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Respironics Bipap Auto SV settings ??
Hi, I am switching to a respironics Bipap Auto SV to try dealing with my periodic breathing. I've read the clinicians' manual and understand it all, but looking at the settings I'm a tad confused. 

I have a model 960 machine made in 2015.  One of the parameters to set is "Ti", which I think is inspiratory time. However, I thought that choice was not supposed to be visible if I have the "rate" set to "auto", which I do.  If it's on "auto", how am I to know what inspiratory time to set? And is it actually active when the machine is set to "auto"?

Thanks, if anyone wants to weigh in. I haven't found this anywhere on the internet.
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Ti is the inspiratory minimum time, and avoids the feeling that your breath is being cut-off by the sudden lowering of pressure support. The Ti might be set longer based on your respiration rate or any respiratory condition like COPD, asthma or just comfort. Just start with the default, and if you feel like your breath is getting cutoff short, increase the time. If you feel like you can't exhale when ready, shorten Ti or increase the trigger sensitivity. I found the default of 1.8 not comfortable and use 2.2. Everyone is different, and part of the adjustment period is getting things like this dialed in.
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thanks. It's useful to know the default is 1.8.... it came set to 1.1

I'm a 200-lb guy, so I imagine it would be toward the longer range, with the shorter range being for smaller critters?

I'll try setting it at 1.8, thanks again
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And say, replying to myself again, I see that now that I've cycled the machine, the Ti setting has disappeared with AUTO set for the backup rate. So I guess I just didn't give it time to disappear after I set it to Auto.  

That's probably good news since it means I understand what I've read. Still I appreciate knowing what the default setting should be...

wish me luck!

Can't get my old copy of Encore Pro 2 to read the ASV sd card, so tried Sleepyhead and it seems to work fine. And I was blown away by the extra info I can see from my old regular CPAP sd card in sleepyhead compared with Encore pro. In trivia, I was probably one of the few to actually drop hundreds of bucks to BUY Encore Pro, back when... they sold it to me, then refused to give me product support since I was a patient. My pals...

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Glad to hear you've got Sleepyhead working and you don't have to worry about manually setting Ti.  Apneaboard will be posting a new EncorePro2 just acquired soon.  Get it here.  http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...hines-only
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As you have discovered, with the backup rate in auto you should not be given the choice of setting the T1. If you are, then something is wrong. If you at some point want/need/are told to set a backup rate manually, you are probably going to want to set the T1 at the highest number available. That number will change (i.e. the available highest number) and get higher the lower your breath rate selection becomes.
I have a 950 made in 2013 and Basic and Encore Pro both read with no problem, as does Sleepyhead - with some data doubling problems. Have no idea what will happen with the Dream Bipap Auto SV that is due out this month.
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Hi. Bit of a rough night trying to sleep with the new SV, guess there will be a period to figure out how to keep it from waking me... will check on adjusting the ramp time today.

It turns out that the version of Encore Pro I have is 2.4, which is apparently newer than 2.2, right? For some reason it claims that while the media (sd card) is good, that there is no valid data on the card. But sleephead reads the data fine.

The reason this is a shame is that particularly for this new machine, I'd like to see the "waveform" graph which shows the waxing and waning breathing patterns, which encore can generate. I don't see a way to do that on Sleepyhead. It presents a lot of data, just not the report I'd most like to see.

thanks, gang. Appreciate the help.
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If you can see a flow rate graph in Sleepyhead you can zoom in to a breath by breath view by just clicking on the chart repeatedly or the shift + up and down cursor to zoom in and out.
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Thanks, sleeprider... that's cool. Is there a way to print out a "waveform" type report? I don't see one. Would be nice to be able to send a PDF to my pulmonologist. Looks like the ASV actually did fix my PB nicely.  Even though I slept poorly, my AHI is down below 1.
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Still trying to get Encore Pro 2.4 to recognize the SD card. Message is "The therapy data on the media is not valid and was not saved. Contact Product Support for assistance." Doesn't seem to be a problem with the card though.  Any chance the 960 machine isn't supported?

I don't have any other 2gb or 1gb sd cards.  Tried a 4gb and the ASV didn't like the taste, asked for it to be removed.
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