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Resmed AirSense 10 = junk?
Hi, I got a new CPAP machine in October, a Resmed AirSense10. It worked for a while, then at the end of December I began receiving error messages about my tubing, "humidifier error, replace your tubing". It would not use the water in the chamber and just blow cold, dry air down my nose all night. I unplugged the tubing and plugged it back in again and it seemed to work again. But aftet a week it began to give me the error no matter what I tried, off and on. I finally got up to the company I'm using (about 35 minutes away on a good day) and since I have a warranty they swapped out the machine entirely, including throwing in a new power cord. I go to plug it in at home and the port is extremely loose...like you barely touch the cord where it connects to the machine and comes out! Are these machines really this crappy or am I just having bad luck??? I really don't want to have to keep driving 35 minutes away to replace machines, especially since traffic that way is usually horrendous, what with the construction and all. Why can't things just work? Sad Sad
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Wow I can't even get this thing to turn on, because the port and the connection are too loose to connect. Resmed sucks. My fisher & paykel worked for five years!
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If your supplier carries the Respironics PR System One Auto 60 series, go get it. Otherwise, you need them to swap again. If you could start the Resmed machine long enough, it would be interesting to see the machine hours to determine if you got swapped into a used machine. Sure sounds like you did.
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There have been a number of people here who have had AirSense 10 machines. There haven't been a lot of reports of reliability problems. ResMed machines have been reliable in general.
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Wow - this doesn't make me feel very good. I am newly diagnosed and new to these boards. I picked up the machine yesterday and it was this exact machine. I was wondering too - if I got a brand new machine or a used one - is there anyway to tell?
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(01-14-2015, 02:03 AM)Sweet72947 Wrote: Wow I can't even get this thing to turn on, because the port and the connection are too loose to connect. Resmed sucks. My fisher & paykel worked for five years!

They can come to you to bring a machine. They have to make deliveries of O2, etc. and can put you on the list for that and it needs to be made priority since you need your machine. Don't give on that one. They deliver machines and set them up for clients all the time (I don't know about your DME specifically but it is a normal service offered, especially for those that are house bound). Since this is not your fault, they need to accommodate you and not 2 weeks from now.

Just my suggestion
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(01-14-2015, 01:53 AM)Sweet72947 Wrote: I began receiving error messages about my tubing, "humidifier error, replace your tubing".

I got my Airsense 10 in mid Dec. and got the same tubing message about a week ago. I called my DME supplier and got a puzzled doknow response. I did the same unplug-replug thing and killed the message. Machine has worked fine; but the message has returned a couple times since and been banished by the same procedure. I have a follow up in a couple weeks and that will be at the top of my list of discussion topics.
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"they swapped out the machine entirely, including throwing in a new power cord."

Since the power cord COMES with the machine, why was it necessary to "throw" in a new one? I'm wondering if they traded your fishy A10 with a red herring.

Call them up, and ask for a new in the box sealed at the factory sort of replacement instead of a machine that they had to find a cord to go with.
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I think I might have gotten a used machine. If I look in the "about" option under My Options it says run hrs 49, which shouldn't be if it's a new machine, right? I got my power cord today and that's fine, but I tried to turn it on, and it starts ramping up, stops at 4.0 and shuts off. It was blinking a little snowflake symbol and I discovered that my tubing has droplets of water in it. I cleaned that all out, and i hit run warmup, and the snoflake symbol changed to the wavy line symbol, hopefully I can make this work
I want to sleep! I miss my SleepStyle200 Sad
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It stopped shutting off, but it only ramps up to 4.0 and just sits there. I went into the clinical settings and while I'm able to adjust the pressure if I want, some options are still shaded out, such as the ramp time and start pressure. The start pressure is set to 4.0. Before I swapped the machine, it ramped all the way up to 8. Why would this one be set to start at 4, and why in the clinical settings menu would some options still be shaded out? I don't get it?
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