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Resmed AirFit F10
I just turned mine in for a replacement (that itself isn't working but that's another sordid story).

I was OK with mine--not great for strapping on early and watching tv as has been suggested to me, blocks your eyes a bit--but it feels ok for me and air flow is not an issue. It's diffuse and blows away from you no matter what position you are in.

My problem has been leaks. It doesn't leak until I relax completely. This took me awhile to figure out, but when I relax my jaw drops and suddenly what fit fine when I first lay down doesn't anymore. Even the fit test with the machine says it's leaking. Leaks around both sides of my lower mouth or up on my upper cheeks. Only way to avoid that seems to be to strap the thing on so tight it is not comfortable. Could well just be a liner or whatever they call the soft plastic piece issue, but to figure that out with the DME provider is more trouble than its worth.
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I actually (surprisingly) really like the F10. I like the idea of a dual wall Spring Air silicone cushion, but I'm not fond of the feeling of the silicone "sticking" to my face, so I was having some difficulty with the mask when I first got it. I also found that as the muscles in my face relaxed in sleep, the mask became too loose, so it would flap loudly or make a buzzing sound, like when you blow on a blade of grass held tightly between your hands. This would wake me up, and I would have to tighten the mask.
I read in different forums about how liners can fix these issues, so I made some myself, from t-shirts, some leftover flannel from a nightgown pattern and some from socks that I cut up. I have found that this made all the difference in the world for me - the silicone isn't sticking to my skin, and I'm not waking up to flapping air cushions because the cloth absorbs any moisture that may have collected between the skin and the mask. I also find the mask much more comfortable to wear with a liner on it. My Dreamstation is showing no large leaks, and my AHI averages between 2.5 - 3.5.
[Image: tz8toniko.gif]
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I tend to mix it up a fair bit and have been playing with my old Quattro Air the last bit....well, that one's getting too long in the tooth, so I'll be giving the F10 a shot (same cushion/seal). We'll see how it does for me . Only bad thing is I don't think I can use my alternate headgear on it with the way the top straps are run (I have what looks like a head net like what you see on a Scott Airpak as it spreads out the force more and seems to stay in one place a bit better for me).

I'll let you know how it goes.
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Ok...it's been a good amount of time and I can give a good review of the F10 now.

Overall rating: 4

It has the same springwall dual cushion as the QuattroAir. Great if it works for you, but it can be a pain if it doesn't. Liners can help if you have a leak issue. I personally do well with this full face mask seal....it even handles my "U" mustache fairly well.

On the plus side, you don't have the forehead bridge like the QuattroAir. One less thing in your line of vision if you like to watch a little TV or read a bit before bed. Sure, the run to the forehead bridge wasn't bad on the QuattroAir, but this gets rid of it entirely.

The top straps on the F10 do a decent job of holding the mask in place....but have noticed that it can slide around a bit (more up and down with my generous nose). I find that daily cleaning of the seal helps it "stay put" a bit better. My niggle with the headgear is where the top straps lay on my particular face. I have fairly prominent cheekbones and...yup, right there. I end up seeing a lot of the top strap "corners" and it can be disconcerting to have them that close to my eyes.

Overall, not a bad mask at all....I'd love to tweak the headgear a bit, but my eyes are closed when I'm using it most of the time, so...for the niggle, I took off one star, but it seems to generally be a really good mask (for me) otherwise.

YMMV, but if you're hunting for a ffm and want something fairly light and without the forehead bridge, this one should be on the list to try.

Cheers Smile
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(08-02-2014, 05:09 PM)DNB128 Wrote: I cannot find the stars for the rating, but I give it 5 stars. This FF is an upgrade of the Quattro Air, which uses the same cushion. I like this because it doesn't have the forehead arm of the Air. Because it doesn't have that arm, it also doesn't have a headgear strap to go around the forehead, which to me is an improvement. I feel so free without that piece of headgear.

The nosebridge plastic has been built up and is much thicker than on the Air, and two semi-hard plastic "arms" go from the upper part of the frame on each side and under the cheekbone to where the straps attach just in front of your ear. I had hoped I would be able to wear my glasses for reading or watching TV, but no such luck. The bridge piece is really too thick to accommodate glasses easily. I have sometimes had to stick my glasses up there to set my alarm, and it is doable, but awkward.

The drawback for me is the little "sleeves" that came with it for padding on the side arms. They fit so precisely that it is hard to get them on and take them off. Washing them occasionally is out of the question unless you have two sets as they don't dry by bedtime. It doesn't look like they are sold separately from the mask/headgear package. It doesn't bother me to sleep without those pads, but I'd like some to protect my face from lines.. they are the only mask lines I have that don't go away in a couple of hours.

I like the F10 much better than the Quattro Air, but keep the Air as a backup mask.

I agree.

I don't use the sleeves, though, and find them unnecessary. I've never encountered any discomfort from not using them. Why not try it without them?

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