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Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Today I got a Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine. It has a SD card port. I have to buy a SD card. 

I did not start to use it yet, I am trying to familiarize myself with the machine. I have some questions below. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

What is the type of SD card and maximum size of SD card storage usable? Manual does not have any info. only says machine supposedly holds almost a years data but I guess the data that machine saves is summary data.

WIFi signal indicator shows WIFI strenght but should  I not have to somehow set connection to my home network? If so how it is done?

Also how Bluetooth to cellphone works? Its resolution specification  is very good but is data stored into cellphone memory?

I already have downloaded OSCAR, once I have an SD card, I will try it to see.

Thank you.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Hi Tekno

Check out this link and request a clinician manual for your AS11.

SD card... any standard SD card works. Up to 32.

What you're seeing as wifi signal is likely cellular network signal. Many use the cell network to send data to your DME/doctor/insurance.  They want to know you're using it. Nothing for you to set-up on that.

Do you have the ResMed MyAir app?
It's significantly less helpful than OSCAR but gives you a snapshot of your treatment and shows you what your doctor receives. 
I think the machine communicates to the app through cell network.

My AS11 also has Bluetooth available but I haven't had to connect it with anything.

 Check all the settings even the clock (time is tough to change after you start storing data in the machine)
Are you self-guiding your treatment or working with a doctor?
If working with a doctor you may want to start with the settings they recommend, pay attention to how you feel, and post OSCAR charts and ask for help here as needed.

Browse the forum wiki for loads of helpful information.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Thank you Brazen.

I had internet issue so this late reply.
I got clinical manual from forum and go through it but there was not any info on SD card size. I also got OSCAR but I have not able to get data for it. I do not have Resmed Air app, I have problem with my cellphone hopefully I will get it when phone is fixed. Yes I confirm machine communicates through cellular network like cellphones does and no setup is needed.
I think OSCAR does not have Bluetooth interface, I was thinking leaving my laptop on and collect data through Bluetooth ready to see in the morning. Looks like using OSCAR I need to transfer data with SD card.
I am self guiding.
Yes this forum have plenty of excellent info. Thank you all.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
A trick that I use for the card is to use a micro-SD with an adaptor. I use a 32 because smaller are getting really hard to find, and bigger are hard to read on my Mac. My husband uses microSDs in the detectors that he builds, and so most of my cards have been ones that I picked up off his office floor, although my latest card came from the Walmart and was ~$10.

I like to keep a copy of the disk on my computer and then Oscar loads from the copy rather than reading the disk directly. Since I have a unix command line I use rsync to copy the files, and then my TimeMachine backup backs up the card image. Here's my rsync command:

rsync -av /Volumes/NO\ NAME/ /Users/cathy/Dropbox/Medical/Sleep/SleepData/air11card/

I hate that if I have the disk be writable when I stick it into my mac the computer vomits crap all over the card. The S9 would balk at the card if any foreign program wrote to it, but the A10 and later machines don't care. Even though it's harmless I find it annoying. The problem with write-protecting the disk when it goes in the computer and then sliding the tab over when I put it back in the cpap is that sometimes I forget. So sometimes I forget to write protect and the computer spews crap, and other times I forget to make it writable and then the machine doesn't record. My trick is that I use one microSD and two adapters, and the adapter that I use in my cpap is permanently writeable and the one that goes to my computer is permanently protected, and I just move the microSD from one to the other. What's also convenient is that the empty adaptor on the top of the machine makes it much more visible that I'm about to go to sleep with no card in.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Tekno - OSCAR doesn't use Bluetooth. You have to have the SD card in your machine while you're using the machine and move that card to your laptop to import data into OSCAR. 

Cathyf's process is significantly more complicated than what works for me.  Perhaps because she uses a Mac laptop?

I have a Resmed AS11 cpap machine and a 128gb SD card.
I never have to switch the SD card from unlocked/locked.

I just insert it into my old Asus laptop, open OSCAR, and click yes through the prompts.

Take it out of the laptop when I'm done and put it back in my AS11. (I put in back in right away so I don't forget)

I've read many people here insist on a 32gb or smaller SD card but my big one works fine.

Get an SD card and then you should be able to import the data into OSCAR, read the wikis about sharing charts with screenshots, post those here and the experts should be able to help guide your treatment. 

Feeling better is worth all the hassle.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Brazen I know you can use a larger SD card that is formatted as FAT-32 and then only 32GB would be available. At least in the older AS10s a large format meaning gt 32GB would fail because the driver in the AS10 would not accept it because it was formatted such that it couldn't recognize it.

So what format is your 128GB card in?
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Gideon - no idea.
It's a new SanDisk 128gb. I took it out of the package and put it in my AS 11 and my laptop. (bought it before I read that it was supposed to be 32 or smaller)
I haven't formatted or purposefully changed it at all, I wouldn't know how.
The data seems to get from my machine into OSCAR and is readable, that's all I know.

Where would I find the format info?
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Whatever you do don't format it, you would loose all the detailed data on the card.

When I get on my PC I'll tell you.
I've posted the info on the OSCAR forums.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
Thank you all for your advices, thoughts.

I bought 128GB Sandisk SDXC and used last night without doing any formatting or anything else. Right out of package, I inserted SDXC into CPAP machine and it works with Airsense 11 Auto machine and I got a days data to see in OSCAR.
I have checked 128GB Sandisk SDXC's file format and it is FAT32.
FAT 32 supposedly should not format 128GB so I have searched on the internet and found out that, because many instruments/computers/gadgets etc. require FAT32 format, even disk size big for FAT32 it is possible formatting 128GB using special formatting tools (software). 128gb Sandisk SDXC is formatted in FAT32. I have windows 11 laptop and reads the data in without any glitch.
I do not know yet if the Airsense 11 Auto machine will continue to write all the way to 128GB total.
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RE: Resmed Airsense 11 autoset machine SD card and WIFI
My 8 GB SD card has five years of data and is three quarters full. Your 128 GB card should last 20 years if it doesn't die.
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