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Resmed Airsense 11 SD Card questions.
Resmed Airsense 11 SD Card questions.
I have a couple of questions regarding my Air Sense 11 SD Card usage. 

1. Does using an SD card disable the Air Sense 11 auto reporting via cell calls or does it also report and write to the SD card?  I like to have the My Air app available for quick reference ?

2. When I plug in my SD Card the machine starts to run immediately with no mask inputs. I normally have auto start enabled and as soon as the card is pushed in it starts running with a display on the screen of 4.0. Is this normal?

3. is there a way to have auto start on with the SD card installed? 

4. Is there a way to capture all the current history in the machine or is it start to use the card and start new datasets?

I just purchased this card from A Cpap Shop and it specifically says for Air Sense 11 on the card. 

The card is formatted Fat32 and the two folders  Datalog and Settings folders are present.

This machine initially came without a SD card installed.

Thanks for any information in advance
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 SD Card questions.
1. The SD card recording is completely independent of the cellular connection used for MyAir. The cellular connection continues whether an SD card is present or not.

2. I don't think that's normal -- it certainly isn't on the AirSense 10. How long does it keep running? Maybe the machine is just going through some initialization process?

3. Yes, there should be no connection between AutoStart and the presence or absence of the SD card. (Again, based on my experience with the AirSense 10 machines but I have not seen any report suggesting the 11 is any different).

4. When you place a new SD card in the machine, it should record the daily summary data from the past but the detailed data needed by OSCAR is recorded in real time -- when the card is in the machine and the machine is running.

Any generic SD card should work fine.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 SD Card questions.
A few thoughts on SD cards and Air Sense 11....

I have been using the Air Sense 11 Autoset for about 6 months now. As it was provided to me, there was no SD card included. All that was available for information was the VERY limited info via My Air app. I found that the SD card from my old S9 worked just fine. Once installed the SD card captured all data to date in the unit ( that was about a week at the time). I have no issues with the S11 auto starting when I install the SD card and I regularly use the auto start feature, so there may be something wrong there. I have also used the S11 with no SD card installed - no problems. Hope that helps.

So far the S11 has been a very nice system once you get an SD card installed so you have access to the data.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 SD Card questions.
I checked format on the card and it looked fine. I pulled the plug on the machine and plugged it back in. Unit accepted card and gave me message it was ready to go. Machine worked normally all night.

I pulled card this morning and it read fine with Oscar. I went to put card back in machine and it gave me card read error. I tried it several times with no luck. I had other things to take care of so I came back about 3 hours later and plugged card in no problem.  I am going to let it capture a couple more nights of data.  Oh I checked my air app and all is well according to the app and it has last night's data so if the card gives me any more grief, I think a reformat will be the next step so far so good.  Thanks for the quick replies I appreciate it..
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 SD Card questions.
This sounds like a failing SD card -- you should just buy a new card and not fool around.

(My husband is a physics professor who uses SD cards in his detectors that he uses in his research. So he has a LOT of experience with them. You need to think of them as cheap disposable things! Oh, and yes my current SD card in my machine is literally one I picked up off the floor of his incredibly cluttered absent-minded-professor office LOL)

I have an Air11 and the card works exactly as the Air10 and vauto10 work.

I did have something happen last week where I had a night where no data was written on the card at all -- not even the empty directory that should have been written at noon. When I put the card back in the machine the front panel didn't light up. I popped the card out and pushed it back in, and this time it DID light up and then I took it over to my computer and the timestamps were such that it was obvious that the write happened on the second insertion.

I take that to mean that I need to really pay attention to make sure that the card mounts when it is inserted. An SD card being a little flakey is not a surprise.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 SD Card questions.
I have read several reports where the user had to power down the AS11 prior to inserting the SD card for it to be recognized. I'm wondering if there is an initializing problem that is negated by rebooting.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 SD Card questions.
+1 I always have to power off (unplug) to insert my SD card.
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