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Resmed S9 repairs? Cleaning? Parts?
RE: Resmed S9 repairs? Cleaning? Parts?
(10-09-2017, 03:36 PM)Walla Walla Wrote: Understood. Champagne tastes with a beer budget. Good luck.

Yes, but... this is a matter of survival vs tastes.  

   When I went in for a sleep test, they stopped it after I finally fell asleep.  The poor girl was shaking and said they would have to hook me up to a CPAP... legally, in order to continue with the test.  said I was waking up or stopping breathing way way too much.  Been so long I forgot... seem like it was over sixty times an hour.    I tried sleeping with out the CPAP on a vacation in an expensive hotel due to the mildew smell, I did not want to stink up the CPAP.   Several times (that I remember) I had woken straight up out of bed and jumping to my feet as though death itself had tried to get me and I was escaping.   Bizzarre.    

I hear some dentists make a special mouth piece that is supposed to eliminate apnea, but it is not cheap either.  It is not that comfortable using a mouth guard...

I wonder if anyone else here has used one?

So, yes... I guess Resmed is the champagne of CPAPs...  and like in politics today... and in Marie Antoinette's day... the rest is cake?

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RE: Resmed S9 repairs? Cleaning? Parts?
In terms of dust, realize that the CPAP can't manufacture dust.  No matter how much dust has built up in the machine, on average, the average amount of dust coming out of the machine can't be more than the average amount of dust coming in in the room air.   A similar argument applies for smells or other gaseous contamination it may have absorbed.

Now, if you've got mold actually growing in the hose or tank, that's a different question.  

As for smell, it should eventually air out on its own.   Also, try running it for a short time before donning the mask.   I will sometimes put on my mask, start the machine, but breathe through my mask until the machine has blown for a few seconds when it's picked up a smell.
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RE: Resmed S9 repairs? Cleaning? Parts?
Yes, the CPAP cannot manufacture dust, but some of it sticks... and gets in the motors fans.. .which gunks it up a little. Ever have a ceiling fan... or just a oscillating fan where the blades get dirty and you have to clean them. Granted not much dust gets in there, thanks to the filters, but some does... as you can see from the pictures. I only wish I had one of the motor. the dust and foam absorb odors. And with the odors, there is obviously particles, bacteria, and even possibly some mold spores. It is hard to tell some dust from mold... or odors from mold/bacteria. All pretty much unpleasant to think of. And as any of these particles come in, many would go out. Which is hopefully why nothing would fester. However, those foam pads do harbor particulates that get caught and stay.

I do run it before I put it on... and for about ten minutes after I wash the mask hose after taking it off in the morning.

It has been two weeks... the smell still comes out of the CPAP and probably will for about two months. Hopefully it will not contaminate my room at home and make it start smelling too. Of course... then I would not notice the smell in the CPAP anymore.
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RE: Resmed S9 repairs? Cleaning? Parts?
Go to your local hardware store and get a TORX wrench. Place the whole unit into a 13x9" pan and remove the screws (the pan helps to prevent the screws from rolling off the table. Take it apart. Take the foam with you to someone who supplies foam for industrial equipment. Try to match to a similar foam. Doesn't have to be exact as it is primarily for vibration. There are actually a fair number of folks who only buy used machines and they don't even care if the user was a smoker. Replace the foam, reasonable clean, and you are good to go. As you suspected, the primary cause of odor from a cpap machine is the foam, but also the machine windings. However, windings smell goes away after a couple of weeks use.
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