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S9 Climate Control & ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
S9 Climate Control & ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
[parts of this thread were copied from our old forum. Within this thread is some discussion with ResMed Vice President Gil Ben-Dov (username: SocialGil). Gil joined Apnea Board to post about S9 Climate Control and respond to questions regarding Apnea Board's "Patient Empowerment" philosophy].

zonk Wrote:
ResMed S9 Climate Control :

The Climate Control system intelligently adapts to your environmental conditions and delivers optimal temperature and humidity right to the mask. It protects you from rainout without compromising humidity and provides the most comfortable therapy possible.

What's wrong with traditional humidification?

Traditional humidifiers:

Don't monitor air at the mask
Don't react to changes in air flow
Don't react to changes in ambient weather conditions
Don't prevent rainout

What makes Climate Control better?

Climate Control uses an intelligent algorithm that controls the H5i and the ClimateLine tube to deliver constant, comfortable temperature and humidity levels during therapy.

Designed to address the limitations of traditional humidification, the Climate Control system provides protection from rainout and ensures maximum comfort.

While you are sleeping, Climate Control automatically controls:

Temperature of the delivered air: The temperature sensor located at the mask end of the ClimateLine tube monitors the temperature of the air delivered to the patient.
Humidity level: For each temperature setting, the Climate Control system delivers a constant amount of water vapor, or absolute humidity.

Rainout: The humidifier and heated tube work in harmony to deliver air at a constant level of humidity and temperature - even as the ambient and treatment conditions change.

Climate Control also automatically adapts to:

Changes in flow rates
Changes in ambient conditions such as room temperature or humidity level
The result is unequaled comfort and optimum therapy.

What is Humidity?

A Quick Tutorial
Humidity is the amount of water vapour in the air. You have probably talked about humidity and hot weather, for example:
When there is a small amount of water vapor in the air (low humidity) it is often referred to as a "dry" heat
When there is a lot of water vapor in the air (high humidity) it is commonly said that it is "muggy" or "humid"
There are two ways of measuring humidity:
Absolute Humidity - the actual amount of water vapor in the air
Relative Humidity - the percentage of water vapor in the air compared to the air's capacity to hold water vapor

Did you know?

Relative Humidity varies with temperature. The higher the temperature, the more water vapor the air can hold. The cooler the air, the less water it can hold.
That is why when warm air cools as it travels down the tube, condensation forms on the inside of the tube and mask in a CPAP system. This condensation is knows as rainout.


Rainout is the water, or condensation, that collects in your mask or tubing. It is a common side effect of humidification.

Why do you need humidification during therapy?

When you breathe normally, your nose and upper airway add heat and moisture to the air. By the time it reaches your lungs, air should be at body temperature (37C or 99F) with 100% relative humidity (44 mg/L).

During therapy, higher air pressure can overwhelm your upper airway's ability to heat and humidify the air. Colder, dryer air can cause a sore throat, dry nose, mouth or throat, nasal congestion and a runny nose.

30 - 70% of patients experience these symptoms.


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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
carosan Wrote:Hey again Zonk....gotta agree with you on this topic.

The climate control system on the Resmed S9 is great. There
are times I wake up thinking I don't have it on my face & the warm
air is very soothing, allowing for optimal sleep comfort.
As mentioned in a previous post I tried a Respironics
Pr1 system machine where the humidifier didn't function properly & blew out
freezing cold air....this irritated my sinuses big time & made me realise how
important temperature control is for effective therapy.
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
SocialGil Wrote:It's good to hear that the new humidification in the S9 series is working well. One of the other themes that patients have told us is important is that the new slim tubing (which is required for the climate control solution) is also much more comfortable than the older traditional tubing.

We've created a ResMed YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/ResMedAmericas (you can subscribe to be notified whenever we release new videos) and there is one really great video that explains climate control.


I hope this is helpful

Gil Ben-Dov
VP Social Media Strategy, ResMed

Follow us on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/resmed
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
SocialGil,(time=1313083914) Wrote:Gil Ben-Dov
VP Social Media Strategy, ResMed
Hi Gil - welcome to Apnea Board!

Glad to see a ResMed representative on the forum. A lot of us here use ResMed products and are happily satisfied with their performance. I own an S9 AutoSet and it's simply a fantastic little machine. The fact that we can also monitor our own therapy with the free ResScan software is why many of us are purchasing your products. If it were not for ResScan being freely available, I (and others) might have gone with a Philips-Respironics product.

On Apnea Board, we promote "patient empowerment", where sleep apnea patients take a more active role in their own therapy.

One suggestion: I would assume that you have influence as a VP at ResMed; I wish a message could be conveyed to them that some of us find it a bit frustrating that ResMed (and other CPAP manufacturers) see the DMEs, Sleep Centers and doctors as their "primary customers". It is we (the end-users) who actually use your products and are "paying the bills" to keep the manufacturers, DMEs, doctors, etc. in business. I understand that medical professionals many times recommend or supply their patients with your machines, but increasingly, the patients are becoming more knowledgeable and active in these decisions. That is what our website and forum is really about.

The message I would like to convey to you is to ask you to see us, the Sleep Apnea patient, as your primary customer, not some "middleman" like the DME or sleep center. We don't advocate patients self-diagnose or even self-treat Sleep Apnea without the benefit of proper medical professionals. But our doctors and DMEs are not as interested in our ongoing treatment as much as we are. It is we, the patients who monitor our own therapy on a day to day basis, and quite simply, we are increasingly demanding more control over our own therapy.

Many of our medical professionals are just too busy, or want to charge us $65 for an office visit every time we have simple questions about our CPAP therapy. In this current global economy, we don't want to spend money needlessly. This is why many come to places like Apnea Board for advice and help to make small, incremental adjustments to their CPAP machines, (after becoming educated on the proper methods to do so).

ResMed will continue to do well and take an even larger market share if they indeed realize these trends... and act upon these facts by catering more to the end-user of their products. Right now, sources independent of ResMed are catering to those needs... we don't mind doing that of course, but one would think that a CPAP manufacturing company would like to retain customer loyalty and trust by having someone intimately familiar with these products (ResMed) provide easy, more visible access to information that can help patients to use analytical products like ResScan more effectively.

Again, many of us here, including me, have high regard for ResMed overall. We are supportive of a company who makes products like ResScan freely available to health professionals and patients - in my opinion, it is because of that one fact that you're seeing such a good response to your S9 series machines. Without ResScan, we would likely go elsewhere, or come up with a third-party solution for data analysis software, as others have already done. Many of us would never purchase a CPAP machine that did not have some software package to analyze data.

Just some thoughts... thanks for listening.

Apnea Board Administrator


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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
Steven Wrote:I would like to echo SuperSleeper's sentiments in Post # 4 above.

I would also like to add that more & more the patient is deciding which machine to purchase & no longer just accepting whatever is being pushed by the DME and / or Sleep Doctor or Sleep Lab.

A good example of that is the discussion at this link http://s7.zetaboards.com/Apnea_Board/topic/8559070/1/
- but it happens all the time. Should not the emphasis be placed on the person that will make the ultimate purchase decision - that being the patient.

As noted in Post # 3 in that discussion, "I" currently have a 7 1/2 year old Respironics CPAP, but intend to replace it with the ResMed S9 AutoSet.

"I" did the research and "I" made the decision as to what to buy.
But, now I have to deal with my existing DME & Sleep Lab / Doctor who are all avid Respirionics diehards & convince them that the ResMed is best for me. The fact that I have to do that just does not make any sense.
In fact, if I get any resistance at all from either one, "I" will make the decision to change DME, Sleep Lab / Doctor as needed.

EDITED to add:

By the way, when can I expect the ResMed S10 AutoSet to come out?
I would be willing to test one for ResMed if you would like!
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
zonk Wrote:
SocialGil,(time=1313083914) Wrote:Gil Ben-Dov
VP Social Media Strategy, ResMed
Hi Gil - welcome Aboard
Glad to have you on board especially that you are not just ResMed rep but also a CPAP user who understand our problems and frustrations .
Best of Luck .
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
zonk Wrote:
Steven,(time=1313104000) Wrote:
zonk,(time=1313103553) Wrote:also a CPAP user who understand our problems and frustrations .
You will notice that he uses a ResMed S9 AutoSet (their Cadillac) & NOT an Escape.

I wonder why that is?
There is no big price gap between different models of the S9 series .
CPAP Suppliers List :
Supplier #1 : S9 Autoset $853 - S9 Elite $805 - S9 Escape $ 758 - add $244 for the humidifier .
Supplier #2 : new opened box with humidifier S9 Autoset $889 - S9 Elite $625 (2 years warranty)
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
Steven Wrote:
zonk,(time=1313106396) Wrote:There is no big price gap between different models of the S9 series .
I wasn't talking about the price.

Why do you think "he" got an S9 AutoSet instead of the dataless Escape?
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
SocialGil Wrote:Hello all - I'd be happy to share my personal logic for selecting an Autoset. First, my doctor was OK with the idea (it was kind of a prerequisite).

From the algorithm perspective, I liked the idea that as my body changes, the machine adapts to my therapeutic needs. Whether I lost weight (I did), had a cold/congestion, drank alcohol in the evening, smoked a cigar, etc., my therapeutic needs (required pressures) changed, and the autoset gave me security in that it responds to my needs for that particular night.

I upgraded from the S8II to the S9 because I like to be involved in my own therapy, and the average AHI, leak, CSA index, and utilization data available on the LCD screen were useful in helping me to understand my therapy. The additional flow, pressure, and leak data available to my clinician and high definition data for flow and pressure have been useful to make sure my therapy is working well.

I'm really happy to be here, and I'll try to participate and provide objective information (no sales pitches although I am personally brand loyal :-) ) as needed. From what I've seen there are a great many very knowledgeable people on this forum, so I'm expecting to be relatively quiet.

Gil Ben-Dov
VP Social Media Strategy
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
SocialGil Wrote:SuperSleeper - you're post was a little more involved, so I thought I'd try to tackle it separately. As always, feedback is appreciated.

My job at ResMed is to listen to what is being said in the social world and to try to respond appropriately. In many cases there are significant restrictions as to what I am legally permitted to say, e.g. compliance with the FDA guidelines on promotions, our own internal label review process, the FTC safe harbor act, etc. are of primary consideration, so there may be times when I won't be able to answer a post to everyone's satisfaction (Steven, that's the issue in your S10 comment/question)

We do recognize the patient and the importance of patient's needs in designing our solutions. We strive to balance patient, channel, and physician requirements with all our offerings. Part of my job is to help enable patients to make informed decisions, so I hope to become a valuable source of information for the community.

From a data perspective, the entire S9 series provides compliance data, while the Elite and Autoset models also provide efficacy data on the LCD screen (up to one month). We have definitely heard your feedback pertaining to the need for a patient focused PC based software solution.

I hope this is a helpful start.

Gil Ben-Dov
VP Social Media Strategy
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