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Run away pressure
My Resmed S9's pressure goes really high every night about three hours in for no known reason. I turn it off and start up again and it is fine for a while, then runs away again. Ahrg! I understand that this machine has been known to have this run away pressure issue. How do I fix this?
I have the Ramp up setting off, but I do use the automatic turn off and on thing set.
Thanks, Jemstone
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First, exactly which S9 do you have? Look near the power button. Autoset?
Please put that in your profile.

Your profile indicates 4 to 13 pressure. Does it exceed 13? If not, then it must be scoring snore, flow limitation and/or obstructive apnea to increase pressure.

I suggest you get either SleepyHead or ResScan software from this board and start reading your SD data card with your computer.
Likely there are good reasons for pressure increase.

Side note: Many folks find a starting pressure of 4 to be too low -- they feel they are not getting enough air.
They usually set the lower limit to 6 cm-H2O

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if there is any way to post a one night graph that shows the events, the flow rate, the pressure, leaks, and flow limitation, it would give us something to chew on. hopefully you can get one that show the runaway happening.

I read in another thread that you have the maximum at 13. So, when you say "really high" do you mean right up to 13?

I use F10 as well, so familiar with the issues you may be having with mask leakage, press points on your checks and movement during the night.

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Hi Jemstone,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more suggestions.
Much success to you as you continue and fine tune your CPAP therapy.
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Yes, we really do need to see exactly what your experience is at this point. Does your machine perk along at let's say 8 or 10 for instance and control your events? Then perhaps adjustment to the low end and even the high end of your pressures would be wise. But we can't know that until we see more information.

As to the auto on/off stuff? That has been known to create issues especially where your pressures are very low. I don't know that it would cause a "runaway" however. I would turn the auto on/off to the "forgetaboutit" setting, and just push the cute little button when I mask up, and again when I mask down. See if that seems to make any difference for you.

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When you say you had run away pressure and it goes up "really high", how high does it actually go and how are you determining that it is high. Does it go over 13 cm/H2O and do you see what the pressure has gotten to in Sleepyhead? I am assuming that 13 listed in your profile is the max pressure set in the machine and that the machine is an autoset or maybe an S9 VPAP Auto.

Best Regards,


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Hey y'all! Thank you sooo much for your willingness to help me. I got an appointment to have a home sleep study done. Looking at the graphs, I don't think it ever shows pressure above 13.
Now, Im going to try to copy the info from SleepyHead....what exactly do
I need to post OR what Page and graph should I post. It's all sorta Greek to me! Jemstone
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Most will want to see the detail page. The graphs on the detail page would be the events, flow rate, pressure, leak rate, flow limitation, and snore in that order of importance. I just noticed that you are using the S9 VPAP Auto. Nice machine. I use the same one. Facts that it would be good to post are the mode in use. It looks like you are using it in auto mode. If so, the min EPAP, max IPAP, Pressure Support, ramp on or off, if on the ramp start pressure, smart start on or off. The graphs will tell everyone some of this.

Best Regards,


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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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While in the Daily View with flow rate displayed, press F12. You will find the saved screen image in the SleepyheadData-Testing>Screenshots directory. It will be a .png file with the date as the filename.
Useful Links -or- When All Else Fails:
Posting SleepyHead Charts in 5 Easy Steps
Robysue's Beginner's Guide to Sleepyhead
Apnea Helpful Tips
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How to do images:

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