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S9 making noise
Thanks for the added info. There seems to be quite a variation in the way the whistle manifests itself.

I don't use the ramp feature myself but it does take my S9 Autoset a short time to get up to pressure even without the ramp. During that time, the whistle on my S9 isn't noticeable until around 10 and then persists. But even if my machine is set to a lower pressure, within a few moments the whistle occurs. I hadn't thought to time it but it could just be that my whistle starts a (more or less) fixed time after turning the machine on and that time can vary from one machine to the next.

Also, on one night's recordings of my machine's whistle, it was worse later in the night than earlier.
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Sounds to me like there is an issue with a seal within the machine itself. The S9 shouldn't whistle...If it were me and the machine is pretty new, I'd expect the DME to exchange it.
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That is exactly what I intend to do when I meet with the DME next week but, in the meantime, I am trying to learn all that I can so I can check the next machine out in the DME's office to avoid getting a worse machine next time around.

But even that is no guarantee that it won't start to whistle in the future.

Even with the whistle, I like this machine better than the Philips Respironics System One (560) that I was also trying.
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My whistling S9 AutoSet has a country code of 23 which I understand represents Singapore.

What other county codes are there, are S9s made in all of these and have S9s made in these countries too been afflicted with the whistle-on-exhale problem?
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So my current S9 is from Singapore and was made sometime in 2013 (serial number starts with 2313xxxxxxx) and has SW SX474-0907, BID SX525-0300, VID 1, RID 100 and HID SX496-0212, Ref 36005A, Lot 505537 and serial number 231311xxxxx, obtained August 2013, FWIW.

Does anyone with an S9 made in Sydney, Australia (serial number starts with 22xxxxxxxxx) have the whistle-on-exhale problem?
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Has this issue disappeared? My machine is still whistling.

I had been waiting for an explanation from my supplier but never got one. Instead my machine is finally being replaced under warranty but can I expect to get a new one that will it likely be free of the problem?

What are the manufacture dates and s/w, firmware versions that people are seeing now?

Is there anything else that you can think of that has changed in the past year about these S9s, anything that I possibly need to watch out for in terms of getting a replacement?

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Now I see that there is the new so-called "S10" available. I guess I'll have to see if I am offered that instead, unlikely for a warranty replacement. I wonder if the S10 also (sometimes) suffers from the whistling on exhale noise?
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I have had mine since 20 Sept 2014 and my machine's serial number:
- The first 4 numbers of my machine ... 2314
- The first two numbers: 23 denote made in Singapore (22=Australia)
- The next two numbers ... year of manufacture: 14 ... 2014

So my ResMed was made Singapore in 2014. So far, it is very quiet and has no whistle; I have been using it nightly since I got it on 20 Sept. The APAP has 348 hours use on it.

So far so good.
Evpraxia in the Pacific Northwest USA
Diagnosed: 44 AHI when supine, O2 down to 82%
Treated since 20 Sept 2014:: 0.7 AHI, Settings 7-15, EPR on Full Time at Level 3
Better living through CPAP/APAP machines!
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That is promising news. Not all older machines were affected either but it's good to hear that there are 2014 machines without the problem. Thanks.
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Well, the replacement machine, a Singapore 2014 model, does not have the whistle-on-exhale but is noisier than the other two S9s that I had. I cannot seem to get both, a quiet machine and without the whistle. Obviously I am too fussy! Huh
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