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Resmed S9 Auto Sleep Report
(11-03-2013, 12:19 AM)MargaretA Wrote: Would love the instructions, I have heard of mask liners so your help would be much appreciated. I'm in a rural area so not a great deal of pollution (hopefully no fires as is so dry here) so will see how it goes with the cleaning. What about the headstraps - do you also wash them twice a week? Thank you.

I bought some Remzzz’s Mask Liners a 6 pack and although they say to only use them once you can wash them and get about 5-6 uses. I then made a template of what I needed from their liners and went to a fabric shop and got 3 ft of 50% cotton / 50% poly fabric and cut out my own and they also last 5-6 uses, the next time I bought 3 ft of 50% cotton / 50% lycra fabric. That last me about 3 months and costs about ten dollars. No need to do any sewing.
You may have to buy a packet over the net and do some adjusting for the Quattro Air as it is a new mask on the market.
I'm going to see my supplier in a bit over a week to have a look at the Quattro Air and decide whether I want to update.

I only do the head straps every couple of weeks or they start to strech, I would only do them as you think you need too.

Just another tip I have for newbies, have your hose coming from above your head not by your side, it pulls the mask up instead of dragging it down and saves you getting tangled. You can buy a product called a Hose Lift or you could make one yourself easily or hang it over your bed head if you have one, I made my own very easily and cheaperly, keep asking questions Margaret Smile

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Such good info here~! Just wanted to say that when I started, I knew nothing, and there wasn't any place to go to ask questions from real people that used a PAP daily. It must have taken me a good year to figure out that the hose over the headboard made life so much better.
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

"Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you. Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your Soul, the other for your Freedom."
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Hi all - have adjusted certain things on the clinical menu. Last night everything went well for the first 2 hours, I was still awake. The air pressure then seemed to become very strong and first I felt air blowing out of the hose connection around my chin. Moved it around a bit then I got a lot of small mask leaks, would arrange mask, then a leak would come from the other side. Finally a leak from the top left by my nose was blowing straight into my eye, making it sting. What would have caused this, could it be the EPR. Anyway, then I gave up and took it off for the night. Any suggestions please? It's great having all you knowledgeable people on hand to help.
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Margaret, the EPR is for your comfort when you exhale, you may want to try didn't settings with it, the settings are 0,1,2,3 I find 3 the best for me. The leaks would be coming fro the mask not fitting correctly. Full Face Masks do take a long time to get used to and need adjustment. Like I said before I haven't used the Quattro Air yet, with my mask I make very slight adjustments to the straps, tighten or lossen the side where the leak is until you get it right then leave it. You may also need to change masks if all else fails or get a larger or smaller mask, it is going to be difficult for you if you are in country Qld and purchasing equipment over the net. Can you get to a CPAP supplier that maybe able to help you fit the mask properly, there should be one in the nearest large town. The mask is by far the most difficult part of CPAP to master.
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My EPR was set to patient, we did change it to 3 but that wasn't satisfactory. The other EPR? has been changed back to OFF. Those settings were the best for me. I understand about the mask, will just have to keep trying. I bought it from the pharmacy I did the sleep test through, because of having someone local to go to if I had problems (cost twice as much). I didn't purchase the respirator from them, got that online. Anyway will persevere, will be going into town next week so if things haven't improved will take mask in with me.
Anyway, as you will know very well, it's Cup Day and will be turning TV on in 9 minutes. Thanks for your help.
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No worries Maragret, I' live in Melbourne so have to go put my bet on, just on the CPAP, what do you have the ramp setting set at, this will slowly raise the pressure over 30 minutes which may help you get used to the pressure, hope you back a winner.
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Margaret, whats the pressure settings and what the recommended pressure during the titration period with the machine?

If the titration pressure is 10, I would set the machine on 10. The pressure stay constant at 10 all night, if mask fit is good at the start .. should stay good during the night.

On auto mode, the machine adjust the pressure but if you fit the mask at the lowest pressure, as pressure increases would spring a leak and can be difficult to control ... more pressure, more leaks

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MargarateA, I am using the resmed S9 Adapt unit. You have posted you had the humidity to 5.5 and had to change it down to 5.0 due to rainout.

I have my ResMed set at 6.0 for the humidity and haven't had any issues. I started at a humidity level of 3.0, and I woke up with my nose cold. I moved it up and the nose issues were going away until I got it up to the max setting of 6.0. Since I did that, I don't have any issues.

One thing that my DME told me is to have the ResMed unit physically LOWER then the bed. I guess if it's lower, the accumulated rainout moves back into the H5i.

You might want to look at that.

I wish you luck and great sleep.

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