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Resmed Aircurve 10 ASV
Okay so I noticed my lack of including info has sparked my providing additional information regarding ASV support.  I have a resmed aircurve 10 ASV and having a little difficulty getting use to it.  Its only been two weeks so I know I need time to get use to it.  It seems like when I stop bfreathing for even a very very short time the machine kicks in and its annoying and uncomfortable.  Is there something that I should be aware of that I am not.  I previously tried CPAP for 8 months, and VPAP for 9 months but was put on this machine as a result of centrals.  I beleive its too premature to look at the numbers at this point and really just reaching out to get general info on the use of ASV.

My current settings are as follows:
min ps=0
max ps=19
ramp- 15

I use pillows
Essentials set as Plus
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It's never too early to look at numbers. Smile You know the drill...post your Sleepyhead data. See the links in my signature for info on how to do it and very importantly how to arrange your data. I'm not knowledgeable on ASV machines but there are plenty here who are. I do know that they will need your Sleepyhead data to make a call on what to change or adjust so that it's better for you. Without the numbers, they would just be guessing at solutions.
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I have the same machine an it's something you have to get use to. Basically when it does that it's telling you the machine is doing its job.

I have had better luck with the machine set in the ASV AUTO mode than the straight ASV mode as your settings indicate your using.

Some of the more experienced members will chime in an can provide more insight. Get some sleepyhead data together an posted. The group here will get you lined out in short order. They did for me an gave me the confidence to adjust my own settings , an after a couple of terrible nights. I've had two and a half months of good therapy.
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G'day ckingzzzs.

I concur with Marillion that it's never too early to see the numbers. In the meantime, I'll address part of your concern as best I can.

The Resmed ASV machines use an algorithm called PaceWave. It basically monitors your minute volume (Vm) and adjusts the pressure support on a breath-by-breath basis to maintain the Vm near the average over the past few minutes. If you zoom in on your airflow and mask pressure graphs, you'll see how the mask pressure goes up and down in response to flow, to try and keep things going smoothly. If the machine detects an apnea (ie a cessation in breathing) it will go to its fallback position of giving you a regular pressure kick to get you breathing again. The rate at which these kicks occur is related to your recent breathing history.

There used to be a really good explanation of the algorithm on Resmed's old site. Unfortunately in its recent dumbing down exercise this has been lost. You can get a superficial view of it from this brochure: http://www.resmed.com/au/dam/documents/p...nz_eng.pdf

When you're transitioning from wakefulness to sleep, two things are happening: 1) your breathing becomes quite erratic, with occasional long pauses; 2) the machine hasn't yet had time to build up a pattern of your breathing and Vm. So the machine responds as best it can, assuming you're asleep but working with incomplete data. If you have a period with shallow (or no) breathing, it will interpret that as a reduction in Vm and raise pressure to compensate.

So that's why you're feeling these disturbing pressure pulses. To overcome them, I found it best to settle down and breathe slowly and steadily until I drop off. If the machine does give me a strong pulse, I just blow back hard - it will get the message and back off. I used to have terrible insomnia (secondary to fibromyalgia) but I find that adopting the slow steady breathing which is necessary I fall asleep in no time. (Most nights, anyhow).

Hope this helps
Apnea Board Moderator


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I have been using this same machine for about 6 months.  I was expecting a long "getting used to period", but it never happened. I really cannot tell much "use" difference between this ASV machine and my prior AirCurve 10 VAuto. The real difference is in the number of events.  Whereas, with the VAuto I was averaging about 24 per hour, I am now averaging under 3 per hour with the ASV.   I do not use a ramp time.  Also, think it is better to use the ASVAuto setting.
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(05-12-2017, 05:28 PM)ckingzzzs Wrote: My current settings are as follows:
min ps=0
max ps=19

While you are getting used to the ASV, I strongly suggest reducing Max PS to 10. 

Actually, unless you have COPD or other unusual lung condition, usually Max PS of 10 is high enough to do for you all the work of breathing during a central event. 

And it might help to increase Min PS to 1 or higher. 

I have learned to time my swallowing to do it quickly right after exhaling, so as to not excite the ASV algorithm too much. 

Take care,
--- Vaughn
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A another ResMed AirCurve 10 ASV owner, I also say try the ASV Auto mode with no ramp. It works far better for me set that way. And since I do have COPD that's in part why my settings are where they are. See my profile sidebar.

And I agree with DeepBreathing on Blow Back. If my machine gets ahead of my breathing rate, I literally blow back into my FFM. The ASV will back off for a bit to let me get to sleep.

Hope all's going well,
Dave B

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