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Resmed APAP Pressure
Hi, I've been lurking on the Apnea Board for a few years and I've got tons of valuable information but now I'm needing a bit of help I can't seem to find easily.

I've been on CPAP (an F&P Icon) for about 7 years. It's worked ok but it's starting to get old and noisy. Over the years I've been winding down the pressure because my chest hurts in the morning and also because I enjoy running and cycling and I think CPAP takes away some performance...kind of anti-altitude training. I was set by the clinic at 11.5 and I've taken it down to 10 but at 10 I'm losing sleep. Just FYI without the machine the sleep test indicated I was around 35 per hour (obstructive) but some events can be minutes long but from what I read on this board lots of you are much worse.

I want to buy another machine and my goals are to get the pressure low most of the time and reducing the noise and obviously APAP is the answer. I'm trialing a Resmed Autosense 10 but I'm having a few issues and was hoping someone could tell me how to get around the issues or suggest another machine.

The biggest issue its application of pressure. I don't think have apnoea very badly but it has had to be wound up to 6-20 to keep it under control. It's reaching 18.5 - 19 at times and then only drops back to 13. AHI at this setup is 4.6. It doesn't seem to return to 6 like I want it to. I lay awake this morning for over half an hour breathing properly and the pressure never dropped below 13. Also looking at the data in Sleepyhead it tells me I'm having obstructions over 90 seconds or more which I thought this was supposed to control.How accurate is the Resmed machine because I don't really believe it's results?  I could almost live with the high pressures but why doesn't it drop again? The other issue is that this machine is lots noisier than the old one but this might be because it's working harder?

I know Resmed is kind of the top of the line but is there another brand of APAP that drops the pressure back down after an event? Are there quieter units?

Thanks for your help.
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Really need to see graphs from sleepyhead.

Just a "stab in the dark", you probably do need the higher pressure.
That 35/hour sleep test was how long ago? Was it 7 years ago?

Once an obstructive apnea starts, it's there until you arise from your state of sleep enough to open the blockage, the machine is intended to reduce the frequency of apnea; but can do little about duration. The machines are accurate at detecting apnea and its duration. Now, classifying an apnea as a CA or an OA can be tricky.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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Hi there Roger and congratulations to you for finding this forum and taking the effort to ask your questions. You are much farther along already than others that struggle with their CPAP treatment without taking the efforts you already have. Don't worry, you'll get the help you need here to make your machine both effective and comfortable for you.

Please do some more posts, even if you have to say just "post #2", "post #3" and "post #4" to get up to 4 posts so that you can start posting attachments. Then look at my signature lines. You will find all the info you need there on how to download the Sleepyhead software that will help us analyze your machine's data for you. Also read the bit on how to organize your data and then how to post your images using IMGUR.

Your machine should have an SD data card inserted in it. If not, you will need to purchase one or use a freshly formatted card to put in there for the machine to record your nightly data on. If there is no SD card in there then data is not being recorded and we have no data to work from. Without data, it would be like searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack to try to figure out the right settings for you.

Good luck and keep us posted on your results. You will definitely get some help here, you'll just have to help us help you, first!
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Thanks for the reply. Yes that test was 7 years ago. I desperately want this whole apnea thing gone, and I like to think it's not too bad because I'm reasonably fit and trim but ...just like everyone else, it's here to stay I guess. I haven't had another test since then and I just grabbed this machine from a local reseller for a months trial.

The graphs show the pressure staying up as well. I was kind of thinking the Resmed trial machine might be faulty. I read somewhere on this forum something about the Resmed machine being slow to respond but I can't seem to find the post now.
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If your flow limit shows much frequency, it may be raising the pressure.  I had this problem and it would make the Resmed always go to the highest setting allowed.  By chance I tried setting the EPR to 3 and that brought my flow limit way down, as well as my pressure. It may not work for you but at least you will know what doesn't work.
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"It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. -- Sherlock Holmes, a Scandal in Bohemia

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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You are correct Mongo but BogerNZ has the data but not the posts. I was injecting something he could look at in the meantime.
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All this can be answered, but we need to see the charts.  Pay attention to the organization. and include both the snore and flow limit charts.

The answer may be to limit the max, even though your resmed wants to go higher.  Won't know until we see the data

Just add a space to the url until you get to 4 posts (http: xxxx.xxx)  You are not selling little blue pills are you?  Wink
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Thanks, I'll try the EPR setting tonight.
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Thanks Bonjour,

I'm at work right now so I'll grab that data tonight.

Blue pills??? Not sure about that reference Smile
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