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S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
[parts of this thread were copied from our old forum]

Gustave Wrote:Hello everyone!

Does the user of ResMed S9 Autoset can help me?

Can you tell me if your S9 device makes a little stride flickering noise at the breathing out only, and much stronger if the pressure is above 9.5 cm H2O.
I checked and the noise comes from the engine compartment, seems like wind whistle sound. For direct connection, without the humidifier, noise appears again, always at the breathing out. I check the mask too, I tried with a other one, it's the same thing. Sometimes it's more or less strong, more or less constant with variations of frequency. Other times it's gone completly...

My device is brand new, I use it since a week and I am very pleased with this S9 except for that. I wonder if this noise is "standard" with this product or it is defective?

Thank you to help me

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zonk Wrote:My machine does exactly what you are describing but in my case it is not the fault of the machine it is my breathing pattern it is worse when congested . I can hear the whistling sound when exhaling but it would stop if i hold my breath for a second or two . I place the machine lower than the bed on a small stool wedged between the night stand and the bed and in the summer i have fan opposite my bed it help as well . Another thing might help if you don,t need it turning off EPR .
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Gustave Wrote:Hi Zonk,

Me too, when I holds my breath and that I will not breathing out in the machine, the noise stops. I have a feeling that when the turbine has to forced against the pressure from my breath that the noise is created in the engine compartment.

Is this where the sound comes too?

My machine is on my bedside table just the same height as the bed, Surely as I hear more at this level. You right, on a lower table would help.


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zonk Wrote:
mercedes1122,(time=1319728972) Wrote:I have this exact same thing. I am glad to hear it isn't my machine, but I would rather hear there is a way to address it.
Hi mercedes1122 , Welcome to Apnea Board .
As i have mentioned i place mine lower than the bed almost at floor level but sometimes the noise send me to sleep . I have read some people place theirs on mouse pads or listen to very soft background music .
Other extreme measures people tried placing the machine in the next room drilling a hole in the adjoining wall or placing the machine in the drawer of the night stand but i can not recommend either .
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johnomg Wrote:Hi Gustave and mercedes1122,

I'm going to take this from another point of view.

Why settle on the fact that your breathing is the problem and not the machine???

The machines are built to be breathed into and out of, from what I see ResMed promotes how quiet their machines are suppose to be. As a consumer you have a right to expect what they promise.

My first F&P Icon Auto made similar noises when I breathed in and out, I took it back to the Supplier as unacceptable, they contacted F&P and I was given a new machine by F&P (no questions asked) that does not make any noises when I breathe in or out.

I would urge you both to contact your Suppliers, tell them the noise is unacceptable and ask for another machine, it could be that there is a problem with your machines that ResMed knows about but hasn't advertised, dodgy batch of pumps or something like that.

The worst that can happen is that they send it away to be checked and ResMed says it's normal.

Anyway, just my opinion.

When I took my machine to the Supplier they tried to fob me off with it was ok, I insisted it be checked and F&P replaced it. No business replaces brand new machines for no reason, so I assume they found or knew about a problem.
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Gustave Wrote:Thank you John,

You made me think,
and I believe I will ask to replace it.
And especially as the noise getting worse now.
It's going on, ALL the time and it's louder!

"Au revoir!"

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johnomg Wrote:Hi Gustave,

Your welcome, sounds like it might be a fault if it's getting worse.

Let us know how you made out with it.

Out of interest, if you relax and breathe normally is the pressure reading fairly steady or is it wavering quite a bit???

My F&P machine (set to 8 min) normally varies from 7.8 to 8.0 as I breathe in and out, when it was acting up it started going from 7.5 to almost 9.0 as I was breathing. Anyway, just one more thing you might want to look at.

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Gustave Wrote:Hi John,

Curiously last night, there was very little sound...
As always when it talks about everything disappears...
Like a visit to the dentist with a toothache!

At rest, relax, sometimes, the noise disappears completely.
Obviously the sound reappears, and is stronger, so my breathing is more pronounced.
I have'nt looked if there was any change in pressure.
I know it is beyond 9.5 cm of H2O it appears most of the time.

I will watch this weekend to see if it varies as you said, and give you news about this.

"Au revoir!"

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johnomg Wrote:Hi Gustave,

Yep same thing mine did, a few nights of noise then it disappeared then it came back.

It's like the old saying: A watched kettle never boils ... lol

The pressure on yours might not flucuate but it was something I noticed on mine so I mentioned it.

If the noise comes and goes I would be looking at a problem with the pump or at the least getting it checked out. As you know these aren't cheap little suckers we are buying.

Look forward to hearing your weekend results.

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Gustave Wrote:I see the pressure of the CPAP when there was noise and was stable at 10.1 cm H2O.
No oscillating pressure like your machine.
All faith noise was much smaller this weekend ... probably it was afraid ...!!! Hi Hi Hi!

Maybe because the halloween is coming...Booo!

I dont know if it's normal or not, anyways, I keep an eye on it!

"Au revoir!"

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