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S9 Climate Control & ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Gil. Smile

Yes, I understand the need to "be careful" when it comes to commenting on anything regarding a patient possibly accessing the Clinician Setup Mode of a prescription-required CPAP machine or utilizing software packages like ResScan that is primarily designed for clinician use. Your legal dept. would probably through a fit if anyone at ResMed openly advocated a patient changing their own CPAP pressure. Wink

I do appreciate the fact that CPAP manufacturers probably already know that many patients are changing pressures on their own and using ResScan to analyze their own data (hopefully consulting with their doctor while doing so); therefore I also appreciate (and hope that they continue to) take no drastic action to prevent patients from using these methods.

If a certain CPAP company would some day decide to severely restrict patient access to Clinician modes and PC software, I suspect that their market share would be reduced, at least by the number of patients who enjoy and demand control over their own therapy. As for your company, I would think it makes economic sense to allow a degree of patient autonomy when it comes to these machines, thus making your products much more attractive to those of us who desire to take an active role in our therapy.

I know it is tough to balance patient demands against the massive quantity of federal regulations that restrict you as a CPAP manufacturer. I realize that allowing greater patient access must be done in a way to "keep you off the radar screen" of overly-zealous regulators. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes, for sure.

I think it is a good sign that ResMed now has a VP in charge of social media. The fact that you are here to listen to us is very encouraging.

Thanks again for listening, Gil.

Apnea Board Administrator


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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
zonk Wrote:
SocialGil,(time=1313606807) Wrote:(no sales pitches although I am personally brand loyal :-))
I would like to be brand loyal but with the massive mark-up of the S9 Autoset in Australia which is more than double than the US on-line prices and masks even treble so next time i have to buy a new machine might consider ordering Respironics machine from US as ResMed policy prohibit shipping outside US and one have to send the machine back to the place of purchase for repairs rather than to ResMed .
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
Steven Wrote:
SocialGil,(time=1313606807) Wrote:Hello all - I'd be happy to share my personal logic for selecting an Autoset. First, my doctor was OK with the idea (it was kind of a prerequisite).

From the algorithm perspective, I liked the idea that as my body changes, the machine adapts to my therapeutic needs. Whether I lost weight (I did), had a cold/congestion, drank alcohol in the evening, smoked a cigar, etc., my therapeutic needs (required pressures) changed, and the autoset gave me security in that it responds to my needs for that particular night.

I upgraded from the S8II to the S9 because I like to be involved in my own therapy, and the average AHI, leak, CSA index, and utilization data available on the LCD screen were useful in helping me to understand my therapy. The additional flow, pressure, and leak data available to my clinician and high definition data for flow and pressure have been useful to make sure my therapy is working well.

I'm really happy to be here, and I'll try to participate and provide objective information (no sales pitches although I am personally brand loyal :-) ) as needed. From what I've seen there are a great many very knowledgeable people on this forum, so I'm expecting to be relatively quiet.

Gil Ben-Dov
VP Social Media Strategy
Except for the BiPap & other machines, most people wonder why the S9 Series should not consist of ONLY the S9 AutoSet & eliminate the Elite & Escape models.

If one does not want the additional benefits of the S9 AutoSet, they can run it only in straight CPAP mode & bingo have the Elite.

OR, they can just ignore the numerous data that the S9 AutoSet provides & let their Sleep Doctor merely pull out only the Compliance data (if that is all he / she wants to see) & bingo they have the Escape.

After all, are not the S9 Elite & Escape Models actually the S9 AutoSet with certain features disabled?

In the U.S., General Motors learned that they did not have to have so many different models & got rid of some big named models (without any consequence IMHO).

A lot of people get the Elite or even the brain dead Escape forced upon them by the Sleep Doctor & DME because they just do not know any better when they are first diagnosed.

If the S9 AutoSet was the only machine the Sleep Doctor and DME could give a patient, then THE PATIENT could decide for himself how much data he wanted to see & whether he wanted to run it as an APAP or a straight CPAP.

Quote:SocialGil also said:
My job at ResMed is to listen to what is being said in the social world and to try to respond appropriately. In many cases there are significant restrictions as to what I am legally permitted to say, e.g. compliance with the FDA guidelines on promotions, our own internal label review process, the FTC safe harbor act, etc. are of primary consideration, so there may be times when I won't be able to answer a post to everyone's satisfaction (Steven, that's the issue in your S10 comment/question)

As I said previously, I will be in the market soon for a new APAP to replace my brain dead Respironics.

My concern is in buying an S9 AutoSet so late in its life cycle only to find out that an S10 would be out soon thereafter which would make having purchased the S9 a dumb move.

If there are things that you canNOT say in a public forum such as this, you could always P.M. (private message) me or anybody else. Any information provided by you by P.M. would always be kept confidential.
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
Quote:Why would you assume that the S9 is late in the product cycle? What's it been out - 2 years? The product cycle is more like 5 years between series S8 - S9 - S10!

I don't have the exact dates / time periods in front of me.
I will add them later to this post when I re-find them.

But, the S9 has been out a little longer than that.
And based on the previous product cycles, the S10 "could" be out as early as the 1st half of 2012 (not that far away).

You will also notice that there has NOT been an update to the ResScan software in quite a while. Whether or not that has anything to do with the life cycle of the S9 would just be a quess. OR, are they waiting for the S10's debut to update the software for its features?[/quote]
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
HeadGear Wrote:SuperSleeper lists the S9 release date at February 2010! here

Steven, don't forget that "medical" equipment is unlike consumer electronics where they are out-of -date the minute you walk out of the store! The latter products are deliberately marketed that way. It is a mass market with perceived obsolescence guaranteeing repeat sales! There is a much longer life cycle to CPAP machines! Here there is not a mass market where expensive research and development can be recouped in a short time! Secondly, it would be difficult to convince consumers (and the insurance companies) to replace a machine at less than 5 year intervals! I think it is not a coincident that the upgrade from S8 to S9 took 5 years. This pattern is likely to hold for the S10, say in early 2015!
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
marylyn Wrote:I'm a new "member" because I installed my Series 9 Autoset unit on Labor Day........and it WAS a labor! I read the manuals a couple of times & then went online to look for clarification. On Tuesday, I called ResMed Tech Support.

I upgraded from a Respironics Remstar I bought in 2003.....assuming it wasn't going to last forever & always wondering/worrying about the accuracy of the pressure "setting" since it was assigned so arbitrarily; I figured I'd be better served by a unit that adapts to ME, rather than vice-versa.

The Respiratory Therapist at my HMO recommended this brand & model, did a "presentation," & said he's a CPAP user. He said I could use the Slim Line tubing or the tubing I was already using with my Remstar....but he programmed "Slim Line" into the unit. ResMed Tech Support told me I could use my own tubing, but my unit needed to be re-programmed to reflect "standard tubing." They wouldn't tell me how to do that because a clinician needs to do it.

Lucky for me that I found your website & was able to see pictures of the clinician's menu.....& instructions for changing information.

It DOES seem that I own the unit, but the HMO owns me.......but now I have a resource I can consult.

Thank you!
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
marylyn Wrote:You use no humidifier?????? then again, I got a HEATED humidifier (H5i) with my S9, but it wouldn't heat & it didn't use a drop of water, so I pretty much was using no humidfier, either.

I called ResMed Tech Support again, & the 2nd person I spoke with told me to start the "Warming Up" process on the H5i 45 minutes before I push the button to start "treatment."

Anyone who's using the "Welcome" manual for guidance & reads the instructions on Page 6 will never see anything about the heated humidifer needing a 45-minute headstart ; in fact, it states that you can "start treatment AT ANY TIME".......but the technician told me the heating-up takes 45 minutes. I'm going to try it tonight.

All technicians are not created equal...........I discovered after I listened to the 1st technician insist that ClimateLine tubing is what makes the heated humidifier function properly.

I hope someone else can benefit from this info.
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
zonk Wrote:marylyn
I use the climate line in auto mode at 27C and most of time use nearly 3/4 of the tank . It depend on the setting the higher setting the more water would be used and as you know you can use the climate line in auto mode (set the temp only and gives you protection against rainout) and manual mode (set temp and humidity separately without the rainout protection) or you can use use the slim or standard tube and set humidity level .
I use the warm-up and it takes approx 15 mins yes you can start treatment any time but it would take a little longer to reach the set temp and also before starting treatment you can open the humidifier lid and see if the plate and the water warmed up .
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
marylyn Wrote:Zonk, thanks for your info.

I don't have ClimateLine & I don't use the SlimLine that came with the unit. I use standard tubing that I had with my previous unit.

I was just trying to figure out how to use the H5i as the heated humidifier it's supposed to be.......since my clinician couldn't/wouldn't answer my question about warming up the water in the humidifier.

I figured if I can't use the heated humidifier, maybe it's defective & I might need to return it & get one that's not defective.

I tried opening the lid to see if the water was heating, but I just got an error message on the LCD screen (about the lid being open), & everything seemed to stop.

I'll keep trying.
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RE: ResMed VP responds to Apnea Board member questions
zonk Wrote:To check open the lid while warming up or when it says warming ready not while the machine is switched on .
Since you mentioned it i have timed it last night and it took 20 mins from the start warm up to warming ready .
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