analysis. They display slightly different numbers. Is it enough to be significant? I don't think so, but I don't know just how much delta there is. For all I know they both have equal amounts of error.

Below are screenshots from both ResScan (top) and SleepyHead (bottom) which show my summary data from the last 7 days. This highlights the numerical differences each of the software packages reports with SleepyHead giving slightly higher numbers.

[Image: Res_Scan.png]

[Image: Sleepy_Head.png]

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RE: ResScan vs. SleepyHead - pros & cons?
(07-08-2013, 12:09 AM)Paptillian Wrote: According to the ResScan manual some of these extra graphs may be shown depending on the therapy device used but it doesn't list which devices those are. I am using an S9 AutoSet and am not seeing those graphs in ResScan.
Detailed data only available on S9 AutoSet and S9 Elite

Make sure when downloading to select "All available data" (can be set as "default" so always stay that way) as shown here
[Image: attachment.php?aid=60]

RE: ResScan vs. SleepyHead - pros & cons?

I do have the AutoSet, and I am choosing "All available data."

Are you seeing the following graphs in your ResScan?

Respiratory Rate
Tidal Volume
Inspiratory Time
Expiratory Time

Here's the proof that they don't even exist as options:

[Image: Res_Scan_graph_options.png]

Also, I don't see anything under the "Device Logs" tab in ResScan.
RE: ResScan vs. SleepyHead - pros & cons?
Not sure if I'd try this method, but on our old forum, someone posted about how to force ResScan to display tidal volume and/or respiration data... below is some extracted info from that old thread.

Of course, this was an older version of ResScan, so I'm not sure how it might work on newer versions, or it might mess up other settings... so beware of trying this method. It's very possible that there's a good reason as to why ResMed didn't include these data points... perhaps it's not accurate or for other reasons.

I never got up enough courage to try it myself, as I didn't want to bork my ResScan install.



Steven Wrote:Do any of you who are already using the ResScan Software (now Version 3.13) use the workaround that is supposedly available where you can also use the software to track your Respiration Rate & Tidal Volume on the S9 AutoSet?

Without doing those tweaks to the ResScan software, one is supposedly not able to get that information out of an S9 AutoSet.

Since ResMed seems to have kept the S9 from accumulating this information as the default, is it intended to be available to only certain machines?

Does ResMed think that the S9 AutoSet is not capable of accurately providing that information?

I am all for getting all of the information out of a machine that is possible, but I wonder if this is taking it too far - especially if the information provided may not be accurate?

SuperSleeper Wrote:... would you mind posting the details of this "workaround" to tweak ResScan? I'd like to mess around with it when I get a chance.

Steven Wrote:Super Sleeper: Here are the best explained directions I found to do this.
These are NOT my directions but were merely copied from someone else who offered them.

Here are the steps I took for my S9 Autoset, in case anyone wants to do this to see respiratory rate and/or tidal volume:

•Make a backup copy of C:\Program Files\Resmed\ResScan3\ResScan.xml (Windows XP)first, so that you can get back if any errors are made
•Make another backup copy of C:\Program Files\Resmed\ResScan3\ResScan.xml if you're prone to mistakes or are paranoid
•Open C:\Program Files\Resmed\ResScan3\ResScan.xml, using either NotePad or FirstObject XML Editor like (deleted) suggested above
•Search for "S?474"
•If it exists inside a <FG_DISABLE_LIST>...</FG_DISABLE_LIST> block, delete the entire block
•repeat the above 2 steps until you've gone through the entire file (for the S9, there are 2 blocks to remove - one for respiratory rate and one for tidal volume)
•Search for "S9_AUTOSET", ignoring "S9_AUTOSET_CS"
•If it exists inside a <PNA_EXCLUDE>...</PNA_EXCLUDE> block, delete the entire block
•repeat the above 2 steps until you've gone through the entire file (for the S9, there are 8 eight blocks to remove)
•Save the file
•Open ResScan 3.13 and go to your patient file
•Under Review, go to Detailed Graphs
•To the right of Serial No., click the the "Show/Hide Graph Information Panel" button
•Under the Navigation and/or Detailed tabs (whichever you desire), check the boxes for Respiratory Rate and Tidal Volume (may need to be logged in as a Windows admin user for any changes to take effect)

For ResScan 3.12, the steps for the <PNA_EXCLUDE>...</PNA_EXCLUDE> blocks can be ignored, as there are none for the S9 Autoset.

For other machines, you will need to determine the correct search strings to replace in the above steps. For the first string, "S?474" in the case of the S9 Autoset, is the first 5 chacters of the software version ID, with the second character replaced by a ? (wildcard in computer terms). For the second search string, search for "<PNA_EXCLUDE>" and see if you can spot something that makes sense for your machine

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RE: ResScan vs. SleepyHead - pros & cons?
Use both. SleepyHead is generally better, but it still has some bugs and quirks.

Whichever one you use, check with the other one if you see something that doesn't make sense, or looks like a glitch. Even if the program isn't "wrong," just looking at the same data with a different tool may help you figure it out.

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