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S9 Autoset or Elite
I am now in a position to buy a data capable CPAP machine.
My dilemma is my pressure is only 6. I have used the Elite and that did all I needed it to do for me.

I have always wanted the Autoset because of the way everyone on here talks about it being the top of the line machine and the only way to go.

BUT, since Shelagh on this Forum acquired one a week or so ago and was having trouble with setting pressure etc and even talking about going back to the Escape, I am wondering if I should just stick with the Elite.

Do I need all the added features of the Autoset?

Your thoughts would be most welcome please.
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Hi Gabby,
I'd get the S9AutoSet; that way, if your needs change, you will already have it.
Hang in there for more suggestions.
Just a thought here, don't assume that just because one person has a bit of trouble setting up their machine that you will, everybody is different.
Best of luck to you on your CPAP machine decision.
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(06-08-2014, 07:43 PM)Gabby Wrote: My dilemma is my pressure is only 6.

My opinion is that you don't need the Autoset. As long as you check your data and make adjustments, something you'd have to do anyway.

On the other hand, if you see clusters of events that might be occurring when you roll on to your back in the middle of the night, the Autoset would raise the pressure for you automatically. Of course, with the Elite you could just set the pressure higher and see if that accomplishes the same thing.

I'm afraid you won't be able to get a definitive answer to your question, as everyone seems to have their own opinion, and those opinions differ.

If it were me I don't think I'd mind spending the few extra bucks for the Autoset, as it might be needed in the future and it's always nice to have options.
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Hi Gabby. I know I'm still fairly new with cpap therapy but in this short time, I have all three Resmed machines; the Escape, Elite and Autoset.

Personally, I like the flexibility of the Autoset. Also, it is a dual machine as I'm sure you already know. Lastly, it really isn't that difficult to set up. Between everyone on here and what is available out on the web, I'm sure you will have plenty of help with setup and/or adjustments if need be.

Best of luck to you and please, keep us posted.
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AutoSet .... two machines in one [Elite (not Escape) and AutoSet] .... no brainer

Read the clinical manual and watch the video too, get familiar with the menus and the rest is dead easy .... the machine does all by itself

2 cmh20 below and above CPAP pressure is good starting point and see the results
If after some time, you find the machine spend more than 10% of the time at the upper pressure,
this indicate the maximum pressure should be increased (providing leak is under control)

All the rest of the settings, EPR, humidty, etc.. are for your comfort, whatever feel most comfortable for you (not somebody else)

Edit: price wise $40 difference, if you buy the machine from US
In Australia, few hundreds $$$ price difference

Suppliers #2 and #10 have good record shipping to Australia
Suppliers List http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...plier-List

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get the autoset. if you want to set it to cpap mode for now, then it's the same as an elite.

if you later need the auto ability, you have it....

and it's not that much more expensive.
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The only thing the S9 AutoSet can do that your S9 Elite cannot do is autotitrate. That's it.

Now if you do buy the AutoSet, whether you will ever need to use Auto mode remains unknown. And whether you will be Shelagh and find Auto mode hard to tolerate is also unknown. If you do get the AutoSet, you can always try out Auto mode. You might like it. Or you might not. But if you don't like it, then you can always switch back to straight CPAP mode. (The AutoSet will record full efficacy data in CPAP mode.)

Unless you wind up strongly preferring full time Auto mode, the only definitive advantage of the AutoSet over the Elite is that if something seems to change in the future, then you can switch to Auto and do a week or two of autotriation to determine whether your pressure needs have changed or not without the explicit need of another sleep test.

Only you can really decide whether the the time, trouble (and possible cost) of getting the S9 AutoSet's Auto mode is worth it.
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Hi Gabby,

I'm with trish6hundred on the autoset if you have the ability to change out to it. Thumbs-up-2 I know on a fixed pressure I can't sleep on my back , but with my auto my pressure will creep up from around 13.5 on normal nights to 17.5 to 18 when I'm on my back . Yes I know shouldn't sleep on my back . I can still get a good nights sleep and have around .17 to .38 even a few 0 AHI nights on my back . can't do that with a fixed pressure machine cause it can't compensate when something changes in your sleep pattern or your having a bad night . If you find out you do better on fix pressure just set it to straight CPAP mode . I'd keep your Escape for backup unless its part of the deal to get the autoset . Thinking-about Its better to have the option to go either way , To APAP or to CPAP this is the Question ? Coffee
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If you're going to buy an S9 Elite or S9 AutoSet, get the AutoSet unless the extra cost is a big problem.

If manual CPAP works better for you, set your AutoSet that way, and you essentially now have an S9 Elite. You also don't have to set the AutoSet to the full 4-20 pressure range. You can set it to a limited range and sort of be halfway between manual and full auto.

The difference in difficulty of setting it up is trivial. I think the hardware is the same, other than the firmware, so you shouldn't see a significant difference in reliability.
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Your op is not totally clear. Your equipment list says you have an S9 Escape. Half the responses indicate you have an S9 Elite.

I think you have the Escape and are trying to decide weather to acquire an Elite or An Autoset.

If I have it right I would go for the Autoset, no question..
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