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Respirionics System One Auto Flex Pressure Prpblem ??
The reason I was charged is that the System One Auto Flex is up and above what Medicare and my insurance company allows, sort a like brand drugs vs generic.

Very good news to report this morning. Last night I huffed and puffed into the mask and the machine started. The auto on function is working. Secondly and most important the screen showed 13.3 when I got up this morning

In other words the machine is working and all of my worries were in vane.

I do appreciate all of the suggestions and answers to my questions. The forum has been great.

Thanks to everyone.
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It's been my experience that the PRS1 machines are a bit harder to auto-start than the the ResMed S9's.
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They require a few good hard breaths first, and I should imagine it would be even harder in a FFM. With nasal pillows I have to blow pretty hard and breath in pretty hard around three or four times, sometimes even then it won't start (but rarely) and I need to start it by hand after the 5th in breath. This is rare, and for me the habit of how to put it on is now automatic. Usually it is harder to start once you have had it on and taken it off once in the night, for any reason. Also, a wee tip, if you are using the humidifier - pre-heat (press down on the big dial button for about five seconds until a light comes on) - even a minute or two will allow the auto-start to come on easier.

The plus side on the Resmed machines is the auto on/off is very fast and easy, as opposed to the Remstars, where the auto on takes a few good puffs and the auto off waits a good minute after you have taken the mask off before it turns off (the Resmed turn off immediately). Other than that, I don't really see much difference - they have different algorithms for finding out where you should be pressure-wise and for recording incidents, but both are comfortable, quiet and well behaved. I think the Remstar has a better filter system, since it has a two stage system from the get-go, while Resmed you have to get a separate fine-particle filter, but I don't think you should have any "buyer's remorse" over your choice - I have used both machines, have the PRS myself and am rather happy with it. Just give it a few hard breaths while you are putting on your mask and adjusting it and it should do the trick.
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Accepting, requesting, or requiring an upcharge with Medicare is defined as a crime. I am not a lawyer; but, I think you do not owe the upcharge; and could file a grievance with Medicare.
If they agreed to accept one dime from Medicare, then they must not charge more than the 20% copay -- which would be covered by a medigap plan.

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JustMongo passed away in August 2017
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You DME if it accepts medicares plan is NOT allowed to upcharge you from what Medicare pays. By accepting Medicare they enter a contract to accept what medicare pays and medicare has a 20 percent copay of the amount Medicare or any Medicare plan pays. NOT what the DME charges.

That is the law and if your DME upcharged you they broke it. Your Medicare plan would be most interested in knowing this happened and a simple statement your thinking about checking about the upcharge with Medicare will result if a fast refund to you of the illegal upcharge.

Your DME will try to explain it away because they now know you do not know they cannot upcharge you. Until you show them different.

I am on medicare, I have the same machine. Medicare pays the same on that machine or a cpap brick machine. Well above the cost of any auto pap machine. I was not upcharged by my DME but they know I know the codes and regs for medicare and they are an honest DME. Maybe because of that I dont know.

You are being scammed by your DME. There is no doubt about that. I would get my upcharge back or report the upcharge to my medicare insurance plan who will get it back post haste for you. Your DME has committed a Federal Crime, they know they did so. They will crawdad very quickly once they realize you know they did and are about to report them.

Get your 300 bucks back. Its as good in your pocket as it is in the DMEs
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I noticed my APAP does have auto-start set to "on", but I never even tried to have it auto start, I just pushed the button. Well, about 4 days ago, I was making my preps for bed, and pre-fit my FFM and, all-a-sudden it started blowing on its own. That's ok I guess.

I usually start my machine and my oximeter simultaneously, so I can check for time drift (someone said the PRS 1 has a tendency to drift and I cannot change the clock on it.)

Good luck with yours.
Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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