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I have been wondering whether sleeping on my stomach can stop or lessen sleep apnea. I don't think I could get used to it again but from birth until early 20s I guess, after hurting my back, I used to sleep on my stomach until a doctor recommended sleeping on my sides, which I have done ever since. I imagine alot of people have other ailments that prevent them from sleeping on their stomach but I thought I would ask anyway. Has anyone tried this?
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I don't know if it will lessen it, but it won't stop it.
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Walla Walla, how do you know that it wouldn't stop it?
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Made mine worser not bedder. (But did stop the (rare) snoring <grin>)
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Were you able to arrange it so that your face was facing down, or was your head turned to the side?
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If you sleep on your stomach with your head to the side it is not good for your neck.
They came up with a pillow/mattress system that allows you to sleep face down. It takes some practice, but it does reduce OSA. They say it is good for the back, I don't know.
Here is the study:


They sell the mattress as "restme."
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Here it is. Interesting videos.
[Link removed Google rest-me mattress]
"Is it a disease or just a bad habit?"  (sleeping in the wrong position)

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To the OP, you may be different, but my wife sez I can snore standing on my head, let alone lying face down...or just on my stomach.  One time I thought I was face planted into my mattress.  Turned out my desperate wife was trying to silence me with her pillow...over my face.  Too-funny

It's okay, we made up...

Seriously, you have to figure this out.  Try everything.  Even set up your own camcorder if you must and be prepared to look objectively at what it shows you if the data from a PAP doesn't seem to tell you what you can 'use'.  

I think the wise and nice people here place a LOT of stock in how well you 'think' you slept, and also how you feel when you awaken.  If you feel horrible, but the numbers show you that you have had the lowest AHI and best quality of rest, ostensibly, in your life over the past five nights..........................

I have had my best sleeps, or last hour and a bit of it, when I awaken on my back with my hand behind my head.  I know I'm not alone...many others report the same thing.  Trouble is, that's also the No 1 AAA position for sleep apnea across any population.
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