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Runny Nose....need advise.
Hello, I am a new cap user. My apnea was diagnosed when my cardiologist sent me for a sleep study for my desaturtion at night. I have the Resmed Airsense 10 and the Phillip nuance nasal pillow. I am able to wear the headgear all night which I understand to be a battle for some. I do have a slight problem when I first put on my mask. I have noticed my nose starts running when I put the mask on. I've tried using Flonase and other nasal decongestants but mu nose continues to run. After several house the runny nose stops and sometime I wake up with my nose running so much my mack is soaked. I do have heated humidification set at 1 and climate control hose set at 78°.  I need advise on how to deal with this runny nose. BTW: no runny nose during the day. I did have chapped areas around my nose and purchased Ayr ge and that has subsided. Final question, what do you do about cap therapy when you are really sick and can't breathe through your nose?
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You may need to use a full face mask so you can gently plug your nostrils with something absorbent, like some rolled gauze.

Some folks forgo the mask when ill with severe respiratory conditions.
I've not had to test that yet, but I'm anticipating my cough-variant asthma may nearly blow the mask off my face given how hard I cough with that.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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I could not get a good seal with the full face mask and all the nasal make they tried eithe didn't seal or caused extreem pain on the bridge of my nose. I'm clostopobic and the full mask caused me to panic. Is the runny nose just something that happens in the beginning or is that an ongoing issue?
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No answer for you, just the comment that as a new user (4th week) I find I have a runny nose when I remove the mask each morning, but until that point it hasn't been noticeable. It does seem to be associated with use of the mask though inasmuch as it didn't happen prior to use & has been consistent since, regardless of humidification settings. Thankfully in my situation it is a non issue. Hopefully yours will lessen as the body becomes 'familiar' with the mask each night.
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Try increasing the humidification to 3 or 4
People respond differently to humidification. Some like low others high and there are those in the middle.
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Hi Monilynn67,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It might be, that your runny nose will settle down after your body gets used to the therapy, if you keep having trouble, mention this to your doc.
Good luck to you on your CPAP journey.
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I have had just the reverse problem. As soon as I would take the mask off in the morning my nose would start running and continue for most of the morning. I felt like the VPAP was drying my nose up during the night and then when I got up everything started loosening up and running.

Anyway what I would try if I were you is first to turn off the humidifier and empty all the water out. Try that for one or two nights. If that does not help, turn the humidifier back on, do not forget to make sure that you have water in the tank,turn the setting up to 2-4 like Bonjour suggested and try that for a couple of nights. If not enough improvement try turning it up some more. Let us know how it is going as you go along.

Best Regards,


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PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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To answer your question: "Final question, what do you do about cap therapy when you are really sick and can't breathe through your nose?"

First of all, I use a full-face mask.

My physician recommended I use nasal strips when I had a cold and they worked like a charm.  I liked them so much that I now use them daily.  As I don't believe I can use brand names in this file, suffice it to say that the "original" ones are pretty high priced and I found a generic brand that seems to work just fine, for considerably less.
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I used to use nasal strips but after a septoplasty and turbinate trim, no longer need them.  The recovery from the surgery was not bad at all.
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You sound a bit like me Moni.. and welcome to both the Apnea Board, and the journey that is CPAP. 

I can't cope with nasal pillows due to super-sensitive nostrils, my nose runs like a drain in flood with them. 

The Fisher & Paykal Eson nose mask works great for me.

Initially the clinic set me up with a Medium size mask as they reckoned that was right for me.. when I posted a pic of me wearing it on here some people suggested it was to large for me. 

It also gave me a lot of pain, and left a deep red depression across the top of my nose between my eyes. 

I downsized to the Small size in the Eson mask, no more red mark or pain, and it actually seals even better than the Medium size did (and it sealed very well, in spite of the mark and pain)

When using a nose mask you generally need to have them sitting fairly loose against your face, they "inflate" slightly to seal fully once the machine is turned on and the pressure starts.

All masks will have an occasional "slight leak" from time to time it seems, from what I've found, and from what others here and elsewhere have reported.

Good luck with finding the solutions to your journey with CPAP.
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