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Saying Hi..
Hi All,

New here.

Working on getting my licence back after an unexplained accident in a work vehicle.

I apparently have sleep apnoea (seeing as a multitude of tests by assorted specialists can find nothing wrong with my cardio or neuro systems).

The diagnosis is that I have "mild SA".. and until something is found that can be officially medically managed the authorities won't reinstate my driver's licence, apparently testing 100% normal and fit is not enough to be allowed to drive.

So I'm now trying to learn and understand all about SA and the meanings of all the numbers and data I am building with my tests and CPAP machine trial.

But I'm disappointed to say that in actual fact I'm more tired and fatigued using the machine than I am when I don't use it.
As a commercial/professional driver it is of great concern that I'm going to be forced to comply with something that actually puts me at higher risk of an accident due to fatigue.

Anyway I'm bound to ask stupid questions that have all been asked before, but hopefully the knowledge base in this group will give me a better insight in to the whole SA thing.... and I promise to search before I ask a question about something (I've been on motorcycle forums for many years now, so know how to look for stuff Bigwink )

(aka Steve or Stephen... and also answer to "Hey You!" Rolleyes )
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Hey You! Welcome

Feeling worse at the start is not unusual. Having the mask on and the slight additional pressure when you sleep can take a while for your brain to adjust to. Give it time.

Have you not had any sort of sleep study? It seems irresponsible to diagnose Sleep Apnea with no definitive evidence. Which exact machine do you have? See http://www.apneaboard.com/cpap-machine-p...espironics.

If you have a data capable machine, that should be able to confirm or deny that diagnosis. If it confirms it, well get on with sucking hose mate! Grin

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I'm currently being tested for apnoea management using a Philips DreamStation coupled with an F&P Eson nose mask.

I had a home test done initially, but the specialist failed to ask if I had any pre-existing issues that may affect my sleep.

Some of the data returned is affected by those problems, but it has not been allowed for in the overall results as far as I can see.

I'm sleeping comfortably as far as the mask and the machine go overall, but another sleep monitoring app I use shows I'm more restless and get less deep sleep when using the machine than I do without it.
I also wake up more noticeably tired when using the CPAP.

The actual cause for my accident was a long period of nights with 5.5 hours or less of sleep, and I addressed that immediately after the accident by changing my sleep regime (it is however now putting pressure on the marriage as my wife doesn't like to go to bed early, and gets annoyed that I don't stay up with her.. but then I have no choice but to get up at 5.00AM even if I don't get a full 8 hours of sleep)

I have also now had an overnight sleep study in a hospital sleep laboratory, followed by an MWT (Maintenance of Wakefulness Test) to see if I can stay awake without microsleeps in a quiet and dimly lit room for 40 minutes at a time, four times over an eight hour period.
The MWT is to get me cleared to have my HC endorsement (semi trailer licence) reinstated along with my normal driving licence.... as a professional driver it is vital if I'm to go back to my driving career, if I don't get it back I'm bound to end up on the unemployed scrapheap of "old people"- at 62 years old and no other qualifications I'm not a front runner for getting a job.

Anyway thanks for the welcome Chuck.... I'm sure I will learn a lot from the people here on the forum. Coffee
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Hi Ockrocket,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
CPAP therapy can take some time to get used to, so just stick with it.
Good luck to you on your CPAP journey, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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That is the same machine and mask that I sleep with. There are a few different models of DreamStations. Can you see which yours is and fill out your profile? Here is how to tell which model: http://www.apneaboard.com/cpap-machine-p...espironics

Hint: take the humidifier water tank out BEFORE turning the machine over! Yes, yes, I did fail to do that.

If it has an SD memory card in it you can download SleepyHead (see link at top of this page) and get a very detailed view of your data. That will also help us help you in making adjustments to improve your results. That will also help you to see if you really do have SA or not. It is not as definitive as the sleep lab test, but it is sufficient in most cases.

As I mentioned before, sleeping poorly is not at all unusual when starting out. Your mind is not used to the alien strapped to your face blowing air up your nose and making it harder to exhale. It needs some time to acclimatize and accept and go back to deep sleep. I immediately felt better on CPAP but I felt half dead when I started. Which sleep monitoring app do you use? I've been thinking about trying one.

I hope your wife can learn to be more tolerant of your sleep needs. A few hours a day without her husband has to be better than forever, which might happen if you get in another accident!

Did the overnight sleep study confirm that you have sleep apnea? I do hope you get your endorsement back soon. I fully understand what you meant about trying to get another job at this age.

I hope you stick around!

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The model I currently have is the DSX500, but I won't update my profile at this stage as the machine is only a loaner from the clinic that my specialist uses when he wants to trial a patient on a CPAP machine.

I've yet to decide what machine I will end up buying, but based on the current loan machine I think I would be happy to pay out for one.... which I've been quoted $2,600 for, though I'd prefer to pay less. Thinking-about

I found this forum via SleepyHead, which I found through a Facebook apnoea page, which I found by just doing a FB search for sleep apnoea groups (I run a couple of motorcycle oriented FB pages of my own, and also am on the Admin teams of three or four other FB pages.. so am familiar with searching for stuff)

Having things "strapped to my head" and "blowing air up my nose" is actually not alien to me... I ride motorcycles. Cool

I have a Garmin Vivofit fitness watch that tracks a multitude of things, including sleep.
The app doesn't split deep sleep to the sub section of REM deep sleep, it merely splits light and deep via how rapid your movements during sleep are.
Via a built in GPS accelerometer it defines slow body movement from quick movement, when in deep sleep we move slower than when in light sleep.
So though not as precise as an EEG, it is a reasonably accurate guide to your sleep pattern each night.

I have not yet seen my specialist to get the results of the sleep laboratory tests, I have another appointment with him about it all in a couple of weeks.

The biggest problem my wife has with it all is the noise from the machine, which is very quiet, but we live in a very quiet location.. so any noise is noticeable.
The air from the mask vent when I breathe out is louder, and also annoying for her as well.
I will start another thread, or look for an existing one, to post up some photos of how I'm trying to subdue the noise from the machine itself. Smile
I doubt that I can do anything about the noise from the mask vent.
We have come to a compromise about the times we both want/need to go to bed, though for work week nights it involves sleeping in separate rooms at the moment... once I'm past the period my specialist needs for him to clear me for licence reinstatement then I'm hoping we can get back to spending more nights together.

I will most likely be sticking around in the group Chuck, I have a bit to fine tune in all of this I suspect... but for much of it I'm sorted I think.
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G'day Ockrocket. Some masks have different diffuser designs and are much quieter than others. It might be worth seeing if your provider can lend you some to try out. Getting a mask which is comfortable, doesn't leak and doesn't disturb the better half is the hardest part of CPAP therapy.

Your quoted price of $2600 is pretty high, even by Oz standards. It's above the RRP for the Dreamstation, so you should carefully enquire as to what is included in that quote. Presumably it includes the mask and a LOT of after-sales service! You might be able to get a lower price online in Australia, but you can definitely get a lower price by getting a machine from the States. Eg I just saw a Dreamstation auto for US$808. Even taking into account the relatively weaker Oz dollar, postage costs, and Border Farce charges you are going to be miles ahead. The downside of importing a machine is that you won't get warranty coverage or any form of after sales service. Having been a user for a couple of years, and knowing the support we can get from this forum, I wouldn't hesitate to import a machine.

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Thanks for the feedback Paul.

I know it is pricey, but the quoted price is for the automatic model.. still more than I really want to be paying.

By the time I'm done with specialists, specific medical tests, lawyers fees, and the price of the CPAP machine- I'm going to be out of pocket around $7,000 just to get my licence back.

And there is also the lost income since the accident back in March.
As a casual employee my work didn't have to give me anything in the way of job support, but they have given me 20 hours PW in a back office until August.. if the licence isn't sorted by then I'm out of a job.
Being a professional driver, I have no other qualifications to fall back on.

On another topic.. I'm trying to start another thread with photos of how I'm trying to muffle the noise from the CPAP machine next to my bed... stuffed if I can get it to work. Dont-know

I'd upload to photobucket and then add them from there, but I really can't be bothered tonight as it is time for my "therapy sleep". Unsure
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