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Respironics Auto BiPap "Surging" When I Inhale
Hi All, I used my traveling Respironics Remstar Auto BiPap Pro 2 about two months ago, and when I put it away, I negelected to empty the water reservoir for the attached humidifier. The water got into several of the interior plastic tubes, and the next time I used the BiPap, it went in to error mode: E47.

Thanks to earlier posts on this forum, I was able to diagnose and then disassemble the BiPap Pro 2 in my hotel room. After clearing all the lines and drying out the flow sensor on the main circuit board, I managed to get the unit to power up and not go into error mode.

However, with my mask on, each inhalation is met with a "punch" or blast of air pressure that jolts the mask and makes it impossible to fall asleep. This surging is not normal: my inhalation pressure is 11.5, and my exhale is set to 7.5, with a Flex set to 3. Even with Flex set to zero, it still blasts me each time I inhale! The BiPap is essentially unusable.

I even unsoldered the Lithium battery from the main PC board, and waited 24 hours to allow the CMOS to clear (it still held my pressures in memory!), but I still have the surging problem. I'd like to buy (I guess) a new circuit board for the BiPap, but the only website I could find sells them for $489!

Could it be the Flow sensor, and is this single part ever sold to consumers? I'd hate to junk the unit and have to buy a new auto BiPap. Anyone else have this surging phenomenon? Thanks, Peter
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Hi Checkerboard,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Sounds like the boards are quite expensive, maybe it would be just as advantageous to see if you could find a machine for just a little more than the circuit board.
Hopefully you can get your machine straightened out but hang in there for more responses to your post.
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(06-02-2013, 09:50 PM)Checkerboard Wrote: However, with my mask on, each inhalation is met with a "punch" or blast of air pressure that jolts the mask and makes it impossible to fall asleep.
Anyone else have this surging phenomenon? Thanks, Peter

Hi Checkerboard, welcome to the forum!

My guess is something wrong with the pressure sensor, but I have no idea where to get one.

I have a friend who used an S9 AutoSet and last week reported the same symptom. Only on inhale, the pressure increases a lot, for no reason. Unplugging power for a while didn't fix it. Even restoring factory defaults and using only in CPAP mode with EPR turned off, the pressure still surges when inhaling.

He didn't get it wet or anything. (He does not use a humidifier.) It just started acting up out of the blue. Didn't drop it or anything like that. And he changed his air inlet filter monthly (although he got it second hand 9 months ago on Craigslist for $350 and does not know how often the original owner changed the filter), so probably no dust in the machine.

Unfortunately his S9 AutoSet is more than 27 months old, so no warrantee coverage. So he is looking for another S9 autoSet using Craigslist again.

Seems unlikely that the manufacturer would tell you what model pressure sensor was used, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to call up Customer Service and ask for the part's manufacturer and original manufacturer's part number (not Respironic's assigned part number).

If you had the original manufacturer's part number and if the pressure sensor is a standard catalog item, you might be successful with a google search to try to locate the vendor and part. Maybe digikey (.com) might sell it, or some other electromechanical part supplier.

Good luck,
--- Vaughn

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I would imagine that it is a standard part. If you can get the number off it and google: air pressure sensor [your part number] you might just find it.

Good luck!

"With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable." - Thomas Foxwell Buxton

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Thanks very much to all for the support and suggestions! I'll keep looking for a cheap PC board or the OEM part for the Flow Sensor. Thanks again, Peter
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I have exactly the same surging problem with a nearlY new Respironics System, One Auto. clinician tells me everything is working OK. But the blast or surge continues. Any ideas other than pressure sensor?
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(06-06-2013, 09:50 PM)MZig Wrote: I have exactly the same surging problem with a nearlY new Respironics System, One Auto. clinician tells me everything is working OK. But the blast or surge continues. Any ideas other than pressure sensor?
I don,t use the machine but sound like similar to the S9 central apnea detection, sending a small pulse of air during an apnea to determine whether the airways open or closed

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I am on a Respironics ASV machine and run into this kind of behavior as well.

In my case it seems to be caused by my changing breathing patterns, at first when I start I am taking faster and deeper breaths and as I relax I slow down and on my machine I feel it sees this as a breathing problem and tries to correct it.

I have found two cures, one is to catch up and slowly lower my breathing so that the auto setting will go along, or two I shut it down for a couple of seconds and restart and it will now follow my current breathing pattern, IF I don't over react due to the hardness of breathing during the shut down...which can cause me to take deep breaths again to catch my breath.

On my machine I have read it tracks 6 breaths per cycle so it take 6 breaths to change its mind so catch up and then slowly slow down a little for 6/8 breaths and it it has not started controlling you then do 8 more slightly slower etc until you can relax and breathe normally.

My two cents worth.


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