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Resmed CPAP S6 adjustment increments
Hi. I recently saw the respiratory medicine registrar at the local hospital. He advised increasing my pressure to 16, until a sleep study can determine otherwise. My machine was 'supposedly' adjusted by an assistant. When I put on my mask that evening, the pressure seemed less than usual, not more. I thought I would check the adjustment myself. I have followed the steps to increase the pressure i.e. Start and 20 min buttons together, then adjust up with the 10 minute button or down with the 5 minute button. Given that the start button gives a pressure of 10, what are the increments the 10 minute button will increase the pressure by? Thanking you in anticipation. David
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(05-12-2014, 03:06 AM)alfam Wrote: Given that the start button gives a pressure of 10, what are the increments the 10 minute button will increase the pressure by? Thanking you in anticipation. David
If you,re referring to Ramp, pressure increase gradually from to 10 to 16 in 10 minutes and stay at 16 until you stop the machine
Whenever you turn on the machine, the process repeat itself

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OK. Thanks Zonk. I'm aware that the machine ramps up from the 20, 10 & 5 minute button in normal operating mode. I normally start my machine straight on to maximum pressure, ie. no ramping. I'm really asking about the adjustment of the final pressure and what the increments are in the setting mode. I can set to a base setting of 10 by using the Start button in setting mode, then I can increase the pressure incrementally with each press of the 10 minute button. Conversely, I can decrease the pressure incrementally with each press of the 5 minute button. What I am wanting to know is what these increments are?
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Sorry missed the bit about the S6, S6 is an older model, pressure adjustment is different than newer machine, found this might helps

1- Assemble the flow generator, except for the mask. Insert one end of the tubing into the ResMed CPAP S6 flow generator. The exception to this is if you have a blind Bubble Cushion; then you will connect everything to the port in the mask.

2- Plug the flow generator into a power outlet. Flip the main power switch located at the rear of the flow generator. If you have a ResMed CPAP S6 Lightweight unit, there will not be a main power switch; it should just turn on.

3-Turn on the flow generator, and allow the unit to warm up for fifteen minutes.

4- Pull the plug out of one of the the access ports on the tubing. Set the plug in a secure place. The tubing will be unable to operate properly without the plug.

5- Insert the Leur taper end of the sensor tube into the port. The Leur taper is a standardized system of small-scale fittings used in the medical field for making connections between instruments. The male connector of the Leur taper screws into the female connector.

6- Press the "Stop" button to stop the pressure flow after the unit has been running fifteen minutes. Flip the main power switch to the "Off" position. If you have a ResMed CPAP S6 Lightweight system you will need to completely unplug the CPAP unit.

7- Turn on the main power switch while holding down the "Start" and "20 minute" button. Continue to hold the buttons down until they illuminate. You will hear the motor turn on and the machine will build up to the current pressure setting.

8- Block the opening of the mask; be careful not to block the exhalation vent of the mask. If you are using a blind Bubble Cushion or Mirage mask then you can skip this step.

9- Check the reading on the manometer. This reading will represent the current pressure setting.

10- Press the "5 minute" button to decrease the pressure of the unit. Press the "10 minute" button to increase the units pressure. Press the "Start" button to set the unit to a default pressure of 10 cmH2O.

11- Press the stop button to exit the pressure setting mode.

12- Twist the Leur taper to disconnect the sensor tube from the port.

13- Replace the plug in the port on the tubing.

The directions should be in the clinical manual, scroll down to section three (ResMed manuals) to 'how to ask for the manual via Email'

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Thanks for the research, Zonk. Looks like one of the sites I found whilst searching. Unfortunately, it does not reveal the increments of adjustment. I've fiddled with machine and found a setting that encourages me to breath without forcing me to. I've ordered the manual. I've had the sleep study - I'm just waiting for the follow up appointment. They took me to 20+ that night, so I'll wing it until the manual arrives and let you know how I go. Thanks for all your efforts. Cheers. David Smile
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Hi alfam,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more responses to your posts and best of luck to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Why not just press the button and see? The increments would be the same, of course. It would be 1 or less. Meaning it would go from 15 to 16 to 17, etc. Or it could go from 15 to 15.1 to 15.2, 15.3, etc.

And wow, an S6? Bless its heart.
Apnea Board Moderator

Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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