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Respironics VS Resmed
Newly diagnosed here and will be getting equipment shortly. I am trying to decide whether to go with the airsense 10 autoset or the equivalent respironics device. So far it seems people favor resmed for reasons that amount to a superior therapy algorithm especially for folks needing higher pressures. I tested on a dreamstation with a full face mask and got my ahi to 2 from 33 pre therapy. My ahi is comprised exclusively of hypopneas with spo2 desat to 82%. No centrals or anything complex involved. Also my pressure is very mild at 8 cmh20. I felt dramatically better during the day following my sleep study and I am inclined to go the aforementioned equipment setup. Anyone see a reason for me to go with the Resmed unit ? Thanks in advance for your time.
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I am only 3 months into CPAP. This is purely my short subjective limited experience. I did try the resmed Airsense 10 for awhile but found the dreamstation a little easier to breath with, more relaxed breathing in and out. At higher pressure i found the airsense a little harsh. I bought a dreamststaion auto a few days ago. The airsense I did find a little quiteter, and loved it size and ease of use. Some people do prefer the airsense 10 so best to try one, but if you get good results on a dreamstation and feel comfortable with it then it sounds like a good choice. Again I am new to CPAP so just one persons opinion. All the best.
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The algorithms differ in that one detects the end of the inhale and decreases pressure for the exhale and the other detects the end of the exhale and increases pressure for the inhale. Some people feel that Respironics kinda forces them to breathe a certain rhythm whereas with Resmed, they don't feel that force. Some people feel it is the other way around. Some don't notice any difference at all.

The other difference is how data is presented. There is the onscreen information, each manufacturer's software data, and data pulled via SleepyHead. I'm not sure if the Dreamstation and the A10 is viewable yet? Maybe the A10 since it has been out longer.

Download the manuals for both machines and go through them. Pick an action (let's say you want to adjust the pressure) and determine via the manual how to do it on both machines. Also pick something you want to view each morning. Like the AHI. How easy is that information to view? Is it divided up on screen or only see as the AHI total?

Scroll down to Section Two for how to download the clinician manual
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Just my 2 cents having dealt with both PR and Resmed machines.

One doesnt give " superior therapy " over another. Resmeds respond faster, but unless you min pressure is set way to low thats no issue.
To see flow limitations on Resmed you have to get the for her model. PR machines have done flow limit and reras for yrs.
The kicker for me was a full two yr warranty on Respironics machine , the ability to fine tune temp of hose idependently of humidity setting and being able to use either plain DC backup power or power with a regular generator vs having to have pure sine wave power thru an inverter for Resmed.
We have both resmed and respironics. Wife and I both use the pr auto machines.
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You really can't go wrong with either of these machines, as long as you get a data capable model. You want the data so that you can take control of your therapy and health.

Anyone who says that one is clearly better than the other is deluding themselves. Are they different? Yes. Do they use different algorithms? Yes. Do some people find they prefer one over the other? Yes. Is there a clear preference for one? Heck no!

I have a Respironics DreamStation that I am very happy with. I spent a night in a sleep lab last week on a Resmed S9 and I felt very comfortable sleeping with it. I can't say that I noticed a dramatic difference.
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I agree with Chill. I think it all comes down to a couple of things: which one do you like, which one will your insurance pay for, and how much will your total cost be? I suspect most could get aimiliar results from eaither. There would likely be an adjustment period for either. I am sure there arw pros and cons each way. I looked art both. My DME primarily uses Resmed, so I got the Airsense 10 Auto. I really like it, the stats pop up on the display every morning when I wake, and an hour later they appear on my iPhone app. The Sleepyhead data is where you really see what happened. I like my machine a lot, but as it has been said go with what works for you.

I will say, masks is where you will see some big differences in manufacures and styles. I did just switch to the Dreamweaver and love it.
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Hi Desertrat and welcome to the forum! Sounds like your therapy is definitely on the right track and glad to hear you're feeling better. Good luck with your machine purchase decision. Agree with others, you can't go wrong either way.
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As someone who tried both machines, I have to agree. They are both great machines and there is really no way to determine if one would work for you better than the other without trying them. Since that isn't likely, then you just have to toss a coin.

The Resmed machine is a bit more aggressive than the PR machine. This wakes some people up. I have the Airsense for Her and that particular algorithm works very well for the RERAs that I experience. When I had the PR machine, it just wasn't enough and I was still waking up. After 4 or 5 days, I had to switch to straight pressure and THEN I got relief. However, with the Resmed machine, the auto works great for me.
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(09-11-2016, 10:11 PM)Ghost1958 Wrote: To see flow limitations on Resmed you have to get the for her model.

News to me - my regular Resmed airsense auto shows the flow limitation graph in SleepyHead every night.
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The above is my opinion.  It is just possible that I may, occasionally, be mistaken.

I am neither a Doctor, nor any other kind of medical professional.

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(09-12-2016, 09:40 PM)eseedhouse Wrote:
(09-11-2016, 10:11 PM)Ghost1958 Wrote: To see flow limitations on Resmed you have to get the for her model.

News to me - my regular Resmed airsense auto shows the flow limitation graph in SleepyHead every night.

If so I stamd corrected. The one I borrowed did not,
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