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Resmed S9 ... Set to APAP (or not)?
You can set the Y-axis for the leaks to a range of 0-80 which will give you much better resolution, and you can also set a dotted line that shows the large leak threshold. In spite of the leak, the machine did not lose efficacy, as shown by good resolution in the flow rate wave form. No doubt the disruption were not helpful to feel rested. If the second part of the night is based on using pillows, it looks pretty good for a first try. Did you change the machine setting for mask type?
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I've been using nasal pillows for maybe 7 or 8 years. I'm trying to transition back to a FFM ... thus far I've been "backing my way into" the FFM by having small "practice periods" with the understanding that I'll probably not fall (or stay) asleep with the FFM and will have to transition back to the nasal pillows. (I changed my profile to show the FFM - perhaps prematurely). What's going on is that I'm a mouth breather and I'm trying to address the problem - also in times where I have nasal congestion I need an alternative to the nasal pillows.

Yes, I reset the machine from "FFM" to "nasal pillows" (and "slimline tubing") when I switch.

If you look very closely at the chart, there are 3 segments. The first (very short) segment is my attempt at using the FFM. The second section is where I switched to the nasal pillows, but then I couldn't sleep well, woke up, and removed the facegear. Third section is where I woke up, put the nasal pillows back on, and then slept until 5-something-int-the-morning.

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Chart from last night. I had another late night at work, so I didn't bother with attempting the FFM - just went with the nasal pillows.

[Image: 5FbjPtP.png]
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Mouth breathing continues to be an issue. Wife is going to Spain for 2 weeks chaperoning a student group, so I'll probably get a chance to "practice" with the FFM. Today was a bit crazy at the airport, the group she's shepherding was scheduled to fly on Delta to Atlanta ... what a disaster. Spent the entire day at the airport, she and the other chaperones had to re-book the student group ... it was a complete Charlie Foxtrot. They now leave tomorrow, which is good. Oh ... and ... Delta Airlines sucks.

[Image: 3ZOmKqx.png]
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Figures from last night ... look pretty good. Used the nasal pillows again ... perhaps tonight or tomorrow I'll give the FFM a try again.

[Image: aW9MKVS.png]
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Again, excellent results, and good continuous time. This is what leads to ultimately feeling rested and enjoying the benefits of the therapy.
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Long and painful weekend, which continues into today. Wife is chaperoning a group of 29 students to Spain, they got caught in the Delta Airlines cancellation fiasco. They were able to work with the agency that booked the trip to reorganize the flights, and thus only lost a day (at the price of spending the entire day at the airport). They're enroute now, on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Madrid.

My mother is traveling to a different location today. I picked her up (she lives about 2 hours away) and she had some food to give us ... which we forgot and left in her house. My sister lives near my mother, so she went to the house - and it turns out that the key she *thought* was for my mother's house IS NOT. So today I have to bring my mother to the airport, then this afternoon head to my sister's to give her the key. What a Charlie Foxtrot.

The stuff I had planned for the weekend ... work on the lawn, work on my car ... cancelled. Argh.

It could be worse. Much worse. So all in all, life is good.

On to last night's chart. I'm not happy with the leakage numbers, but after following a few other threads, I guess even last night's numbers are "ok." Am I worrying too much about leakage? Is "zero leakage" a bridge too far?

[Image: 1P2Y264.png]
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Leaks are not perfect, but none are in the large leak category. If you are feeling good otherwise, I would suggest you just enjoy the ride and deal with the other stress you have in your life, because CPAP shouldn't be one of them. You're doing great.
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Thanks for the input. I'll continue to work on leakage, but it's good to know that "some" is OK and "none" (on a regular basis) is probably too aggressive a goal.

Night before last's chart, below. Bad compliance as I woke up and took the pillows off. I felt it too, was noticeably tired.

[Image: zBMFYWv.png]
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