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S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
johnomg Wrote:Thanks for the feedback.

I suppose it all comes down to what you think, who can say what "normal" is, certainly not me ... lol

If you not happy with the noise or suspect a problem then there is no harm in having it checked out, if your happy with the noise and think it's normal then that's ok too because your the one that has to live with it.

I don't suppose there is anyone near you that has the same machine that you can listen to???

Here is an idea (from someone who posted awhile back), why don't you record the noise at it's worst then attach the file here and let other S9 Users listen to it and see what they think???

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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
Gustave Wrote:Here Halloween has passed and the "ghosts" returned haunted my machine! Perturbed

Last night it made noises like never before. Today I asked my supplier (Supplier # 20 ") of the replaced under warranty. He gladly agreed to replace it, I will receive the new machine soon.

"Au revoir!" :Hi:

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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
johnomg Wrote:That's Bad News that the noise returned Sad


Very Good News that the Supplier so readily agreed to replace it Big Grin

To me and it's just my opinion, sometimes when they replace stuff so easily it means they know there is or can be a problem that the general public doesn't know about.

Moral of the Story: Not every Noise is Normal Wink

Let us know when you get your New Machine and how it sounds (fingers crossed).


Let's hope mercedes1122 looks back here and talks to their Supplier about a possible fault and replacement.
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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
Gustave Wrote:I received the replacement unit ... It makes more noise than the first one...!!!
I have returned.

To be continued ...
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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
PaulaO Wrote:My S9 Escape makes this whistling noise when I breathe out. VERY annoying. We've tried all sorts of stuff and right now keep it covered with a towel to muffle it some. I HATE hearing myself breathe because then I pay attention to it instead of trying to sleep.

I'll contact the DME and see what can be done. I want to upgrade to the next model anyway, perhaps this is how we can do it. I figure if I tell them I will return it to them and get one on my own, they'll see the money they're losing from Medicare and will let me upgrade. Ha. I can dream, right?
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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
PaulaO,(time=1322152912) Wrote:My S9 Escape makes this whistling noise when I breathe out.
I assume this is the machine making the noise and not your face mask...

I have noticed that my AutoSet is slightly louder than when I first got it, but not terribly noisy. But it's still whisper-quiet when compared to my old Respironics REMstar Pro (the tank).

I have gotten "whistles" from my nasal pillows mask, but no whisting from the machine itself.... the noise is more like a gentle, consistent "whrrrr..."
Apnea Board Administrator


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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
SocialGil Wrote:At ResMed, we believe everyone that needs CPAP is entitled to a quiet machine. Ultimately, you can/should take a noisy device in to your HME, but before you get to that step there may be a few things you can do on your own at home to eliminate the sounds.

The most common whistling or other high pitched sounds are caused by small leaks which allow air to escape. In many cases sounds like these are caused by mask fit, sticky mask valves, or loose connections. Another common cause is dust that has entered the device. Before returning the unit to your HME, please take these steps - they may help in the diagnostic process and in many cases allow you to solve the issue.

* Remove the dust filter from the back of the flow generator. Check for damage or clogging – Both conditions can cause noises. Replace if necessary. If there is a small amount of dust that is causing the noise, it will likely work it's way through if the filter is replaced.

* While fully awake, disconnect the tubing from the machine and place the mask on your face. Disconnect the tubing from the mask inspect the surface for scratches or other physical deformities. Reconnect the tubing to your mask and make sure the tubing is firmly connected to the mask inlet (no play or rotation on the fitting) and breathe normally. Do you hear the sound (even very faintly, as sounds feel amplified when fully connected and ready for bed)?

- If so, please wash the mask and tubing very thoroughly in warm water, then allow to air dry and repeat the test. In many cases a slightly sticky valve in the mask assembly will cause a whistling sound.

- If available, repeating the test with a different mask may be helpful since this will give you multiple sounds to compare and help detect/isolate any whistling.

* With your machine set up for a regular night of sleep (and all connections checked for tightness), place the mask on your face and turn the machine on. Now complete a slow breathing cycle: inhale, pause (with lungs inflated) for 1-2 seconds, exhale, pause (with lungs deflated) for 1-2 seconds. Repeat the process a few times, taking note of any sounds. Now breathe normally. Do you hear the whistling sounds? Did the sounds change and become evident at a particular point in the breathing cycle.

- If the sound only appears in the pauses during the breathing cycle and you have verified all connections are secure, please take the unit in to your DME for evaluation.

- If the sounds only appears one specific portion of the breathing cycle, it is more likely that you have a small leak. Reposition the mask on your face or tighten slightly, as appropriate (home mask fitting/adjustment instructional videos can be found on the right side of this page from our YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/ResMedAmeric...FAF5627F3F)

- After adjusting your mask fit, repeat the test while hooked up to your machine. If you still hear a pronounced sound, please take the unit in to your DME for evaluation.

If all this fails, please take the device back to your HME. ResMed has a 2 year guarantee on all flow generators sold in the US

Gil Ben-Dov
VP Social Media
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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
zonk Wrote:I can hear the whistling sound on exhale and i don,t think leak is the problem as many S9 users reported the same thing and does your machine makes any noise as described .
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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
PaulaO Wrote:No, not from the mask. The sound is at a distance, not right at my face. Not to sound rude, but I think most users know the difference between a sound coming from the machine vs a sound coming from a mask.

It is a sound happening when I breathe out. If I stop-start my breathing out, the noise does as well.

The night it was the loudest, the noise seemed to come from somewhere near the humidifier, but inside further. I opened and shut the lid several times, took off the hose and put it back on, even changed out the water in the tank. It made no difference in the sound. I also removed the filters (couldn't find the spares in the dark) and it didn't change.

That said, I have noticed that since getting back from our trip, the sound is gone. Perhaps there was something not quite right inside and the jostling "fixed" it. I will pay more attention tonight and see how it is.
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RE: S9 AutoSet - Noise at the breathing out!
Gustave Wrote:Hello,

I am still awaiting the response of ResMed. :annoyed:

During that time, another problem appeared with my S9 ResMed Autoset. The air flow "cut-off" after a little louder than normal breathing-out, and during at least
one second. To check, I lifted my mask during that second and no air coming out. And when I breathing-in, my mask goes under vacuum, it's very uncomfortable. Curiously the high pitch cat's mewing sound decreased significantly now! I feel it's the same problem that evolves.

Less sound...but less air! Shock It looks like a turbine problem!

To be continued ...


I made a lot of tests to looked where the noise came from. I tried with two differents nasal masks, (Resmed Ultra Mirage II and a Respironic) same thing. I change the
filter for a new one...same thing. I changed the tubing...same thing. With or without humidifier, noise appears again. Even when I plug the tubing with my hand (no
mask), at this moment the high-pitched noise become more loud and constant (Pressure around 14.0). Finally if you apply your ear on the bottom of the motor
unit you will hear clearly that sound comming from there.

Well it's may be possible to muting the sound with some pading, to place the unit on the floor, in a wardrobe or in a garage...! But...
We are far of this:


No comments! Shhh That's what I want! Thumbs-up-2

"Au revoir!"

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